Letter(s) from Maria Nizovtseva to Mike (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love Michael
Forgive that I could not answer you earlier. There are no you absolute anything me have not pressed out. My mum is a little sick at this time. She has caught a cold, to me all time at home was necessary to be almost. Now she has practically recovered. I think that all will be good. The small rain today was. I do not love a cold rain. But I very much love a rain in summer. It very warm and not strong when it passes, appears very beautiful rainbow. In childhood I always ran under such a rain, but mum always spoke me, that I shall catch cold. But I am very rare fell ill. Such rain still name "mushroom" because after it in a wood many mushrooms grow. And we with friends gathered for next morning in a wood. You sometime collected mushrooms? It is very interesting. I most of all like to collect White mushrooms, them still name "borovik", and aspen mushrooms or "krasnogolovik" so have named it, because at it hat red color. These are the tastiest mushrooms. But it is very difficult to search for them, all interest consists in it and. White mushrooms grow always on single, and they are able " to be hidden " very well under leaves. Them practically it is not visible, therefore people take small sticks and stir leaves. At these mushrooms very thick leg, they very much very strong. And aspen mushrooms usually grow small groups and they are easy for seeing because of their red hat. From these mushrooms cook very tasty soup at on in Russia it simply refers to "gribovnicsa". It is one of my favorite soups. Still there are mushrooms which usually salt or pickle. These are milk mushrooms they are white and black. Usually when you go on a wood you will find a place where it is a lot of them. Sometimes that them all to collect leaves about half an hour. We collected them much. And mum of them pickled houses. You sometime ate pickled milk mushrooms? And the tastiest mushrooms, which people fry it " fox mushrooms " them name so because they of red color, them hats grow upwards and are similar to ears of fox. They very small, but them it is very rare when you will find in a wood. But if you will come across such glade where they grow to you has very much carried. There is still very much a plenty of mushrooms. There are poisonous mushrooms, there are false mushrooms. They are very similar to normal mushrooms. But there are some differences, sometimes people do not notice it, and it happens them very badly. And there is a mushroom under name " Fly agarics ". It of red color with small white specks on a hat. It very beautiful, but very poisonous. Sometimes in a wood there is such place when fly agarics grow, forming a circle. And a number of them still it is a lot of. Sometimes it happens very big circle. It name " a circle of witches ", speak, that people bypass this very bad place and its party. But fly agarics use in medicine. And some animals eat them.
And in general in summer in a wood it is very beautiful. A plenty of berries there grows. It is possible to see a raspberry, a blackberry, a bilberry, wild strawberry (it is very a pity, that at me on it an allergy). And on a bog cranberry grows. The wood even can be named natural restaurant, how many there only it is a lot of. Such the story about a wood has turned out at me.
Michael yes I really very much want to meet you, but it really is very expensive for me. I went to bank, I thought that I can receive the loan. But to me have given up, because my wages do not make even 90 $. I really do not know as I can collect such sum.
I shall wait for your letter.
Kisses for you!!!!! I love you!!!!!
Yours for ever Marina