Scam letter(s) from Lubov Ganyaeva to Martin (England)

Letter 1
Hi Martin.
I am glad that you have decided to answer my letter to you. I to receive from you the letter and should tell about myself all. I to want, that we it is good to know and understand completely each other.
Recently was accepted for to study the computer and the Internet. Want to find friends in the Internet and if that will turn out and something the greater. It would be desirable to trust, that in the Internet there are many people with which I can find common interests.
Let me to be presented. Me call Natasha. Shall try to tell slightly about itself.
I was born in 1975 July, 27 in city of Kazan in Russia.
Now I live in Kazan in Russia. Kazan it is located in a picturesque place on the left coast of Volga, the largest river of Europe, in 797 kilometers from Moscow, with the population of 1190200 persons.
Our city very old and in it very many historical - architectural monuments. It is good and beautiful city, with a plenty of historical places and parks.
Here I was born and have grown. Now to me of 29 years. I studied at university and I have higher education on a speciality the technologist public food. I to work as the technologist at restaurant.
My growth of 168 centimeters and weight 57 kg, my color of eyes grey, and natural color of hair red. But sometimes I to paint the hair.
I never was married before, also I to not have any children. I careful and devoted. I strong spirit of persons with sensitive and gentle soul, hardworking, vigorous, love sports, animals. I very much love children.
I to hope, that you to understand everything that I to write to you.
I have attached a photo for you and hope that you like. Please send some more pictures you.
I want to know more concerning you. Tell to me about city where you live? What yours loved hobbies?
I shall write about myself more in the following letter. I shall wait from you the letter and the information on you.
With the big impatience I shall wait for your answer.
I wish you good day.
Eagerly awaiting your letter,
Letter 2
Hi my friend Martin.
I am happy that again I write you. I was very glad to receive your letter, I waited it with the big impatience. It was very interesting to me to read your letter. I like the photo you sent me. I to want to tell that I to not smoke and to not drink.
I to find your structure on I liked your structure and I to decide to write to you. I do not know why but to me to be remembered and run into soul your structure. And still the intuition prompts me that I to make a correct choice. And I to decide to write to you.
My life develops so, that here among an environment it is difficult to find second half. In life to me very much did not carry with men. They betraid me, it is bad to concern to me. It is very long history and I shall tell to you about it little bit later..
I to continue to tell to you about myself.
I live together with mum and daddy. My mum call Nadejda, and my daddy Nikolay. I unfortunately to not have sisters. But I have brother whom call Aleksey. Now he lives in city of Moscow. He works in Moscow as the builder.
At me very good, kind and tender parents. I very much love them and I respect. I always to dream to create such family. I very much appreciate honesty and decency. If I to create the family I think that the main thing in relations with the husband will be full trust to each other. I to consider that it is a pledge of strong family.
I think that you to understand that the overall objective in my life is to find that only thing, my half with which I can go through all happy and difficult moments of life together. Still I have which cat call Tushkan. Him five years and weighs he 4 kg. My cat very capricious in the desires.
Eat only that him would be desirable and plays only when him will take in head. Everyone constantly should pay on him attention caress and constantly with him talk, especially give him compliments. He very much it is pleasant to me. When I to come from work home he am constant me meet near a door. This very tender and gentle animal. I very much love animals. Do you have any pets?
I to want to tell to you about the hobbi. I to love a free time spend with the family and with the friends. I to like to listen to music and to look movies. When at me good mood I to like to listen to rhythmical music and when to me I am sad to listen to slow classical music. I to like to look movies comedies and romantic about family. Also I like to read the good literature, basically classical novels. Very much it is pleasant to me camping, I very much like to be on a nature. I like to go in for sports. I try to conduct a healthy way of life. I to like to play volleyball. In the winter I to like to ski. And in the summer I to like to lay on a beach and to swim.
