Scam letter(s) from Oksana Grabar to Alexander (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi Alexander!
I like hear you. I like your photos
I tell you little about me. I was born in the family of a military man and spent my childhood moving from one place to another, from one country to another. I was born in Budapest, then my family moved in Moscow (Russia), Erevan (Armenia) and then we go in Ukraine. It must have had some impact on my character and made me such a communicative and sociable person who can easily find a common language with others. I sociable a good sense of humor and even-balanced character. I graduated from University with an economist degree (finances and credit). But I do not work in Bank. It is very difficult to get job in Bank. There are a lot of unemployment in Ukraine. I am private teacher now. I teach people the some programs to do on computer. I earn small money. It would be very nice if you help me in payment our correspondence. What do you think about it? In the evening I like to be involved in something I enjoy. I look through magazines on fashion design. It is just that I am fond of tailoring and sewing clothes and have a small collection of clothes that I have designed and made on my own. I like my pieces of clothes because, in my opinion, I look pretty in them.
When I have some free time, I like to read an interesting book or to listen to music in the quiet atmosphere of my home.
I am fond of dancing and very good at it because I finished modern dances school. I like ride on horses, tennis, swim, shaping and other active game.
I love the sea and the mountains. Every summer I try to spend my vocation on the seaside. I am very fond of swimming. I enjoy hiking and camping in the mountains. In fact, I have a lot of hobbies and interests.
In winter, I enjoy sleighing and skating. In summertime, I like to spend free time in the nature. As for weekends, I prefer to spend them in the company of my close friends. We often go to the river, make barbecues and enjoy communication with each other.
Family is the most important thing for me. I had put my photos in Internet because I am looking for serious relationship. I do not need in pen-friends. I also do not need in men who want suggest me only ***. Please do not write me letters if you have not intention to create family. It is truly a great happiness to have a strong and friendly family. I wish to meet man with qualities and interests compatible with mine. I seek a man for a caring and loving relationship, to share my love. I believe in love and only love shared with someone special can produce true happiness. I think we all desire a life filled with love, affection, sincerity, respect, joy. I want to know most about you and your interests. What do you busy in evening? Where do you prefer to spend your holidays? Do you consider yourself adventurous, willing to try different thing? Are you romantic at heart?
I want ask you. Have you ever been in Ukraine before? It is interesting for me if our relationship is good you will be able to come to Ukraine to meet me? To my mind one meeting is more better than 100 letters. What do you think about it?
Letter 2
Can you send me next e-mail on my other box. It will be more convinient for me my box: Hi Alexander!
I like hear you. I like your photo. I interesting continue our relationship. You do much travel. You have very interesting job.I jelous to you. I like that you trip much. It is very interesting. I want to join your travels. I like trip very much. It is the best my entertainment. I like see new for me.
It is cold in my country now. I do not like such weather very much. The temperature is -10. I wish that it would be cold. What temperature in your country now? I like winter time only when I have vocations. I like go in mountains. The two mountains areas in Ukraine are the Carpathians and the Crimean Mountains. Many foreign tourists visit Ukrainian Carpathians. I like skiing and sleighing. On the weekend I was with my friends out town. We were skiing in forest. I enjoyed skiing very much. I liked see trees were covered snow. It was very beautiful. Do you like spend time enjoying nature?
I want ask you some questions. I want know your opinion on that.
What do you think what is the most important in relationships between woman and man? What should woman do to make you happy? What is your ideal of woman?
I earn small money. It will be very nice if you help me to pay for Internet. You can send me money by Western Union. I need 20-30$ in month.
My home address is:
Ukraine 210210
Vinnitsa pr.Younosti 35/169
Grabar Oksana I hope hear you soon
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