Romance scam letter(s) from Victoria to Georges (France)
Letter 1

Hello my sweetie Georges!!!!
I was over the moon then I've seen your profile!!!
You and your profile was so interesting to me,so I decide to write to you.And now I'm here for you!!!:-)
I would like know something more about you and you too ,ask me that you want know.I'll be happy to reply all questions.....
If you're interesting and still alone we can know each other better!!!
First I must introduce myself:
My name is Viktoria.
I'm 24 years old,168 tall,54kg.I have blue/eyes with blond hair.
I'm kind,romantik,tenter,feminine,sincere,patient,easy-going and a bit shy.
I have a big heart.I can't stand rude and boring people.
I'm very keen on sport.I play tennis,dansing,go to the gym and horse-riding.Besides,I like reading,cooking and painting.I'm paint in watercolour and my subjects are landscapes because I can't paint people.
I was born in Riga,but now I live in Moscow,because I'm studying at Medical University.In future I'll be nurse,but I want to become a doctor,like my mother.
I don't smoking and don't drink any alcohol,because I think it's dangeros for my health.
In my spare time I usually meet my friends.
I fond off music-jazz,classic and modern.
It's finish about me.
Well,everythings is fine,only I need good man.I searching for the real love and if you ready for serious relationship,let's establish our future life together.
I want to love and to be loved.I give and ask total devotion and love.
I think that love-story between two people of different nation will be very romantic!!!!!
I believe in God,in love and true friendship.
The millions kisses for you.
With Best Wishes,
This is my number:+79262277451
I'll be very happy to hear your voice.
Letter 2

Hello my dear Georges!!!
Fhanks for your e-mail,I'm very happy to reseived your letter.
I tell you more about myself:
They say I'm quit easy going,I have difficulties in communication.Sciencere and want to see the same in attitude to myself.I can be quiet and can be "not quiet".I have sence of humour and it's never boring with me.I'm trying to communicate with people I like and if I like somebody I really care about his or her mood I'm always going till the end in achieving my goals.There's nothing unachievable for me in this world.And if I would have somebody near nme,together we can "move the mountains"!!! I'm mature person and know what I do and want.
My interests are very variable.I love sports and active way of life.I adore to learn something new.I don't wanna stop on one foregn language,the same as one University.I like to travel,to see new places,to learn about newn cultures and new mentalities.Also,sex is very important to in my life.
What I searching in you:First of all I want to see non-egoistic,independent in all branches and meanings of this word,man.
In this case the age doesn't play any role.I'm searching for reliable,nice man,with good sence of humour and serious attitude to life.My man should respect me and my wishes and understand me whatever in this life can happen.From my side,as an understanding person,I will give the same and even more,but only if I will see real interest and care to myself.
You know,I like you very much and I think you're very kind,tender and romantic person.
Yes,I know,very difficult to know each other better only for writing letter...
I think you don't want to be only penfriend,I'm undersand,same to me.
I'm looking forward to see you.Maybe when we'll see each other,we can live together.
I want to hear your voice,can you call me if it possible.
This is my phonenumber:+79262277451
Your Viktoria.
Letter 3

My tenderness!!!!!
Still I can't believe it happened...... that I found such a good man!!! I'm so eagar to meet you and hag you strong in my arms!!!
I like you very much,but your inside most of all.
You seems to be a wonderful tender and delicate soul,just like I'm dreaming to find. We will in the arms of each other very soon.
I hope our characters and ideals will tune much.
I think there will be no problem,because I'm very much open minded,easy-going and gentle soul,like you!!!
I miss you very much and ready for serious relationship.
Your Viktoria.
This is my phonenumber:+79262277451
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