Still I very much like to cook, I like to please the parents to cook him different tasty dishes. I like to think out unusual Culinary recipes and with pleasure I shall realize them in practice. Most of all I love to cook meat dishes and very much it is pleasant to me, when somebody estimates them on advantage. What yours favorite food?
I love on a grill meat with barbeque, the baked chicken, salad from fresh vegetables. I shall finish the letter.
Please, tell to me about the life, about the family?
I to want to learn it is more about you. I with impatience shall wait for your letter. I to send you my photos with parents.
I wish you good day.
Bye Bye Natasha.
Letter 3
Hi my friend Martin.
I am very glad to receive from you the letter. Your letter helps me better to understand you and your life. I find you very interesting the man. I am glad, that we with you friends. Our correspondence so means for me much. I am afraid to think beforehand, but I want, that you knew - for me it very seriously. I want, that you knew, that now you have friend who may attentively listen to you who may share your problems and understand you.
Yes, I would like to see a photo of your house.
All good and joyful things to force me to laugh and smile. All bad and not joyful things to make me sad.
Probably very much occupy a question why I to search for you relations abroad and why I to not search relations in Russia. At me here in Russia bad experience with men. And today I want to tell to you about it.
At me the man was. I was madly in love with persons, and he only pretended that loves me. Actually he scoffed at my feelings. Was such, that he appointed to me meetings, promised to come to me, I waited him, and he did not occur. I sometimes cried, because he did not come in the evening, at us in city in the evening not so quietly and I worried for him. And he, the rascal, came in day or through two and spoke, that at him there were affairs and that he loves me. And then I found out through his friends, that at this time he had a good time with what that maidens. he did not like to work, he frequently borrowed for me money, promised to give, but never repaid. And I forgave him because liked. I even hid it from mum. Has passed some time and I have seen him in the street with other woman. They kissed. I did not remember as have come home. I cried all night. I had depression very long. I began to work much and began to forget this villain. After that case I have decided, that I shall never deceive in love people, I shall never scoff and play feelings of other people. I to not want so to risk and break to myself life more. I to want to be simply happy and to live as the normal person. Further I have decided that I shall search the kind person to have family. This person should be fair, decent that he never deceived me. That he was with me at the happy and difficult moments of life. I desire to have family, loved the person beside, feeling care and constant support in difficult minute, to what to aspire each person in life and I too. I want that of me cared and liked. And in exchange the car of my not spent love and tenderness. That in the house the cosiness and rest, kindness, tenderness and love was. A lot of love! To me 29 years, and I and to not have, about what I to speak you. I was close to happiness in the past, but my trust to break my heart. I once again to want to test such feeling as love. I very much to hope for it. Therefore I to write to you. I to think, that you to understand my words.
It while all. I to promise you to write later.
I with impatience shall wait for your answer.
Sincerely Natasha.
Letter 4
Hi my dear friend Martin
I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I like the photo you sent me.
I already to miss under your letters slightly. With each new letter we to become closer to each other. All of us it is more learn each other. It is very important for me, that you to understand me and to listen to me.
Of course for us will be difficult with the distance between us. Though through our letters we can develop a relationship and if we both feel it is right then we can meet.
I to want to tell to you it is a little about my life. As you know I to work as the technologist public food at restaurant. My working day begins at 8.00 am. I wake up at 8.00 o'clock in the morning, I am going myself a sandwich for breakfast. In the mornings I eat a sandwich and I drink coffee. Then I go on work. I go by the bus.
The restaurant where I to work refers to as "Aristocrat". I to work at this restaurant as the technologist 5 years. Our restaurant specializes on preparation of dishes of the European kitchen. My work consists in selection and training of the attendants, realization of the daily control of the organization of work and trade in cafe, the organization of complex dinners in the afternoon works, the organization and realization of banquet evenings, formation of the list of dishes and the menu for the current day. Among firm dishes, it is especial loved visitors, loved a dish of an imperial court yard - the fish caviar with pancakes and the sour cream, refined Norvegian fjord salmon, Coeur de filet of beef, and also many other tasty dishes. In our restaurant each day to come it is a lot of people. They very much to love our restaurant. I very much like to work here. Work made with love brings pleasure to people. It is always pleasant for me to see smiles on persons of our clients.
