Letter(s) from Julia Berezina to Ulrich (Germany)

Letter 1

Dear, How are you??? Today I do not have study and at me a lot of free time till a dinner. After a dinner I shall go in church. I visit church everyone weekend. Also after a dinner I shall tidy up my apartment. OK? More to speak about itself. I shall try to write in the form of the questionnaire.
My birthday: on April, 4, 1977. My weight: 58 kg.
My weight: 173 sm.
Color of eyes: grey-dark blue.
Color of hair: brown. Children: no.
It has Not been married.
Type of a body: Harmonous.
Harmful habits I have no.
Formation: the Student of metallurgical university.
Knowledge of languages: Russian, English (colloquial), German (colloquial). You adhere to what religion?: Christian orthodox.
Activity which brings to you pleasure: Aerobics, mountaneering, rest on the nature, fishing. Kinds of sports which you like to play or look: Bowling, Football, Olympic Games. Kinds of entertainments which like you: Music, Cinema, reading of books, TV, poetry. Other hobbies or interests: Painting, travel, Preparation of the refined food. The main thing, that I to appreciate in men: Honesty, mind, purposefulness, fidelity, understanding.
My favourite season: the Spring is time love!
My favourite color: Orange.
My favourite flower: the Orchid.
My dreams and plans for the future: To finish study and to work by a trade. To have the family and to have good housekeeping.
You are very nice and consequently I very to want me to develop with you of the attitude. I the first time to get acquainted through Internet and I think, that it is my destiny, that I have got acquainted with you. Now I to want to know about you all. Your dreams and desires your fears of pleasure. Write to me everything, that you want soobshit about yourself as it to do I. OK? I shall go now to have my breakfast. I wait for your letter. Yours faithfully. Yours Julia.

Letter 2

Hi sweet, it is very glad, that you have answered. Very much I hope for continuation of ours with you of correspondence. OK? I try to speak a little about myself and the hobbies. To me of 26 years. In April of the fourth to me 27 years will be executed. I not so old? I live in Russia in Siberia. My city Novosibirsk very beautiful and big. There many various monuments of architecture, but basically this city of industrial value. I now study at metallurgical university. My future trade the technologist of metallurgical manufacture. I live one in an apartment. My parents live in other city Ekaterinburg, but they every month come to me on a visit. At leisure I visit pool and a sports hall. Very much I love theatre, an opera and ballet. >From a feed I prefer seafoods and fowl. I love the French and Chinese kitchen. I hope, what have not bothered you the with the story about myself? Now I should go at lecture. I wait for your letter and the story on myself more! Yours faithfully Julia.

Letter 3

Dearest, Today good day. Only in the street dampness as the snow started to thaw. I today passed examination on resistance of materials. It is a complex subject and it not so is pleasant to me. But, nevertheless I have handed over it perfectly well. By the way I thought of you yesterday all the evening long when one sat at home. It happens me very boringly in the evening when on TV there are no interesting transfers. At me on TV, only 10 channels. How many channels at you? I shall not hide, that you very much like me also I to want to have with you more than friendship. Certainly I think, that we need to learn better all over again each other. For this purpose I in each letter shall try to speak more about myself. OK? I the person very romantic. I very much like to walk at night when in the sky of a star. It is especially beautiful during the winter period. I can easily grow fond of the person, but I am afraid, that to me will hurt. I some times met men, but they were not good people. Last time I was familiar with the man which used drugs. I did not know about it long time, but guessed. Then to me its parents have told about it. We together tried to cure it from this illness, but all was vain. I have left it already 2 years ago and after that I did not have a man. It was the difficult period and I to not want to recollect it. It as terrible dream! You to me are really nice also I think, that you the good person so I very to want development of ours with you correspondence. For today I think my revelations will suffice. I wait for your letter and if it is possible your revelations. Kisses! Julia.

Letter 4

Greetings Lovely! How are you doing??? I am very fine! Today I am very good to sleep At night. In us only yesterday have included heating in apartments. In us Very old system of heating and its very long restored. Now the first days of spring, but at us still weather cold. It was very cold in Apartments and it were necessary to sleep in warm clothes. Now all Excellent! I can sleep now absolute without clothes. You like to sleep Naked? It for me will be very sexual and tempts! Tomorrow I shall pass last examination, then I shall be free till August. I also am very glad, that tomorrow to me there will arrive on a visit my parents. I already spoke, that live in other city Ekaterinburg. I shall necessarily speak them about ours with you acquaintance. To me always spoke the daddy that I to find to themselves the man from other country as our men except for drunkenness and inactions cannot do anything! I always think of you! My heart with You! Julia.

Letter 5

Love, excuse for such reference to you, but I so would like to call you my love!!! It goes from depth of my heart. I hope, that it will be fast mutual. Now I shall go to pass last examination. Wish me good luck! In August at me protection of the diploma so, that till August I need to write the diploma, but it is not difficult. After examination I shall go in the airport to meet my parents. They will stay with me one week. I have agreed with the mistress of an apartment which I now to rent and she not against visiting me parents. I to not see them 3 months. We need to discuss much. After my session at me budt it is a lot of free time in April. I never was outside Russia and very to want to go to have a rest abroad. I shall speak about it with my daddy as it worked as the chapter of administration our city earlier. It was for a long time, but it remember and now. I think, that it will help me with registration necessary documents for trip abroad. If all will turn out, I to want all over again to visit you. I cannot wait any more when I shall feel you really. As through Internet it to not experience. I very much to want you hugs and kisses. Well all right, I strongly was lost in day-dreams. It is time to me on examination. I shall write tomorrow. Love all heart!!! Julia.

