Scam letter(s) from Irina Kisileva to Frank (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Frank.
How are you? I am fine. I am sorry for my silence. We had some troubles at my work and I had to do some extra work. Now all things are done and I can visit Internet club.Don't think I forgot about you. Smile. No, I think of you often. I am very intersting to know you more and I like that we can talk via email. Is it OK for you that I can't write you everyday or regularly? I will try to write as often as I can. To be honest I am a little nervous. Frank, you may ask why I feel a little nervous. I am a little scared about having new serious relationship, particularly, a relationship with you, because I want a relationship with you to work out. I want it to happen, to mature, and excel. Another reason I am nervous is because a serious relationship is a big step. A big step for both of us. And, lastly, I am nervous of the possibility that you will say something like "Irina, you are a great friend, and I think we should keep things that way". I think I want more. It is based on what you have written me, what you have told me of you, and what you have told me of your thoughts, life and so on. I think that I really want to develop our relationship. I know it may be premature for me to think this way. But I do because I feel this way. Last days I thought about you a lot and I thought about us. I thought may it be possible for us to meet each other one day. I thought how real is Internet. How we can learn each other throught it. Really it seems to me that there is no difference what way we communicate. The important thing is that we can learn each other and to have image of our character in our minds. And it is great. Well, I must go now. I will write again soon. Yours Irina.
P.S If you wish something to send, send on mine E-mail.
I shall be very glad.
Letter 2

Hello my dearest Frank.
I am glad that at you all well in common! At me too all is excellent! It was pleasant to read your new letter. Weather typical for this season. At me all as usually nothing has taken place new. Now all new in my life are brought by you. Due to you I test new feelings. I have woken up from long hibernation. Such sensation that all this time slept also nothing saw. My days now are not similar one to another all of them different. I feel each day differently! My mood happens a bowl good than bad. In a word I live and I feel that I live. It is very important for feeling that you live. In me now something occurs such feeling that I was born anew. Your letters lull me I frequently I re-read them all of them at me were kept. It is pleasant for me to read them again and again. shall tell to you slightly about our country. People at us in general all kind and emotional. Russian people always differed from other peoples any special nustoms Probably because our country has passed it many serious tests.In general now to live in Russia it is not so good though also our economy on rise! Now there is other problem it is danger of terrorism. Now people are afraid of all! To me most I a few was terrible do not want that my children were in potential danger. I would like that they lived in the quiet country and of nothing were afraid I want that they had future. Now in our country few tourists because of terrorism go and correctly do. And even I can tell that if to us I will be fated to meet would not like to meet in Russia. I do not want to endanger the loved person. You with me agree? I worry because of that that between us the big distance slightly. From time to time it seems to me that it is an insuperable barrier. But then I begin to think that all probably and the love should not have barrier. I want that my loved person was not afraid of anything and would be always ready to make all for the sake of me. Then I would give to the answer to him all that at me is. I would not regret for him. The Russian woman is ready to go both in fire and in water for the sake of love. I do not know your women. I do not know as they behave probably at them main a priority these are money! Probably I am mistaken but I think that the love cannot be mixed with money. This light feeling and it should go from heart instead of from a purse. What you think? What you are ready to make for the loved girl? You are ready to be always a line and to help her in all? I think that the most touching moment in relations it when the man does a recognition or the offer. Never nobody proposed me also I did not test that that test at this moment. And I hope that I shall test it once. In general I very simple girl and was not necessary for me of much. Love and would suffice me of respect. The love will rescue the world someone has told once. And she will rescue me! I shall not demand of the husband impossible. I shall not ask him to give me money to manicure either to cosmetics or to a new expensive raincoat. It is not necessary for me that me drove on the most expensive restaurants I simply I want that me loved. I do not want to feel like lonely. It so is wonderful to work together with the husband to bring up children to be going to speak together together to walk together. Now I am ready to that to create family I already was collected life experience. Speak that the woman types peak of sexuality by 30 years. To me already 30 and I am ready to create family. Frequently it happens so two persons like each other but someone from them hesitates of the age or that that he is lower growth. I do not understand such people! If to them have paid attention then they of it are worthy. And age here not and. It is all it is silly possible to love persons the main thing that at him inside is more senior than you for many years and on what he is ready to go for the sake of you. It is interesting to me to learn that you thinks of it you may constrain age or something else? You have complexes? If yes that what? On it I shall finish this letter and I wait your answer lovely. I hope you will not keep me long waiting! Set of air kisses to you and the most strong embraces! Send the regards to your family from Irina from Russia! Most exibt wishes for you road! Yours Irina!!!
P.S. I do not have phone. But I very much would like to arrive to you. Please send me your photos. I very much would like to see you.If you want I shall try find out all that can to be necessary for me for that what to arrive to you. Tomorrow I go in agency and all I, I find out and at once I shall write to you.
Letter 3