I to have the computer of a house. But unfortunately I to not have access to the Internet as I to not have the phone of a house. Therefore I to write to you from work or the Internet of cafe. Sometimes I can not write to you from my work because here at restaurant there is a lot of work. Then I shall go in the Internet of cafe to write to you from there. There to work my girlfriend and she to allow me to use the computer free-of-charge.
I to come to her and there to use Internet. It is very convenient for me. Sometimes it happens, that it does not work. If from me there are no news couple of days you do not think that I have stopped to you to write, simply the Internet of cafe means is closed. I necessarily shall write to you when the Internet of cafe will work.
I with impatience shall wait for your following letter. I wish you successful day and good mood. I to send you a photo from my work at restaurant.
Sincerely Natasha.
Letter 5
Hi my dear Martin.
I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I like the photo you sent me. Today I to go in computer club with hope to receive your letter and I was very happy to see it. Our restaurant not so expensive. I to work at restaurant five days per one week, Saturday and Sunday for me days off.
Thank, mine weekend was well. I to spend it together with parents.
I had watched a really good movie called " Van Helsing " with a the girlfriend in the movie theatre. If you get a chance to see it, then i say that you should watch it, because it is about a vampire and the struggle to free that world of the evil influence that it bestows over the society there. I liked this movie.
At us here it is now rather cold. I to live together with parents in an apartment. To my mum of 55 years, and my daddy of 60 years. I to love and respect them.
My loved season spring and summer.
I to continue to tell to you about myself. Today I to want to tell to you about mine attitude to a question on religion.
I to be brought up in the USSR where absence of belief in the God was accepted. It was the official position of the state. But the majority People and at this time to trust in the God and to go to church. My parents were such also. They to christen me when to me there was no as early as one year and frequently to drive in church. I to be brought up in belief in the God and this belief to help me in my life. But also the position of the state to influence me and I to consider what to trust or not trust in the God this private affair of everyone and it is necessary to respect a position of each person in this question. How you to think? I believe and always I pray for that that the God has sent the help to those who in it requires. You see all of us have the right fortunately and fine life.
What your churches? Our churches very beautiful. Walls and ceilings of our church are painted by icons and everywhere stand candles. People come in church to pray, listen as sing songs as priests read prays. In church so quietly and there always you find a peace of mind.
By the way I will think that to you interestingly to know my post address.
My address:
Gafiyatova Natasha
Kazan Russia,
420033, street Frunze the house 9.
You may send me on this address the letters and a photo. I shall be happy to receive them. I hope that your family is well and I hope that my letters brighten your day and make things better for you. I await until the next time you write. Be happy!
Your friend,
Letter 6
Hi my dear Martin.
I am very glad to receive your letter. Thank you for your postal address, I will send you a letter with pictures soon.
You may write down on an envelope so:
Gafiyatova Natasha,
420033, Frunze, 9
I the orthodox christian. I to trust in Jesus Christ and to accept him as mine saviour. I like ***. *** is important in relations between the man and the woman when they to like each other.
I to know the English language well enough. I began to study the English language in 23 years. I to study it at university. I very much like this language and it is easy for me it was given in studying. You see in this language half of world already speaks. Also this language is necessary for me for my work, as in restaurant to come to have dinner foreign tourists. I to speak the English language it is much better than to write. And I hope that you to understand all that I to write to you.
In the Internet of cafe I to study as correctly to use the computer and the Internet. My parents and my girlfriend they concern to me with understanding, that I to write to you. You see they to know that my life develops so, that here among an environment it is difficult to find second half and to me very much did not carry with men. My parents hope that I at last to have the family and to be happy.
