Letter(s) from Lilia Odintsova to Bill (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Bill !
How are you? I have seen yours announcements on a site American-single.com and want to get acquainted with you. My name Lilia Odintsova, to me of 27 years. I from Russia. I the cheerful woman, for Things like to do entertainments many: Sports meets, camping site to go at cinema, theatre and other places To see and do a lot of new. I the educated woman, know the English language Well enough. I work as the teacher of biology at school. I search for serious attitudes which Conduct to a marriage. Want to create my own family with correct the man. I very much I love children and want to give birth for the future husband so much to children how many it wants:). I want To tell about my last attitudes. I have got acquainted with the man from staffs. We had Strong attitudes also wanted to meet to develop our attitudes face to face. It has told that I did the visa and flied to it. I have made the visa, have bought the ticket of the plane For February, 10. I was am very happy that so long time we can to meet. Up to our meeting there were read out days, but it has informed me, that was frivolous with Our attitudes. It has informed that has the wife, children and in general that I am not necessary for it. It Has told that all this time was frivolous with me and searched only for entertainment in The Internet. His words have very much offended me. I have spent very many money for Registrations of the visa, purchase of the ticket and in general for our meeting, also has lost so much Precious time to arrange our meeting. My parents were very afflicted Rudeness from it they want the man that I was happy, have told that life Proceeds and it is necessary to do new attempt with other person. I the nice woman And for me it is easy to find the man in Russia, but I want the man in USA because it The good country to live and lift children. I write you in hope that you also search Serious attitudes and we will have attempt to learn each other closer. I search simple The man which appreciates and respects women. I ask also I not much would be happy if I and you will have chance to develop the attitude. Now I have all necessary documents To fly to USA, plus the ticket of the plane up to New York which is valid during 1 Year. It would be good if we might use it for our meeting! My visa It was ready February, 7 and I should take away it from embassy till December, 21. I want To tell that the visa it is given only for 90 days and if you are interested to learn Than me is closer, we not aiea?iu to lose time and to begin to learn each other from it Day! Life is short and it is necessary to be in time to do(make) all necessary attempts to be Happy! To go forward it is impossible to stop and even after a failure of mine The last attitudes I speak myself not "WHY" and " WHY NO? ". Development of attitudes takes Some time to know about each other, but we may reduce time And to develop our attitudes face to face. I do not want to run forward, but I want to tell That we have good chance to meet. I am ready to acquaintance face to face Also it would be now good to exchange our letters to understand that we want. That I want? I want to find the present love and I shall be happy if it the man will be you! If we have overall aims in life and shall decide to meet, I can fly to you in The nearest days. It would be fine if you answer me and we might begin To learn each other is closer. Write to me back with all questions which interest You. I want to tell that we should be fair with each other! Also to set the friend To the friend any questions. Only honesty and direct questions! Only so we can understand each other and we should not spend a lot of time on Correspondence. I search only fair for the man and I shall be happy if this the man you. Write to me back on email:Lilya200477@bk.ru and I shall give you more information on, Some photos of me also I shall answer any your questions. Even if you are not interested To learn me let me know.

Best regards,

p.s. I give you the information on the ticket of the plane:

Ticket Number: 0061226944838


Thursday, February 10

From: Moscow, Russia. 1:10pm.
To: New York/Kennedy Airport, NY. 3:35pm.
Flight Number: Delta 31


Monday, April 4

From: New York/Kennedy Airport, NY. 5:35pm.
To: Moscow, Russia. 11:15am
Flight Number: Delta 31

Letter 2

Greetings Bill !
I am glad that you have written to me, you are very good for me, And I very seriously treat you!
I have told about you to the parents, they not against our attitudes! I can arrive to you February, 18, I have all documents For this purpose! I long do not want to wait as the visa has Term only 90 days, I wants to be with you as much as possible time! Because 1000 letters will not replace 1 meeting, I am right? If we will have good relations and we shall have desire to get married, Then I shall go in Moscow and I shall receive, the conjugal visa and we shall live in a place Always? If you agree then I shall go on Monday February, 16 behind the visa in Moscow!
I work at school because I very much love children and want to have the, I want to have the loved husband, I want to have family I you are ready to this, and?
There came to me the photos!
Please write to my your namber hone !!
Kiss Lilia!

Letter 3

Greetings Bill!
I am glad that you have written to me!
I was not in USA!
If you are ready meet me I can to fly to you tomorrow?, write in what airport I can fly?
If you are ready to meet me tomorrow I, are ready to arrive to you!
What you think?
Kiss Lilia

Letter 4

Yes road I fly in this airport tomorrow!
You are ready to meet me?
I the happiest on light because I of me am you!
I Wait for your letter!
Kiss Lilia!

Letter 5

Greetings dear Bill!
I am glad that you are ready to meet me and will be glad our meeting! I too very much want our meeting, but there is a problem, It is necessary to me 1500 $ what to pass customs house, I fly to you tomorrow And ladies to you all sum I shall not spend any $, Please the help to me it money because I is in love in you and wants to be only, With you!
I hope that you understand me and will help me money because I want to be only with you!
I wait for your answer!
Kiss Lilia!