Scam letter(s) from Lubov Ganyaeva to Ray (USA)

Letter 1
My love Ray!
I so glad to read your letters! Its looks like a ray of light in a dark room! I want to be with you now, hug you and to feel your care and love. I need it now very much. It is so hard to be alone and to love you so much. I cannot to sleep last night. I thought of us much. It has forced me to suffer and cry. I am lonely very much! My lawyer spoke me first that I can arrive to you at the end of May. But now he speaks, that it will take more time. About 3 months. It is awful!!! But I have good news to us. My lawyer sure that I shall win my case. I shall return my ticket back after the ending of litigation. He is sure in it. But I have and many problems here. My love, forgive me, but I should spend a part of pocket money. I went to Moscow two times for the last some days. My lawyer is the professional and he knows the Russian laws very well. He is a member of the Moscow Board of Lawyers. His work takes from me many money, but I think that I can solve my problems with his help. My father has given me money today for trips to Moscow. It is the small sum. He could receive this money on the has put in **** of the house. This money will help me very much. Tomorrow I go to Moscow and I shall try to write to you tomorrow in the evening.
My love Ray, I went to church today and I prayed for us! I hope God will help me and you. Our love is so big and I cannot be alone more time! I hope that we shall to overcome all our problems and we shall be together. All my love for you and only you,
Letter 2
Forgive me please that did not write so for a long time. I know that you wait for my letters. Maybe this news will please you. If all will be done that I can arrive to you at the end of April. By this time my father can get the necessary sum of money for the ticket. One of his friends can help to take to him the loan in bank. And still there is one way to get money. The reason on which I could not write to you last days there is my trip to Moscow. I should give proofs on possession of a coin. All have been made correctly and now the coin belongs to me and I have the right to its possession. My cousine has made a complaint in department of justices because I have not taken advantage of the ticket and to me losses have not been compensated thus. I met the lawyer he have explained to me that my detention was not lawful. Also that I have the full right on compensation of damage. But for it it is required to prepare some papers and if the department of protection of the airport will not agree to compensate to me loss. Business will be transferred to court. As the lawyer it has told will be the big trouble for the airport and for them it will be more favourable to compensate to me losses. All this process will make during two-three weeks. Details I shall inform in the following letter.
I am very happy that you wait for me and I hope that are not angry. At us very bad weather. Coldly and much snow. Now we have a dark ***** in life But I shall make all that our meeting has taken place. When I have got acquainted with you through the Internet I had good luck. I hope that my good luck with me.
I love you.
Kiss you
Lubov P.S. I cannot write the nearest two days tomorrow I go on furniture. I would need in any work that to collect money for trip to you. It is business trip from my firm. Please Take care Ray.
Letter 3
My dearest Ray!!!
I am very exited today! Tomorrow I leaving to you! My father is at my home with my aunt. They prepared holidays food for seeing me off and waits me on table. And then my father and my aunt will go to see me off.
My love Ray, all my bags are prepared now. I prepare some gifts to you and my father too. Dear Ray, I also took a coin with me that I founded and I will present it to you too! I showed it to one of fathers relatives who understand (expert) in coins and he said that coin I found has really great quality. Anyway I hope it will help us in difficult time.
My love Ray, my heart is ready to jump out at this moment! I am so happy! Unfortunately I dont sure will I receive a mail from you or not till I get airport and your country. I was at visa agency today asking about what I can to take with me and what I cant. I so sad that I cant take any animals with me and I cant take Homma to meet you with it. So I will stay it with my aunt. Anyway, please write me what dress will you wear and how I have to be dressed? I would like to wear red dress is it ok? I searched weather at Internet searching what is the weather at you but unfortunately I dont understand Fahrenheit. Here temperature used in Celsius. But I hope it will not cold for me to wear that dress. My dear Ray, I have to return to my relatives now, they looks very happy for me, and they would like to see me off very much! Anyway we shall meet each other in one day, and I will not meet them more then month more! I love you and I cant wait till we be together! I counting hours till our meeting! See you in person next!!!!!
Kiss you, your
Letter 4
I love you my sweetheart Ray!
I am very happy that you are fine. My dream is a reality. Very soon I can touch to you. I shall feel you all my body. Today I receive your money! I'm very happy! Thank you, my love Ray, for your care!
I already spoke you that I shall arrive on March,29 at 5:40 pm in Savannah (SAV) the airport. I depart at 9:35 am this day from Samara (KUF). Connect in Frankfurt (Frankfurt Intl.), Newark (EWR). Airlines is Lufthansa 3211 and Continental 51 / 2516. I hope that it is all information which to you it is necessary for that to meet me. Tomorrow I go to visa agency. The visa is ready. I very much worry but your love will help me. Save you the God.
I love you Ray!
Two days and two nights without you.
I'm only yours,
Take Care.
Letter 5
My love Ray!!!
It was really terrible.
Now I am at home and all is fine with me.