I to know you not long, but I can tell, that you very fair and open and it very much to involve me and let's me trust, that I can like and be loved!!! My parents speak me, that I should be always open. I to tell them, that we relations to develop successfully and they are happy for us. I want to tell to you about my parents and my childhood.
At me very good, kind and tender parents. I very much love them and I respect. We always understand each other and we find common language. I not so small, but frequently address for advice to the parents. It is very fine when in family there is a mutual understanding. I always to dream to create such family. I very much appreciate honesty and decency. If I to create the family I think that the main thing in relations with the husband will be full trust to each other.
Mother and father of me very much liked and brought up me rather strictly. But I am grateful to them for it.
I had many friends and we with them played in a court yard of our house. It were carefree years. I went to school on well and excellent. I always remember my first teacher, she have opened for us a door in knowledge and thanking her I can communicate with people freely. I am indefinitely grateful her for that feeling of human kindness that she to all of us has imparted. As I grew at me I varied the point of view opened for myself a lot of unidentified. My loved subject at school was mathematics.
After school I have acted in university. I studied at faculty management and technology of public catering.
It is fine student's it was time. Sessions, you know that this such, do not sleep at night worry, and when there comes day of examination, heart simply jumps out from a ******. I think that you too have gone through it. I very much liked to study. After university to me have offered to work in restaurant and I might not refuse. I very much like my work. You may tell to me about the childhood.
I to wish you good mood these days.
I shall wait your letters and I hope that you will write to me soon.
Sincerely Natasha.
Letter 7
Hi my dear Martin.
I was very glad to receive your letter, I waited it with the big impatience. I began to be convinced that I to have attachment to you and already with impatience to wait your letters more and more.
I to love walks on foot. But I not like when am very *****.
I to know at all it is a lot of about your culture and I to not think yet of arrival in your country. We to not study here at school your culture.
I am very glad that you write me. It is very interesting to me to read your letters. You see they open you as persons and I very much like all that you write. You have many qualities which I like.
In the person to me first of all it is important his honesty. Probably it because I very much frequently to be deceived in people and consequently I to appreciate this quality most above. You see anything is not present more important than honesty and ability to speak that you think and to assert the position. You with me agree? I to search such person. I am tired that constantly betray me and on this I am glad that you in the letters are fair. It is very pleasant for me to communicate with you. Under your past letters at me to develop about you very good opinion and I would be glad learn about you the new facts which to convince me of that that I to make a correct choice having written to you the first letter. I like that that you tell about yourself and to like that sincerity and an openness with which you it make.
Still I to want to tell to you about my dreams. My dreams simple. I to you already told about them. I want to be happy and make happy on the Earth loved me of the person. I to want to have the family. My family may and there will be no the idealest in this world but I to want to have family and it to be happy. You see what at me plain dreams. For my 29 years of life I to save up what potential of tenderness and kind feelings which am not spent yet and I wait for the person to which shall devote all of. What to search you in the woman?
Still I to want with you today will talk about that as I see a role of the woman in family. In my opinion neither the husband nor the wife should not feel that their rights are restrained. In Russia of the woman are brought up so they should care of family more. All family problems lay on the woman. She should care of children prepare for food, erase, keep the house in order. I am brought up in the same spirit. I to consider that the woman should hold keys from family. But also the man should her help very seriously. On the first place for the woman there should be a family. Russian women are able to combine both work and family and everywhere to be irreplaceable. Therefore here the woman also works and conducts family. I think that it correctly and am ready to make all that my future family was happy.
I to ask you, that you to send me a photo where you to live. They will help me to feel your presence near to me. I to want to feel you, your gentle sight, yours a smile. I so to require in heat and care and I think, that I to ask not so much. I to become attached to you and at me to appear very big sympathy to you. I search pure love and romanticism in relations. I love when all beautifully, finely, gently and romantically!!! Desire to have family, loved the person beside, feeling care and constant support in difficult minute, to what to aspire each person in life and I too. This my treasured desire in my life.