Hello my lovely Frank!
I have gotten your answer, it's so happy for me to receive your necessary love for me, your warmth words my dear. When I read your letter it seems that I feel your presence near to myself, I feel your breath and warmly of your hands. I love you so much that I can't without you now my love, you and your messages are so necessary for me, you are the inseparable part of my life. I say about it very seriously! Because you know how much I love you my darling Frank! All days, all seconds I'm dreaming about our meeting, I can't wait a moment when we will meet in your airport my love, I want it so much my darling! I'm a happiest woman in this world, because we have met each other. I want to wish to all people to love each other very much, because I have tested this feeling with you my dear, it happen so quick my dear and through Internet, I want to say to you my dear, that all people, who want to find a love man or woman, this man or woman will find the love necessarily, I'm sure in this, because I found you my love through the Internet, and we love each other so much, and I know that our love is most dear feeling from other feelings that exists on this small light-blue planet. Now all my ideas only about you and this night know that I shall think of you. I see in the sky, among dark clouds the lonely moon, I see in it an outline of your face. Now I think, that is very good that I have got acquainted with you, let even we did not see each other actually, let between us large distance. I do not know that occurs to me, my soul is torn to you, I have what that strange, inexplicable feelings. Close the eyes and do not think of anything bad, let you will be left by all problems and care. Present that we beside. You feel me, my touch of hands, my gentle kiss. Now about travel to you, it is difficult to receive the visa to the lonely Russian women The majority of people of Russia are compelled to wait approval of the visa a lot of time, from From two about four weeks In some cases, it is especial to girls, refuse Are necessary to pay registration of necessary documents only If you really seriously concern to that that I have visited you, I can settle these formalities Inform me the closest international airport, I want to look flights and cost of air tickets. I remember, for registration of the visa necessary time from 2 - 4 weeks. I has learned how much cost a visa and a foreign passport too. I have I went to agency and there have said to I that it will be better for us, if I will have the visa of a tourist. This tourist visa B-2, the visitor visa will valid during six months. On this type of visa I'll can travel till USA without any restrictions. The price of this visa, as i was informed in agency, is 110 US dollars. Besides the process of the registration of the visa costs 55 US dollars. As probably, may be you know an economic situation in our country, it's simply awful. Our government explains it to those that simply they don't have a money, it's a difficult financial situation, and they don't have a recourses on the salary for the any kind of the job in total. My dearest, my love Angel, I have a great desire to come to you, to see you at last and only recourses separate us from each another. I love you so much, Frank, and I don't want to lose you. Nobody can help me with it. Of course, I asked my uncle and my friends to help me with this expense on the necessary documents for my coming, but my uncle and my friends doesn't have such money though they would like to help us. My dearest Frank, in general, I'll need for 280 US dollars. It's certainly large money, you probably have thought what is it more than the total price of the visa and visa's registration, but I will must to get the foreign passport too of course the price of which is 60 US dollars. Also I will need to pay for medical exams, it will be 50 dollars. And of course I will need to pay for the coming from Kirov to Moscow, I have learned about the price of the airplane ticket Kirov - Moscow, it will be 2500.00 Russian rubles or it is around 85 US dollars.Road, from Kirova up to Moscow I shall pay. My dearest Frank, if you will send me this so necessary recourses for this documents, it will be better to do through a system of Western Union.I trust this system Western Union, as In agency have told me, Western Union is the fastest and reliable system of remittances worldwide! Also To me have told, you will need in some detailes from me, you will need my full name, and address of the nearest bank where is situated the system of Western Union in Kirov.I find out the address of bank. Also I shall tell to you. Well.
Yours Irina.
Letter 4

Hi my sweet How you? At me all is good at me remarkable mood. Yesterday did not pass also minute that I did not think of you And so each day. I very much miss you. I need in you my prince. You have come in my life and have won my heart. My life has changed after we have got acquainted. Now I each day am glad lifes. Because on light there is a person which likes and respects me it so important for me. And I am ready to give you my love am boundless. You my prince on a white horse and I your princess and so will be always. The love this remarkable feeling and about mutual love dreams each person. When the person likes as I love you he am pleased lifes. I am very glad that have got acquainted with you. Who might think that the Internet will turn all my life. But I do not regret about it because I have found you loved. And I shall live for you. I love you!!!!! And this sincere feeling. I shall arrive to you, my love!!! I shall make the visa to arrive to you!!! At us in city is not present Western Union, but in city of Kirov I can receive money! I have found out the address of bank where I can receive money: 610021, Kirov, street Stroitelei,15.For reception of money it is necessary to make.1) Your name and a surname. 2) From what state and city money are sent. 3) A code of a remittance from ten digit. 1) And you need to know mine a name .My name irina also it is necessary to know my surname. My surname Kiseleva.I wait each your letter with impatience. I send a gentle kiss in your lips. With all love your gentle flower Irina !!!!! P.S. It was unpleasant to me to read your letter. I did not know that you do not trust me. Send me your phone number. I shall try to call to you.
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