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Age: 22
Name: Kim Johnson
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Age: 28
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Age: 31
Name: Comfort Owiredu
Age: 33
Name: Yana Nescreba
Age: 27
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Age: 28
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Name: Svetlana Semitcvetik
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Scam letter(s) from Maria Nizovtseva to Anders (Sweden)

Letter 1

Greetings. I am very glad, that you have answered my letter. I live in Russia, the city of Kirov. I work as the teacher at school. My data:
Age - 27 of years (mine birthday on April, 12)
Growth - 173 sm
Weight - 57 kq
It has not been married, children are not present. Excuse, that so has a little written about itself. Today I am very much borrowed. Tomorrow I shall write more about myself. I shall wait your letter and photos. Kiss, Masha
Letter 2

Godd morning dear! At me now time of a dinner. At you now morning or not? I am now very much borrowed on the work. I to work at school 5 years. I to teach mathematics. Now at my pupils examinations. Then they will have vacation, and I will have a holiday of the whole 2 months. I shall try to write to you every day as at school we have a computer and Internet. My parents live far from me. I was born and have grown in city Samara. In the same place I have finished pedagogical university. After the termination of university I have moved to other city in which now to live. My city Kirov is located to the north from the Volga region Russia. Now at us good weather, but during the winter period of time weather cold and is a lot of snow. I do not know, that to you still to speak about myself. It is interesting to me to know about you everything as you have very much liked me also I to want to communicate with you and probably greater...
Please answer me some questions if you have a free time. OK?
1) What type of women is pleasant to you?
2) Your favourite foodstuffs?
3) That for you it is more important: (if the woman well is in charge of housekeeping and is tasty prepares I peep or if she earns much?)
4) Your attitude to religion and as far as you are religious?
5) Your harmful habits if they at you are available?
6) What it is important for you in attitudes between the man and the woman?
7) What you most of all to not love in a life?
I think, that you to answer me as it is possible sincerely. I shall be always glad to learn about you more and more information in each your letter. Write do not hesitate. You to me are really very nice!!! I shall go now for work in school. I hope for your prompt reply! Yours faithfully. Masha.
Letter 3

Hi my Dear, How are you?
I am glad to write to you again. I do not know, that happened, but on a post server of a problem. I cannot receive your mail. It is a bad post server. I have created other electronic box. Please write to me on my new e-mail ( Today awful weather. In the street there is a strong rain and the wind blows. Most likely, that such weather will be couple of days. Because of such weather I am bad to sleep at night as I am afraid of a thunder-storm and lightnings. It also affects my serviceability. Today I need to accept again examination at the pupils. I hope, that they well will show themselves and the knowledge on mathematics as for me the big pleasure will see, that my lessons do not pass vainly! If it is fair, I to get tired on the work as teachers we at school have not enough because of a delay of wage payment and consequently to have to teach at once in 10 classes a little.
Well, all right, let's not be about sad. Soon to me to go to accept examination. While there is time I to want to speak little bit more about itself. If you not against I can answer the yesterday's questions which I to write to you. I think, that these questions are important in attitudes. oK? I shall try to do it as the story that it was easier for reading and not so is tiresome. Most of all I to love in a life it is the parents as they have much made to educate me formation and that I became the independent girl. I very much love them and I respect. I certainly to want to meet the man to create with it sereznye attitudes, but at me all time was not time for such attitudes as I have been borrowed with study, and now work, but I was solved, that I too have deserved happiness. I like men reliable and true that did not take alcohol in plenties. I think, what you such? For me the main thing in attitudes between the man and the woman is fidelity, honesty and mutual trust. It seems to me, that without these qualities of the attitude will be not sincere! How you to think? I not the religious person but to visit church on church a holiday. I think, that is not necessary to go frequently to church, necessary simply soul and heart to trust in the god and to pray heart. I to not take alcohol simply so. I can drink bakall some champagne on a holiday, but no more that. I have a harmful habit! I like to look much TV at night, but I think, that it is not terrible, also I love tasty I peep, but I always know a measure in the use and constantly I visit a sports hall! I very much like to prepare various meat and fish dishes, also soups. If we shall be together I shall prepare you every day for various dishes. I prefer a fillet of a fish in white wine (it is desirable a salmon or a trout). On it I think a theme of a feed I shall finish. A little about itself: I to know German and English languages, the truth on an average level, but it not a problem as I am good to understand your letters. Oh, excuse already a lot of time and I should go. I shall write to you today after a dinner or tomorrow in the morning. I hope for your answer and still I to want to know about you everything so, that write to me with each letter more and more and revelations. OK? Hugs and Best regards! Masha.
Letter 4