I shall finish the letter. I shall look forward your letter and to miss on you!
Yours Natasha.
Letter 8
Hi loved Martin.
I am very happy to receive your letter today. I waited for the moment that you will write to me the letter and I have waited it. I as though to fly in heavens when I see yours the new letter. They to give to me of forces in work and to support my health. Nothing it is necessary to me except for your letters and you. I to notice, that our letters are more and more full of love and good mood.
If I to meet the second half, love and he can not arrive to me, I am ready to leave the parents and the country to start new life with loved to me the person. I the romantic person also am ready to follow for loved somehow far.
I to dream to live not in the big city where there is no a lot of noise and crowd of people. So it is good me that in this world there is a person to which I is not indifferent. It is very pleasant to me to study, that we is mutual understanding each other is the most important fact in our relations. It is very good me, as I to meet you in my life. I to not be yet never so am happy. I as though to fly in heavens. Nothing it is necessary to me except for your letter and you. I yesterday to think of ours relations and about our feelings. I already to become attached to you. I think that for that time that we with you are copied we very much pulled together and between us the feeling has appeared, I think that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you, you have taken a place in my heart. You to like me and I think that we relations may be deeper. At present my feelings to YOU are very strong me pulls to you as if a magnet. Your letters do my mood high. To me it becomes joyful on soul. I understand that ours relations everyone become more serious and more serious. Your words heat my soul and heart. You in my heart each minute. I love you!!!
I hope that i dont make you uncomfortable with my feelings for you but they are true feelings. I very much like writing to you and i love when i hear from you, when i recieve your letters my heart speeds up and a feeling of excitement and happyness come over me.
I shall finish the letter.
I with impatience shall wait for your letter. I to send to you the most passionate kiss.
Your love Natasha.
Letter 9
Hi my love Martin.
I am happy to receive your new letter. It for me as a drink of fresh air. It to please me and to give to me of forces. I like to receive your letters. They very much dear for me. I love you and each line written by you warms me. Your letters to fill my soul with heat and pleasure. In my opinion for that time that we write each other we very strongly to become attached to each other. Your letters help me to feel your affinity. And though us with you are divided huge distance, reading your letter, I feel your affinity. I present, that you sit next and embrace me. I am very happy that I have you.
I to want to share with you my pleasure.
Yesterday to me to arrive my brother from Moscow. My brother lives in Moscow. He seldom comes home to Kazan. I and my parents were very happy his arrival us.
Today we have walked with my brother on loved us in the childhood to places. We to visit cafe where we children to run there is an ice-cream. There much to change but eat something constant. It is that cosy atmosphere which was here always. We have recollected the childhood. As has much taken place from that happy time.
I to speak about us with you to my parents and my brother. They to ask me you is valid to like him and to want be with him. I to tell not thinking, that very much and can not present themselves without him. I to tell him about you and they to tell, that you very good person and are possible to trust you. My parents and the brother are very happy for me that I to find you. They to tell me that I to make a correct choice, that already for a long time it is time to me to have family. They speaks that now I shall be happy. My parents to know that I very long to search for the happiness and may not find it in any way. I am very happy that I at last have met you my prince.
I may not find the happiness very long. But now I to meet you and am very happy. The destiny has presented me of you because it has renumerated me to long searches and expectations. Only one circumstance installs grief in my soul. This that that we while far apart. I to love you my unique. All my love and tenderness only for you.