So, I went to Moscow and I did not get any problems with my trip to Moscow. It was seems like all is fine. I have not a lots of bags, I could wear it by myself. Then I used metro and autoline to get to airport. I got to airport without a problems too but there are only one problems is I had only 40 minutes. I filled declaration and began to entering to airlines. At the custom they asked me to show my bag which was with me and found a coin. They called expert and asked me why I do I need to take it with me. I answered that its a present to you and I would like to bring it to you. They said, that I could not bring antiques to another country and I will be arrested. I was really shocked! I could not imagined that it could be! I was shouted and swored a lots and they turning alarm and some of police men went me to police department. I feeled so bad, I have never feeled so! I feeled that I am criminal and everybody looked at me! Also I thought a lots about you and what you will feel when you come to airport and do not meet me! It was terrible for me. I asked to call you but the officer there rejected. So there are was another officer who looks more kind and when older officer went out he let me call you but quick! I was so sad ant to say a true, I do not remember well what I was spoking... I was really shocked. So, they took a coin for make expertise and they took my ticket to annulate it or something else. They asked me to fill three documents and only at the evening they let me out! I was so sad that I had no someone near me!!! I so wanted to speak with you or my father to ask you what I have to do. When I returned to home my father was so badly surprised me. He saw how I am worry and calmed me a lots. Then he went and returned with a lawyer and they again asked me a lots of questions. The lawyer said that police are make mistake and they could not do it, but they are very bad in Moscow and it will be very difficult to punish them. Anyway he will work for this and I have to return my home to answer more of his questions and he begin to work tomorrow. My father is very sad about all that happened. He asked me did I call you and what you said, and we was very sad that I did not speak a lots with you. My love Ray, I calm myself with idea that soon we shall meet! I will do anything for make it more quickly one thing we have to know now what is happened why police was so aggressive and what will expert in coins will say at Moscow. My love Ray, I have to go home not they wait me. Please dont worry I will come to you in couple of days depending metters and free tickets. I have to return my ticket which is at Moscow now and change date also!!!
I love you Ray,
Letter 6
My love Ray!
I shall arrive to you on March, 29, it will happen if I shall have pocket money. We can return 95 % from cost of the ticket when I shall arrive to you. As I shall have 500 $ which I return to you at arrival. This money which I should have only formality, I should show that I am not the person which will be on the ***** in the USA. I shall be with you of 3-5 months under the visa if we shall marry then I shall stay with you for ever. My love Ray, do you can send me as well as earlier? I send you the information again. I know that soon we shall together! I love you Ray! The big hug and a kiss for you! GAZBANK
Phone: (7 ) (846) 2351630
Lubov Akins
Letter 7
My dear Ray!!!!!
I so glad to receive your mail, which I just have red. Your letters always bought up my mood, its very great, that loving each other people can show their feelings through e-mails, we can understand each other and becoming closer, knowing each other better, but its not as great as personal meeting!
My love Ray, I just come here from SMVA. I paid for return ticket, ticket to you and visa. If you wish, we can change a date of return ticket when we shall be together, I asked about it. I filled today questionnaire for people leaving to USA, and red all information and things and documents that is necessary for anybody going to America from Russia. I showed there my place for living here, there, my work, social status and a lots of others. At the end of this blank was question about pocket money, and there was showed that at least I have to take with me at least 500 euro (dollars). I was very surprised about it and I asked manager what does it mean!? He answered that this money called "Pocket money" and everybody who leaving Russia knows it! I asked why I have to get such sum with me. He answered, that its not rules of Russia, its rules from USA, and this sum is necessary to they be sure that visitor can afford living at USA with any situation and was on the *****. There is such sum in any country to enter but in every country its different. I asked what I have to do if I don't have such money? Its seems I can be detained and not allowed to enter your country. Even in Russia they allow visitors with sum only. I tryed to say him, that I already bought ticket and paid for visa, and I have all documents which is necessary to come to you and you will help me to be at USA. And that I have no such sum of money. But he said, that he cant help me and the rule is the rule and its not his rule. I asked to talk with director but it did not make results. They said, that if I have no chance to borrow such money, the best way is to ask money from you and then to return it when I will be with you. I will not need any money when I will be returning to Russia. Thats all makes me really sad its seems I cant do anything without your help once again, so I have to ask you once more. Its not pleasant for me and I feel very confused, but I am sure that its all for us only. I will not have to spent this money so I will back all it to you. Also I spoke with my father I asked can he borrow money for the house, but he said, that this house under privatization and it could not be borrowed and borrow money for his flat is impossible. But he began to prepare documents for ability to sell house, and I hope we shall not have such problems soon! My love Ray, I am so tired from all this problems and only one thing that I would like to to fall in love with you and to fall in your hugs, I would like to meet you and enjoy your society. Please write me your opinion! I waiting your response with impatience and I think we have to do all for our future.
Kiss you sweetly and hug you Ray,
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