Scam letter(s) from Elena Sharnina to Steve (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Steve! I am happy, that you have written to me the answer. My name is Elena. To me of 28 years , Growth 168 cm. I live in Russia, in small city Kazan. Our city Very beautiful: here the fine nature, is theatres, museums, Monuments of architecture. I live with my parents. They already for a long time on Pensions. At me the maximum economic formation. But at us in Russia It is very hard to find work on a speciality, therefore I work The teacher in a kindergarten. But I do not regret about it. To me very much To like to communicate with children. I should help parents, because in parents, pension very small . I have come in The Internet - cafe to get acquainted with the man from other country. In Russia men very rough, they at all do not appreciate Russian women. And me It is necessary present the man! I think, that in other countries of the man much more Better concern to women. To get acquainted through the Internet to me My girlfriend has advised. One year ago she has left for Canada and till now Lives there with the favourite husband very happily. She also Has got acquainted with it through the Internet and does not regret about it. I for a long time Looked a site and suddenly my eyes have stopped. It were you. You to me At once have liked, I have read your structure and at once have decided to write To you. I with impatience waited your answer and you have written to me. I very much It is glad to your letter. It is very interesting to me to learn about you little bit more , Because you have interested me. I want to set some questions . Where exactly you live, what your city where work? Tell about To your family, it is more about itself. I hope, that you were interested with my letter . And if it so I shall wait from you for the following letter.
Letter 2

Hi my dear Steve!!! How you today? I am always glad to receive from you the letter. Your letters bring a lot of pleasure during my life and I every day with impatience wait to read your letters. My lovely, today I have decided to contact embassy and to find out that to me it is required to arrive to you. I can arrive to you under the visa of the tourist for 90 days, such validity of the visa of tourist B-2. To receive the visa I should go to Moscow, only in Moscow I can receive the visa and I from Moscow shall fly to you. To me have told that I the visa will not be problems, I can receive the visa during two weeks. But there is one small problem, all this very dearly costs also I have no all money for travel to you. The visa costs 200 dollars, I have found out also how many there is a ticket, I have found out that the ticket to you costs 1100 dollars, I was in a shock, I was so is upset that I have begun to cry. Also to me 10 days is necessary to be in Moscow in current approximately. I have found out that in Moscow hotel very dear and to live in Moscow in hotel of 10 days and to eat to me 800 dollars is required still approximately. I have combined all these sums of money and it has turned out, that that to arrive to you to me 2100 dollars are necessary. It is simply huge sum, I have my personal savings only 400 dollars, but this sum is very small. Whether I have gone to my parents and have decided they can find out to help me, they also have been surprised that all this so dearly stands. Mine mum and the daddy have told that can give me 700 dollars, but it also is not enough, whether they tried find out at familiar they can to give them in a duty of money but nobody can give me 1000 dollars more. I have 1100 dollars, but this money to me does not suffice to arrive to you. My mum to me has told to me that I have written to you the letter and have asked 1000 dollars for you, but I have told to her that as you can help me, that you even if want to help me that as you will send to me of money. Mum to me has told that I our city am Western Union, it is system of remittances worldwide. I have gone to the nearest bank and to me have told that such system really is also they have explained to me as this system works. They have told to me that you can send money to me for my name Sharnina Elena, to you in your bank will give code MTCN from ten figures and you should inform it a code to me that I could receive your money. I also should know your full name and your full address. The address of bank in our city where you can send me 1000 dollars: Russia, the city of Kazan, street Korolenko 58A, AK BARS BANK. To me have told that it is the most reliable system of remittances. Lovely mine, whether I do not know you agree to help me and whether you will send to me of money which to me are necessary that I could arrive to you, but I have written all beforehand that you knew the information on that as you can the help to me if you want that I have arrived to you. I hope for you, I very much want to arrive to you and to be glad with you. I with impatience shall wait for your letter. I love and kisses yours Elena!!!
Letter 3

Good-day my dear Steve!!! I am happy, that I have an opportunity to come in Internet - cafe and to receive from you letters as it is unique Opportunity to communicate with you.I want to congratulate you on a remarkable holiday of all in love by the Valentine's day. I wish you the big and sincere love. Though it occurs not every day, I Always with impatience I wait for each your letter. That now me not Pleases, as your letters. In Russia it is hard to live, and you unique who Pleases me, I receive from you a charge of vital energy and only for the sake of You I would like to live, and simply to exist in this world. A life in Russia it is very difficult, though I have got used to this, but sometimes I feel Itself so tired what to want to lower hands. But now I I shall cease to think of it. You have changed all my life. Now, when at Me are you, I am glad that I live. I earn 2,3 thousand roubles in Month, and it allows me to go in Internet - cafe and to correspond with You and consequently I am happy. I hope, you will not cease to write To me!?! I shall tell to you about a life in Russia. In Russia it is very difficult to find Work, to me has carried, that I was arranged in a kindergarten and I receive 2,3 Thousand roubles a month. I concern to an average layer of the population, therefore, That here it is a lot of people which cannot pay for light and gas, Because receive less 1 thousand roubles a month, it hardly Suffices only on a meal. But I do not want to complain, I can contain myself, To help the parents though sometimes it happens very difficultly. I not I regret about that I do not receive many money. I know, that the big money Very strongly spoil some people. Tell to me about a life in yours To the country, to me it will be very interesting to find out, I know about your country only Under textbooks from school. It would be very pleasant for me, if you will write to me The letter by mail. To you my address: Russia, republic Tatarstan, the city of Kazan street Korolenko the house 25 apartment 5.My full name Elena Sharnina. My lovely ???!you can write to me letters but I not am sure that they will to reach me as in Russia everywhere steal also mail can be stolen.I with impatience shall wait from you for the following letter.
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