Letter 6

Good morning Love. I write to you from internet cafe that as it is possible to inform good news soon. We in the morning with mine the daddy to go in administration of our city. To me have told, that it is necessary to issue the passport and the visa in transport agency. They have told, that will help to legalize my papers quickly. Documents will be ready during 10 days. I shall be capable to remain with you for one month. I think, that it is enough time that it is better to learn each other. Also to me will order tickets at a discount through administration. The daddy them will pay mine. You should speak me the name of the airport (only correctly). Also I have a request. At me now not so good material situation. Certainly mine the daddy helps me, but it is not enough to capture all charges. It are required to me in addition 180 аmerican dollars. to capture all expenses. It is the exact sum and it is more it is not required to me. The daddy very much asks mine, that you have helped me with it. It is in advance grateful. I hope, that you can help me in it. I am written down on reception in transport agency for March 4,(Thursday). I need to pay all till Thursday. Please send money today or tomorrow that I all to be in time. I informed me, that in our bank there is a fast and reliable system of monetary transfers (western union). My data which will be necessary for you by transfer of money. My full name: Julia Berezina. Russia. Novosibirsk. 630075, Khmelnitskogo 12-76. The given branches western union: Rosbank. Russia. Novosibirsk. 630105, Lineinaya 47/2.
Send me the information which to you will give in branch western union. I wait for the answer. Love! Julia.

Letter 7

Hi my love David!
My working day has comes to an end and I am writing you now. My mood is very good. Soon we will be together. Tell me that this is true. I think that you are a honest, understanding and kind person. From my life I have understood, understanding and respect the most important in Relations between the man and the woman. It so is important for understanding and respecting not only The opinion, and even opinion of other person. I studied psychology, and the main mistake Married couples is that everyone proves the correctness and does not want to recede from The opinion. Each person can be mistaken. In most cases because of Such trifles there are quarrels and scandals. In fact it is much more convenient to discuss a problem in To quiet conditions and together to find the best exit. We in Russia have saying One head well, and two is better (smile). I am right?
Still I very much appreciate a true friendship. When I shall come you should acquaint me with yours Friends. I do not want to stand across you and your friends. The man should have The right to communicate only the man's company, without women. But not all time (smile). Friends should so to meet, drink in a bar beer and messages man's conversations. I will love you in the future and I love you now. I am waiting for the moment of our meeting very much. It so excites me. Yesterday when I went to bed I was thinking about you so much that I felt a little trembling in my body. I don't know why it happened to me but anyway it is something good. I have strong embraced a lion David, and have fallen asleep. I love various music. All depends on mood. I like to listen to classical music. I love Beethoven, Dunaevski And Chajkovsky. I like to listen to simply tool music. Such music allows to relax and have a rest. Under such music it is good to think. I love a saxophone and a guitar. I like to listen to guitar masterpieces Joe Satriani. I love many guitar groups, such as Eagles, Beatles. I love a blues and a rock-and-roll. I very much like a blues in performance of group Dire Straits. I very much love this group. I love group Pink Floyd. They are not similar to anybody. It is fine group. I love popular music. I love the Madonna and George Michael and many others. In America many great musicians. I love many the Russian musicians. For example Valeria and group: Sunday and DDT. But you likely do not know them. My post address.
655140 Россия, Красноярдскии краи,
д.Смородинка 4-1
Юля Егошина
You should write, precisely also, as I have written it. Otherwise, Russian postmen, will not understand where to carry the letter.
I am finishing writing. I am thinking of you and writing you these words. These words are coming from my heart. My heart is beating faster now because of you. I reread all your letters and love you more and more. I love you very much, I need you very much and I hope that our meeting will be very very soon. I will write you later. I am still waiting for you letters!!!
I hope very much that our love is forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The love of Julia and David is eternal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With all my love,
Hot and passionate kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss for you.

Letter 8

Hi David!
I hope that your day has been well and that you are in good spirits. My day has been good. It has been a beautiful day. The only thing that could make it a better day is to have you here with me. My mind has been full of thought of you all day long. You are in my heart and mind every waking moment. My dreams are as well filled with beautiful images of you. Each time I think of our meeting it brightens my day. I look around me and see you in the sunshine, the flowers, the wonderful day. You are everywhere with me. My love for you grows each time I read your words. Each thought of you makes my heart long for you to be close even more then the day before. My thoughts are on you as I type this letter and my heart is beating faster with thoughts that soon we shall be together. I am the luckiest woman on earth that I have been blessed with finding you. You are my life and my love. I will cherish, protect, honor, respect, be faithful and love you unconditionally until the end of time. I have never been so excited, yet so nervous about meeting someone. I long to see your smile and hear your voice. I dream about holding you in my arms.
Thanks for the help and care. I have received money. When I took this money in my hands, I knew that you held it in your hands. I felt heat of your hands, it is similar to shake hands. (I probably am silly?)
Your Julia!