Letter(s) from Larisa Petrova to Timothy (USA)

Letter 1

Tim! I have to resend you this letter for the third time. I don\'t know and don\'t understand why you are not writing me. Really! Didn\'t you receive my previous letter? May be you don\'t want to write me anymore?

If you don\'t want to continue our relationship further it\'s your matter. Just let me know, I am not going to force upon you, don\'t worry. Only let me know so that I didn\'t waste my and your time in vain. I would not like to stop our relationship because I really like you, believe me. But you don\'t write me back till now. May be you have not yet received my previous letter for unknown reasons but it\'s very strange! For any case I resend you this letter once again (see below) but if you will not write me again this letter will be the last one for you.

In any case I wish you the very best of everything. Larisa.

Letter 2

Hello dear Tim!

I received your last short message of March 2 and I am very glad to hear from you again.

Well I\'ll continue about myself a little if you don\'t mind. I like to stay up late but I not always can give myself such chance. I very much like to visit opera, theatres and good concerts but only when I am in Murmansk. My father is 46 y.o., and my mother is 44 y.o., they are very good persons and I have with them very good relationship. I like to cook very much and I hope I do it quite well. As for my favorite foods, I like vegetable and fruits, but I also like meat and milk, I simply like to have a good meal! When I was younger I have a great dream to be either photo model or simply model and to work in Model business. But it\'s very difficult now in Russia that\'s why I had to reject this idea. In my free (spare) time I usually watch on TV-programs, good movies, read interesting book, cook, listen to some music or go for a walk with my girlfriends. We have in our area quite cold climate especially in winter, this season we have a lot of snow and frosty weather but it\'s not too terrible, it\'s usual weather for these places.

Now I would like to talk to you about our relationship, about us. I want, as usually, to be honest and sincere with you. When I posted my ad on this site of Internet I got many letters from foreigners. And yes, of course earlier I had some experience with communication by e-mail and regular ordinary mail with some foreign men but now for different reasons I stopped all these contacts, moreover I have never met these men. Then I made acquaintance with you and now you are the only my foreign friend, believe me. When I saw your photos and read your letters for the first time I liked it immediately and I don\'t explain you why, I simply felt that we have very similar views in the life, love, family and others. Repeat I like your letters and photos very much, so now I keep in touch only with you and I don\'t regret about that so far. My heart feels that you are special man for me and I hope my heart is right! My parents know about our correspondence and they support me. I would like that our relationship to be based on mutual trust and physical attraction and hope it would be so both now and in the future. My main dream I want to accomplish in my life in the nearest future is to meet a special man for me. I think it\'s a realistic dream and it seems to me I already know such man. His name is..I consider being important in life the following things like honesty, real love, strong and happy family, confidence, stability. I am thinking of you, our relationships very much and I have such strange feeling I have already known you for many years. Really! So I am waiting for our first meeting with impatience. I think you can be a part of my life but I cannot tell it to you surely right now because the first of all we should meet each other. We can exchange a lot of letters and don\'t understand and don\'t know each other at all. Only our meeting, when we\'ll able to look at eyes of each other can give us everything. Right? But I repeat, even now my heart says me that you are a special man for me and I hope it is right!

I am really like you very much so I would like to meet you in the nearest future. I decided with my Boss the question about my future vacations. I can take it from May 1 and I\'ll be free for about 18 days. So Iwould prefer to meet you this period oif time. I am very glad you are also ready to meet me in America and I am sure it will be fantastic days together. As I have already written to you I can get all necessary documents for my visit you in USA. I repeat you must not bother about my visa, I think I can get it in Moscow myself. The point is that one of my father\'s good friends works in Russian Foreign Office in Moscow and he promised to help me in this problem. Moreover my father was in contact with his friend in Moscow recently and he confirmed his readiness to help me in getting a visa so I should go to Moscow and decide this problem with his help. It\'s all quite really for me if you need that. But I have to repeat that I have only one problem - financial. I need for this meeting your some financial help.

Unfortunately my family is not prosperous enough, like great majority of Russians, and I cannot afford all these expenses regarding with my travel preparations and air-tickets. To be honest an average salary of my father is only about 280$ per month (though he is a military seaman), my salary is only 130 $ and my mother is not working now, she is jobless. How do you think, it is too much for a family including three persons? For this reason it\'s very hard for us to travel even within the limits of Russia (I already don\'t say about our possible travels abroad). For example one-way plane-ticket from Murmansk to Moscow or St. Petersburg costs about 100 $, it\'s a great sum for me and I cannot afford these expenses myself. I also would not like to burden my parents with my additional expenses. Our relationships and meeting are only our matter and if you are really interested in me you must understand my problems. I cannot borrow this money myself before our meeting because I don\'t have enough rich acquaintances, relatives or friends. If you agree to help me in it I will meet you with great pleasure and gladness. What do you think about it?

