Letter(s) from Marina Yezhova to Grand (India)

Letter 1

Greetings! I liked you, but I cannot correspond with you. At me a problem.... With the Internet, with phone.... problems with the finance... If you want, that we kept up with you correspondence solve my question the finance. Here number of the bank account of my brother, it too the student as well as I. He is my native brother. His name is Ilya.
Send though any sum of money for maintenance of our communication....
Here the account:
Bank of Beneficiary: Bank of Moscow, SWIFT code: MOSWRUMM
Corr.account with the JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York, SWIFT
code: CHASUS33
Beneficiary: Yezhov Ilya Sergeevich
Acc 42301840200250100475.

With reliable on your understanding.... Marina.