Scam letter(s) from Irina to Marc (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Marc!
I am very glad to receive your letter! Thank you for your letter. At the first, forgive me that I have answered not at once. I looked your profile and it has liked me. I have decided to write you with hope that you will answer me. It is very pleasant to receive the letter,
especially the first. I the first time in the Internet and I badly able to use the computer. Unfortunately, I have no the computer of a house. It is good that we in city have Internet - cafe.
I have decided to try find the love through the Internet. In Russia to me was not lucky with love, I might not find the man. Certainly, I fell in love with men, but they were that married to me did not approach characters. In Russia of worthy men to find very difficultly.
Earlier I did not understand how it is possible to get acquainted through the Internet. Thought, that not really will get acquainted and to learn persons. But now I think on the contrary.
I work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in passport - visa services. My colleague has left abroad. They corresponded through the Internet, and then the man has invited her. I heard they already have children. Therefore I have decided to find the man from other country.
I want to tell slightly about myself. My name is Irina to me of 27 years old. I was born in 1978 April, 27 (27.04.1978). On a mark of zodiac is Taurus. I live in city Yoshkar-Ola. It is small city. You likely did not hear about it. But I sure that you know Kazan. My city is near to Kazan. My height is 168 cm, my weight is 48 kg. My eyes is brown, hair is brown too.
I live one in an apartment. I do not have brother and sister, My parents live to a village. I visit them often.
I already spoke that I work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in passport - visa service. I have finished the higher School of militia in 2004 and I have a rank of younger sergeant. In Russia it is very difficult to find work on a trade, but to me was lucky with work.
Certainly in one letter it is impossible to tell all about itself. And I want to write more. But I want to give a word to you. It will be very pleasant for me, if you will tell about yourself more. In the following letter I shall try to write more about myself. Ok? I send you my photos. I think it liked you. I want to learn you better, to learn more about you.
Well, on it I shall finish my first letter to you. But it not last letter. I promise. I with impatience shall wait. Probably, I shall die, if you will not answer me. Do not overlook about me. I think I have not disappointed you with the letter.
Irina (Ira)
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