Scam letter(s) from Lilia Odintsova to Szilard (Austria)

Letter 1

Hi!!! My name is lilya!!! To me of 27 years. I never was married. And consequently I want to find present Persons with whom I might share the happiness and which would began My husband. I have not found such person in the homeland and consequently I have decided to find the present the man in other country. If you want to communicate with me write to me on mine E-mail: LILYA200477@BK.RU I shall wait for your letter. lilya!
Letter 2

Hello Szilard, How are you? I loved your profile and have decided to get acquainted with you. For the first I shall tell to you about me. My name is Liliya. I am 27 years old. I live in city Cheboksary, Russia. I am well educated and the cultural woman. I know the English language, also I love sports, camping and walks on fresh air. In soul I am incorrigible romantic. A supper at candles, walks on fresh air - all this my big weakness :) I adore all beautiful and unusual: flowers, various souvenirs from the different countries. I work as the manager at factory of Russian souvenirs. I search serious and strong relations which go to marriage. Since the childhood I had aspirations to create family and in the course of time this desire has got stronger. I feel that I am ready to home life and I want to create my own family! I love children and I want, that I had 1 or 2 children. I am not familiar with the Internet and I do not know, how acquaintances between two people from the different countries work, but I think, that it works, because many people find second half on the Internet and are now happy. One year ago has got acquainted with the man from the Germany . His name is Gerd. We had serious relations. Gerd long time with me was in Russia and wanted, that I arrival to him in the Germany and looked, how he lives there and to continue to develop ours relations more seriously. I agreed to fly to him in the Germany . We asked the visa to my visiting the Germany . The ambassador has accepted documents and has told to us to wait for approval of the application of the visa. After visiting embassy Gerd has come back home in the Germany. We supported ours relations through phone and the Internet, but several months ago he informed me, that his the former wife has returned to him back and all plans which we built together, have failed. When I have learned it, I have been injured. Gerd has apologized and has wished me of good luck in my search of the man. Recently to me there has come the invitation from Germany ambassador for on January, 31 that I arrived to Moscow for receptions of the visa. When I have received the invitation for reception of the visa I did not know what to do and wanted to break off the letter, but my girlfriends have told that I have made attempt to find the man. They have told that the site has connected many pairs and I have decided to try. When I write to you the letter I do not hope that at us all will turn out, but I would be happy if it really works for us. I know that majority of pairs of the different countries has big problems of language and the visa which is difficult for receiving. I well know English and practically I have visa Germany . She speaks that it really solves many problems and I shall be happy if it helps us if we shall decide to meet sometime. In my heart there is an empty seat and I shall be happy if this place for you! I do not search rich or poor. I search careful and responsible man which too wants to have children and to enjoy a life together with me and children. This person you? I think, that I ask not much. I have told to you a little about my life. I want to know more about you. Write more about a place where do you live? Whether really you search serious relations with the Russian woman? I have told not all about myself, but it will be easier to me to write about myself if you will ask questions which interest you. I hope that my letter was not vain and we shall have chance to learn each other closer. write me back:
Letter 3

Congratulations road Szilard!
I am very pleased, that you seriously address to me because you are good To I and I fall in love with you, with each letter!! I very seriously address with you, and want to live with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I very much love children and to want to have, from you how you look at it?
Certainly I understand, that our attitudes develop very quickly, but I Has fallen in love with you and want to be only with you! I do not like, when people a deceit the friend the friend but I understand that you not such! Kiss yours Lilya!
Letter 4

Hello dear Szilard!!!
How your affairs? How mood?
At me all is good. Today at us very good weather. And from it at me very good mood. Still I was very much pleased with your letter. Szilard I think that we should learn each other better. You very much to like me with each letter all it is more. It seems to me that I have found the second half.
I want that you have told to me the relation to me. Szilard I can tell confidently that my relation to you Sincerely and serious. Szilard if you not against I within the next few days shall go to do the visa. As I want To meet you and to communicate to you in alive. You see even 10000 letters will not replace 1 meeting.
I want to hear your opinion on it. I wait for your answer!! Lilya!!!
Letter 5

hi Szilard!
I shall be happy to meet you and to learn(find out) you closer. January, 31 I should go in Moscow and receive the visa. 1 - 3 I shall have the visa and can fly to you. The visa is given for 90 days. I can take the big holiday from my work and remain together with you of 80 days approximately. I would be to meet you, but trip to you takes many money and I can not pay our meeting without the help. I have some money but to fly to you to me it is required about 740 euros. If you can help this money I shall go in Moscow and to receive the visa. 1 - January, 3 I can fly to you. Today January, 26. 30 I should go in Moscow receive the visa. We have not enough time and we should hurry up. My uncle has told that the best parcels of money it Western Union. I give you the information of remittance. Send money through Western Union. To send money you to know mine: 1) The name is full: Lilia Odintsova
2) A home address: Russia, Cheboksary, lenina 12-43 That to know money: 1) Your full name
2) A home address
3) MTCN are will give you after a parcel of money Inform when we can meet? I shall be glad to meet face to face and I shall be happy if at us all turns out. I am sure that I to you and we shall do a good pair. How many days we may be together?
Where I shall remain there? Write more ideas on our meeting. I shall wait for your fast reply. Yours Lilia.
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