Name: Mila Kairova
Age: 24
Name: Marina
Age: 30
Name: Julia Berezina
Age: 26
Name: Tatyana
Age: 29
Name: Natalia Sumaeva
Age: 26
Name: Katrina
Age: 27
Name: Alexandra
Age: 30
Name: Jane Morse
Age: 32
Name: Sofia Bahi
Age: 25
Name: Tatyana Vidyagina
Age: 27
Name: Ludmila Durnicina
Age: 22
Name: Alina Ivanova
Age: 25
Name: Kellie Allen
Age: 28
Name: Elvira Cruz
Age: 23
Name: Irina Cheboksarinova
Age: 27

Scam letter(s) from Irina Bukovelo to Richard (USA)

Letter 1

My dearest Richard!
Thank you million times for letting to know you! Your last letter was so warm and comforting! Thanks for asking: I m fine now and I don t want you to be sick!!! I wish I could be there, was able to come. I would buy you something great cake and an interesting book, clever book! Then I ll come over, cook you tasty aromated tea (some good English tea from India), then sit near your bad and read you a book with all the artistic talent I have and + if you apparently fall asleep + you ll wake up all healthy and happy again!
Thank so much for willing to help me with correspondence! You are a real gentleman! I m again red in my face to tell you it, but it would be really great help for me. I have a big dept before the electricity and heating company and if I will spend all my free money for the correspondence with you they can turn off the electricity and heating in our apartment.
About our meeting+ I will have my holidays in November. Is it a good time for you? I hope yes! You don t even know how long it seems from now, because I want to meet you so-so much! I think of our meeting so often, try to imagine it+ I count the days till summer, I hope the best summer in my life+ As for the costs I think it s possible to know it. I can go to the tourist firm and ask them about flights and tours. But maybe it s too early? The costs changes so often. But if you want I can go and ask them, it s not difficult for me at all. Tell me what should I do and what should I ask them.
Everything is usual now. Busy with my work and extra hours of tutoring.
Trying to spend time with mom and sometimes also with friends+ It s warm now here, + 5 C, but they promise 16 C again +. Siberia is Siberia.
Forgive me for not really good mood now, I just really miss someone to give a warm hug+ And I just don t see anybody around that I would want to be with. I remember all you wrote about yourself and think that I would definitely agreed to go out with you if you lived here and i got acquainted with you. But I guess every personality is individual and single so + you are living only in USA and nowhere else+ It s great and every person is extraordinary, but just sometimes I think+ I would love to walk down the street and meet you here.
You asked about my thoughts of our age difference? I thought that I wrote you about it. First of all I want you to be sure that our age difference could be a barrier for our relationship. I decided that my future husband should be older then me, with a rich inner world and to be experienced in life. I m not looking for a young boy to show him to my girl-friends, I m looking for a serious, strong and experienced man, like you Rich. We have been corresponding for a long time already, and I believe, I really feel that I know who you are. You became so close to me and play a very important role in my life.
Miss you, Yours, Irina
Letter 2

My darling Richard!
What to know more about my life here? It all depends here on how much you earn. The difference is great between wealthy people and average level. We have everything in the stores now, we can travel to any country in the world, you can build a beautiful house, you can establish your own business,
firm but for everything you have to have much money. The average to whom I belong as I m working as a teacher usually has many some financial problems.
We can t go travelling, can t efford to by a flat, lots of clothes. The entertainment is pretty expensive too, but actually my friends and i try to have fun. The price of a movie ticket 3$ seems not to be expensive for you, but if you earn a little more then 100 $ a month and you also need to pay the bills, buy groceries, pay for the public transport and sometimes you need to buy something for yourself +
Life is hard here, because you need to work so much, but at the same time it teaches people to be brave, strong and smart. I'm very thankful to you for sending me money and supporting me here. Now I'm tight with money again,
would you be so kind to help me, even a little, if you can?
I send you my tender kisses,
Yours, Irina
Letter 3

My honey, I have the dept at the agency again. I'm sorry telling you that,
but if I don't pay in a few days they won't give me your letters. Can you please send me some money if it's OK.
You can send me by Western Union to Russia, Tomsk, Irina Bukovelo. I love you and hope we meet soon.
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