Hello Dearest and good day to you from me! I am very glad, that my new e-mail works without problems. I today have closed an old mail box, as it almost does not work. Now I can always receive your letter and enjoy reading.
Yesterday I was pleased with the pupils. They have well passed examination. I shall accept the following examination on Monday, and then since June, 10 I will have a holiday from work till August, 15. I hope, that I shall well carry out the holiday and it is possible, if we learn each other I shall visit you better. I very much like to learn the person on its character of the letter. I shall try to speak in each letter more and more about myself, and you in turn write always more about myself. OK?
Today I to want to speak I am more about the city in which was born and about the parents. I remind, that now I live in other city Kirov. I was born in city Samara. It is the big and beautiful city. There a lot of various entertaining and shopping centers, fountains, parks of culture and the various educational and improving centers. The population of city now more than 2 million person and every year increases due to visitors who remain on a constant residence as there warmer and favorable climate, than for example in Kirov. But it is necessary for someone to teach and in more northern cities of Russia. My parents though are on pension but continue to work. They by a trade teachers too. My mum works in the ministry formation of city Samara. Mine the daddy the professor of the Samara university. I have chosen harder a trade, as my parents and I think, that my choice is justified. Formation, medicine I think, that one of the main fields of activity of the person. What your opinion? I visited my parents the last month. I very much to miss them, but I the adult woman and should think of creation of the family.
Suspecting it I shall finish the story and I shall speak about the friend! Today I to not work. I shall tidy up apartments, and I shall go then in a sports hall on training on volleyball. I like volleyball. What your favourite kind of sports in which are engaged as the man and the woman? I shall not ask today any more to you questions to not tire you mine dearest! Remember! That I always wait for your letter and to me is sad, when it long does not come. Now problems with my electronic box will not be!!! I think of you all time!!! Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Kisses, Faithfully yours Masha.
Letter 5

Sweetheart, how are you today? What today at you weather? At us weather very cloudy. Strong northern wind and a rain. Recently I was warm also already put on in easy years clothes, and now it is again cold. Weather forecast not best from the best. Speak, that such bad weather will be till Monday. Heating in apartments have disconnected and to sleep very coldly. Usually I to sleep almost *****, and now it is necessary to dress a sweater and trousers to not freeze. It seems, that I have a little caught a cold, as I since morning had a raised body temperature and it hurt a throat a little. I should recover till Monday to accept examination. Excuse, that I cannot write much today as I should go in hospital that the doctor to me has registered medicines. I to want to inform you, that in general at me everything is all right and that soon we shall together. I think, that I almost have told all about myself. I shall speak the rest to you at our meeting so it will be much more sincere and it is more interesting. In letters much to not understand, as at us distinction in foreign languages. It is necessary to speak each other in eyes. In a week to me should install a telephone. I shall give you a phone number when it to establish. OK? I now am sure, that you that the man which are necessary for me. At me except for you anybody is not present and it is not necessary anybody! I shall write to you tomorrow. Excuse if to not answer some questions or to write with a deviation from your letter. I wait for the letter! Love! Masha.
Letter 6