I constantly think of you, you have taken a place in my heart. I think that we should meet, we should see each other look in eyes. When I close my eyes, I present you near to me - two hearts bound in a circle of love. Two body, pressed closely to each other. I to kiss your lips and I embrace you intense. I steadfastly look in your eyes, and our souls are united. I begin to understand that my life without you is not meaningful, because I love you. Today I all day thought only of you. We became frank with you and I think that we should be together. My life to become very happy as I have you. All is good, but I think that our love should be, when we together, when beside. I to require you and to want to be with you. My ideas only about you and about us with you together. I very much to wait day when you to tell me at a meeting: I love you Natasha and a kiss of me. All my dreams only about you, I to think each day of us with you, about our joint life. All my life belongs to you, my love. I have you and I am very happy. Your love to me to do me the happiest person.
I love you my Prince. I to not know that to me to do, I very much to want to be with you. I wish you good day. By the way my parents and my brother asked to transfer you warm relations. I shall wait for your letter my love.
I will close with sending all my love, and the most passionate kiss to you,
All my love, forever
Letter 10
Hi my lovely Martin.
I to receive your letter my love, I waited it with the big impatience.
Thank for your phone numbers. Today I shall go on a public telephone booth to call to you. I hope that I shall phone up to you.
My holiday begins March and I already may arrive to you.
These days I thought only of you, about that as we with you Let's meet. I represented it to myself as you meet me at the airport as we search each other eyes, we find and we rush in embraces each other. I spoke with my girlfriend about an opportunity of the organization to trip to you. My girlfriend works in a travel company. They are engaged in the organization of tourist trip to other countries. She has told that will help me with registration of the visa and the passport.
Still she may find out cost of tickets aboard the plane, but for this purpose it is necessary to know where the international airport nearest to you?
It seems to me that we already on are close with each other, we as if so much The husband and the wife, only, unfortunately, divided in huge distance. I that can not do with myself, it is love, it sing in me as a bird in The spring sky. I think that it is destiny. I am madly in love with you. Your letters are filled such heat and care, and at me tears of pleasure sometimes run. I think " My God, thank that you have helped me to find my only thing and I hope that we with him shall incorporate and we shall be happy. " I dream of our meeting and about that as we shall walk with you to keep for hands as we shall look after one after another. I dream as you will carry me on hands to embrace me, to kiss and caress my gentle body. I so to want that we with you were together. We are created the friend for the friend. I to want to speak with you, a kiss of you long long to go with you to cinema. Up to a meeting with you, my life was monotonous. I to not have happiness with loved the person. I to search the love, but these searches have not resulted me to him. I to receive only disappointment. Each day I to think about life and to see, that I of nothing to cost in this world and to me it was very bad. But I to not want to recollect, that was earlier. I have you and more than nothing it is necessary to me. Without you and your love, my heart it will be empty on always. I to know, that you to see it and to want me. We to like each other and we should be together. I to trust that we shall overcome all barrier and we shall be together.
I to love you and for ever in your ideas.
I with the big impatience shall wait for your letter my love.
My hottest and passionate kiss.
God bless us both, my prince.
Your princess Natasha.
Letter 11
Hi my love Martin.
I today to go on a public telephone booth to call to you, but you unfortunately to not be at home. I to leave the message on your answering machine. I hope that you to listen to the answering machine.
Inform the international airport nearest to you?
I very much love you!!! Strong and passionately kiss you, my prince. I with the big impatience shall wait for your letter.
Love in Christ,
Letter 12
Hi my love Martin.
At us here really very cold winters. We to carry warm clothes and our apartments are heated in the winter, submit heat. At us here it is a lot of snow.
Mine liked color blue and red. Blue color is a color of the World, color of our planet, color of the sea and ocean. Red it Is color of life, color of a holiday, color of heart and fire, color of sexuality and passion. Red color causes increase of palpitation. It draws attention and operates a situation. It it is impossible to ignore! It is the warm color, causing warm feelings and ardent desires. In a nature red color color abundance, ripe berries, tomatoes, color of a poppy and roses of a symbol of love. The emotions connected to red color, are very strong and unpredictable.
My favourite food it on a grill meat with barbeque, the baked chicken, salad from fresh vegetables.
