Scam letter(s) from Veronica Sozonova to Larry (USA)

Letter 1

Hello road marty! You are written Tatyana's by mum. My name is Nadejda Vecheclavovna. Excuse please, that I write to you. My daughter did not write to you already from the middle of January. Also cannot write to you still approximately days 15. All the matter is that in our family happened to mountain. My Tatyana was brought down with the automobile. She passed street to a green signal of a traffic light, but any driver has passed on forbidding signal of a traffic light and has brought down my Tatyana. Has brought down strongly. She four days was without consciousness. To it performed operation on both legs. Fortunately all operation has passed well and I Tatyana will go as before. Please be not frightened it! Now Tatyana it is transferred in sanatorium. She passes additional treatment for the received shock. She very much asked, that I have written to you from its name. It very much waits for that again will go to the Internet of cafe and will write to you the letter. She has written to you the letter on a paper, but it should be scanned. I shall necessarily send him to you if you want to correspond my daughter. The matter is that I write to you for one reason. Unfortunately our seven not so well it is provided. We do not presume much. I shall not conceal and go about, I shall tell directly: the Machine operation it is necessary pay off the big money with which we cannot. Complex operation has been made. Now we owe to the Scientific research institute of 48860 roubles, it approximately 1745 dollars the USA. For us it is very large sum. To save on which to us 5 months are necessary. We have already sold the garden site, that though how to get money. Have borrowed where could, have bypassed all friends and familiar. But have collected not all sum. Our family would like to borrow from you money. Please do not give up to us. If Tatyana is still dear to you, or have even remained what or feelings, please help us! We very much hope for you, you our last hope. God forbid to appear to you on our place. Us does not suffice about 800 dollars the USA. I do not ask you to give us all sum if can lend please even 400 dollars the USA. I understand, as it for you the big sum. But I very much hope for your support. My daughter does not know, that I ask you money. She simply wanted to tell to you, that cannot write now and will write later. She very much misses. If you can help us money to send better through payment system Western Union. To me have told, that it is very reliable system of translations. I have casually seen advertising on the TV. I send to you on that a case the address and a full name of my daughter if you agree to help: Cheboksary: Bank: " Menatep SPB " The address: Russia,
Prospekt Lenina, 6a. full data: Tatyana Kolody.
address: 428000. Russia. The Chuvash republic. City: Cheboksary.
Street: Nikolaeva. Home: 45. An apartment: 34. These data will be necessary for you for filling translation. From you your full name, the address specified in the form of translation, the sum of translation, and ten-character number of translation (MTCN) is required. Please answer us, our family very much hopes for your help. If you can help us please make it faster. Family Kolody.
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