My Dear, Dear loved!!! Today at you weekend? At me too. I yet am bad to feel myself much. Still it hurt in me gorolo, but already there is no temperature. To me the doctor has registered a good medicine. I think, that by Monday I completely shall feel myself well. Today we with the girlfriend shall go in a cinema to look new film "Troya". My holiday begins with June 10. I completely now am sure, that I to want to arrive to you on a visit. I think, that I need to legalize my papers for travel. At us in city many the various transport companies both I shall go also all to learn. If all will be good, I shall be capable to arrive to you in the beginning of July. Also I shall try today to contact my mum through the Ministry of Education as she works in the Ministry of Education of other city it will borrow some time, but I think, that on Monday the answer will be from my mum. I precisely know, that she can help me through the ministry sdleat free-of-charge tickets as to the best teacher of year. I certainly not the best teacher of year, but she my mum and she will help me. You should write today only the correct data!!!
1) Your full home address.
2) Your city airport or the nearest to it.
It like everything, that is required to me. Please consider this seriously! I do not know why, but I very much to want to see you in a reality and to speak with you all the day, and can and more. I have not noticed as have fallen in love with you and to me is a little disturbing on heart. I very much am afraid to be burnt.
I believe you and I trust and I hope, what you will not deceive and will not hurt me? Tomorrow I shall not be capable to write to you as the school will be closed, but I shall write to you to Monday. On Monday I should accept last examination, and also receive wage payment and holiday money. It certainly very small money, but I saved all year of money for holiday. I shall write applications to Monday on reception of the visa and the passport and all to pay. Now I shall go home to have my dinner, and then to go at cinema! I wish you good weekend! Do not overlook to write to me the information which I you to ask!!! Love! Masha.
P. S. My full name Maria. Masha this reduced name. How it is pleasant to you more?
Letter 7

My love! I am very glad, that I have an opportunity to write to you the letter! I cannot write much as now I should go to accept examination. After xamination I shall receive wage payment and I shall go in the transport company to write the application on the visa and to legalize papers. I shall write to you tomorrow longer letter and all to inform. Love and kisses! Maria (Masha).
Letter 8

My pleasant! How are you??? I am fine! Yesterday I have accepted last examination and pupils today to have a rest on a vacation till the autumn. I should finish have put at school a little and too to go in holiday. I yesterday have written the application on registration of my documents. They will be made out during 10 days. I shall be at you on a visit 2 weeks but if I shall bother you I can leave earlier. I to want to be at you as it is possible longer to learn you as it is possible better and to discuss with you plans for ours with you development of the attitude further. You to want, that I slept with you in one bed or not? I to want to sleep with you together. I yesterday have received wage payment, but to me did not give holiday money. At us in Russia frequently such it happens, that detains payment of wage payment. To me will pay holiday money only in August. It is very good, that I saved money for holiday. I should pay my documents till July 12. I still yesterday wanted to pay all, but to me did not give holiday money and it has broken my plans. I need 90 American dollars. At us all payments pass in dollars, but can send in 80 euros. These are not so big money. I receive 80 dollars a month as wage payment. I to not ask you about it, but I cannot find this money till Saturday. I shall necessarily give them to you as me will give wage payment in August. The rest everything is all right. I yesterday have received my inquiry from the ministry from my mum. She speaks, that the Ministry of Education will pay the ticket of the plane so, that all is good. I to give you the address of bank where there is a system monetary transfers western union. Vyatka - Bank. Chapaeva, 7. Kirov, 610035. Russia.
Also I give to you the home address and the full name. It is required to you when you will transfer money. Maria Nizovtseva. Engelsa 12-45. Kirov, 610000. Russia. Please send money today! I shall go now in school, and then to wait your letter! Love! Maria.
Letter 9

My Anders I am very grateful to you, that you to help me. It is enough this money to cover missing charges. It is not necessary for me more!!! Please trust me!!!
I shall give you this money in August or to fulfil at you houses! OK? I am glad, that we soon shall together! Please do not overlook to send me the information which to you will give in a department western union! I wait for the letter! Maria.
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