At me good news to you my love. My girlfriend already began to make out to me the visa and the passport she makes out to me the tourist visa. This visa will be valid during 90 days. she to tell that this visa the best variant that to us you to meet. she has told that I can prolong my visa when I shall arrive to you to me it will be necessary to address in embassy and to me will prolong the visa. And if we with you shall get married, I can remain with you. My visa will be ready March, 3. It is necessary for me to pay in embassy for my documents 300 euro.
Still she today find out cost tickets aboard the plane up to Heathrow. Tickets cost 500 euro. These are return tickets. To me of all it is necessary to arrive to you 800 euro.
I to not know that to me to do, I can not find such money. When I to think of it to me begin on soul very sadly. I hope for your help. My life depends on you, my love. We shall be happy only together. I to want to make that happy in the world. But I to understand, that we far apart and that we to incorporate it cost money. I to not know, that to do. This paper prevents me to embrace you, a kiss and to love you all life. I to cry when to think about it. But I to trust, that I we to be with you together, my love. When I to think of you my heart come to life, I wait yours kiss, your love, your touches.
You my destiny, my life. Know, that I wait only for you and your love. I to want to be with you. I am mad you I like and I want, that you always were near to me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not contain in words all that I feel. You - my closest person, most loved. I love you! You know as much for me these words mean!
I love you above all! YOU became for me to the most fine and desired the man in the universe! Know, that you to me very much dear. I want to be only with you. I so dream to be near to you. I might not present myself earlier, that it is possible so strongly to love persons. You mean very much much for me. You unique with whom I can present all my other life! You are my prince whom I so long waited. I dream of you, it is a pity, that you may not see, how I smile, may not see pleasure on my person when I think of you. My charm, I want that life yours was pleasant, in every respect, that vital your way was in the pleasure, surrounded quiet and long happiness. I want to kiss you and to tell I LOVE YOU!!! With impatience I wait for ours with you of a meeting when I gently can embrace you and kiss. My love to you is wide as the sea, boundless as the sky!!!! I very much want to be near to you to touch you, to feel your breath, to sink in depth of your tender eyes, to feel heat of your lips and tenderness of hands, to nestle on you, to wake up near to you!
I wake up and lie down with an idea on you. I so do not have not enough you, in a ****** all is compressed. To me so it is lonely without you! I love you gently and passionately! I shall wait for your letter. My most passionate kiss.
God bless us both.
Love in Christ,
Letter 13
Hi my love Martin.
I am very happy to receive your letter. You know, simply, neither day, nor hour, minute does not pass without your image in ideas of mine.
My girlfriend to reserve to me tickets aboard the plane for March, 10. I shall take off to you March, 10 from city of Moscow the international airport Sheremetevo. All it is necessary for me to pay 800 euro. You may send me money through Western Union, the address of branch:
KAZAN, Russia 420039
Natasha Gafiyatova.
I miss, I wait, I Love you!
You for me became meaning of the life. To you only one I shall give all tenderness and love the. It is glad that we have found each other. My life from it became happier. And my soul any more so is lonely, as earlier. You have illuminated my life by light of Life, light of goods and heat. I like and simply I do not think without you of life. For me you " a drink of spring water in storming ocean of existence. I love you, even it is more than. My feeling gets stronger every day and I can not imagine the life without you any more. With your occurrence my life has changed and has found that brightness and depth of paints which force to find pleasure of life again. The destiny has presented me of you because it has renumerated me to long searches and expectations. You have brought in my life so much pleasures, tendernesses, smiles, love! I am ready to tell to all planet about you and how strongly I love you! The love is felt in all: it shines the sun even the cloudiest day, it cures all heavy wounds and illnesses. What happiness, that at me is you! You are far from me, but I feel you beside. Each minute spent far from you lasts indefinitely.
You - my half which I searched for all life.
I very much love you!!! Strong and passionately kiss you, my prince. I with the big impatience shall wait for your letter.
Love in Christ,
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