Romance scam letter(s) from Yanina Solodovnikova to Adonis (Greece)
Letter 1
It is very a pity to me, I at all do not know as you to tell about it, I abuse myself, as I could be such naive and careless to forget about such simple things as discretion … to me very inconveniently and it is a shame before you. You probably will be angry very much, believe, too it is very hard for me. Today in the morning I have taken away round and, on a return way of village to a trolley bus, I have put a handbag near to myself on the next seat … was so is pleased and so I am careless … dreamed of you, all my ideas already were in Egypt, near to you!.. I inspired have left at a stop and walking some steps have suddenly understood that have left a handbag in a trolley bus! the Nightmare! I stood simply paralysed, not knowing what to do … I have rushed off in transport management, have explained to them a situation. To me have told that there is nothing to help also can not to search anybody for my bag not … to me it begins very a shame before you and it is insulting. I you see so wanted to meet you at last!.. . There were everything, tour, tickets, the phone, the passport there are some money and the most important. And here this ridiculous accident I need time to restore all documents. You hand over all tickets that money were not gone. We shall try to postpone ours with you a meeting. I shall do all that in my forces that as it is possible to correct the oversight caused by carelessness and rashness … to me more soon is very a pity. I pay. Please do not abuse me. To me it is very bad.
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