Recently I made inquiries in Murmansk and I found out that for my trip to Moscow for a visa and then to USA I need about 1230 USD (mad sum for me!!!)- for plane-tickets from Murmansk to Moscow (about 100 USD) and then from Moscow (SVO) to Sacramento, CA (SMF) (880 USD- raund trip, United Airlines), for some travel expenses (about 60 USD), visa and travel insurance (about 90 USD) and for my living in Moscow (about 100 USD) for 13-15 days in order to get an American visa (I am sorry but there are no American Consulates in Murmanskaya region, they are only in Moscow and St. Petersburg). That\'s why I suggest you the following way. You send me necessary sum of money within the nearest days and report me about it by e-mail. I get your money, purchase my plane-ticket from Murmansk to Moscow beforehand, then fly to Moscow on April 15-16 (I can also take some additional, unpaid, extra- vacation on my account from this date for 2 weeks) and apply for a tourist visa in American Consulate or Embassy with a help of our acquaintance. It\'ll take, repeat, about 13-15 days. All this time I\'ll be in Moscow and live at one of my good girlfriend\'s home there, I even will not come back to Ivanovka. My girlfriend has PC with access into Internet and also telephone so our communication will be very fast and reliable when I will be there. As soon as I get a visa, I purchase my plane-ticket from Moscow to Sacramento and report you about this immediately. And then I fly to USA where you meet me in local airport. This case, I repeat, I need about 1230 USD - for a visa and travel insurance, some travel expenses, for my plane tickets from Murmansk to Moscow, from Moscow to Scaramento and for my living in Moscow for 13-15 days. I think it\'s the best way for both of us. What do think about my proposal?

If you agree to help me me I\'ll report you in my next letter how you may send me this money (I also made inquiries in Murmansk about it).

Another note, I would not like to make my arrangements in a hurry; moreover I think we have not too much time before our meeting at the beginning of May so I would like you to send me this money right now so that I could receive it by April 10-11, not later. Today I have found out in our local airport that there are already rather hard situation with plane-tickets to Moscow in Murmansk because of starting period of leaves and vacations. So we should accelerate the process of our preparations.

Well, my Dear, I\'ll close, wish you all the best and wait for your news and intentions.
Yours Larisa.

Mail to: polargirl@hotbox.ru and larisa2602@pochta.ru

Letter 3

Hello dear Timothy!

I received your last very interesting and informative e-letter of Feb 22 with another beautiful pictures, thank you very much for your attention, interesting story, warm words to my address and excuse me for my delay.

I want you to know I am not going to play e-mail game with you. I am real, honest and serious girl, don\'t worry. And I am looking for only serious relations that can lead one day to happy marriage like my parents. I understand all you wrote and I thank you very much once again for your interesting story about yourself and your dreams. Moreover I share all your thoughts and feelings and it\'s very well I think!

Unfortunately my colloquial speech in English is not as well as I write and translate texts because I have no colloquial practice enough but I think and am sure we will be able to understand each other when we will meet. Repeat I simply need in some colloquial practice. And of course when I read your letters or write to you my letters I often use some dictionaries and grammatical books.

I like reading books of the different kinds (subjects, topics) but especially I like love stories, drams, romance, and detectives. My favorite colors are red, blue and green. I very like to listen to good music. I like melodically ballads, love lyrical songs and modern dance-music. I like to watch on TV interesting programs about the nature, animals, different countries, musical show and good movies. I am a very romantic and dreamy person. My main dream is to meet with a beloved man and to create with him a strong and friendly family. I would like to have my own home, car, and computer. I would like to see the other countries and to travel with my future family; I need the simple human happiness. Is it too much for me?

Usually I get up around 08.00. Then I make some physical exercises, take a shower and have a breakfast. From about 09.00 to 17.00 (with some break to have dinner) I work at my clinic. I have working days from Monday to Friday and have weekend on Saturday-Sunday. But sometimes I have to work on Saturday as well. We have a lot of ill children, especially in winter and autumn time. Usually I have about 12-15 patients per day and it\'s rather hard because there are not many children\'s doctors in Ivanovka. After work I go home and have supper.

After that I have rest time. Sometimes (in the evening or on weekends) I go to Murmansk town (our regional center) with my girlfriends or alone. These days I also use Internet-services for our correspondence and also use Internet for my work. In my free (spare) time I usually watch on TV-programs, good movies, read interesting book, cook, listen to my favorite music, meet my friends or go for a walk with my girlfriends. I also love to dance so rather often we go with my frineds to our local club. In wintertime I have possibility to skate and to ski (I very much like these kind of sports). I also very much like swimming but I have such chance only in Murmansk. And at about 11.00 or 12.00 p.m. I go to bed and I like to read a book before sleeping.

Of course I have a favourite girlfriend, her name is Svetlana and she also works at our clinic, though she is not children\'s doctor. Of course she knows about my correspondence with you and she supports me, though she is married and her husband is Russian.

Unfortunately I am not famaliar with Maroon 5 and I cannot play on musical instruments though I can and like to sing very much.

As for our possible telephone talking, unfortunately I don\'t have personal telephone where I live in. I am sorry. Repeat, Ivanovka is a very small, provincial and closed town of military men and there is no cable international telephone communication here (only within the limits of Russia). That\'s why to use internet-services I have to go to other town. I think some later we\'ll be able to talk by telephone; I\'ll try to find such possibility and inform you about that, OK?

My home postal address is: Larisa Petrova, ul. Morskaya 26 kv.10, Ivanovka, Murmanskaya oblast, 184620 Russia. But if you want to send me any postal letters, cards or parcels (packages) you should use the other address. Unfortunately our local post-office in Ivanovka is not very reliable and works very slowly. So I prefer to use a service of my uncle. He works at post-office in Polyarny (not far from Ivanovka) and can deliver to me here all your postal correspondence. So write please to: Oleg Dergatchiov, P.O.Box 26, Polyarny, Murmanskaya obl., 184650 Russia. He\'ll be able to receive all your letters, cards, parcels and other correspondence and then to pass it to me. It will be the most fast, reliable and comfortable way for me. OK?

Dear Timothy, what about our possible future meeting? We started to discuss this question so let\'s continue. I think in order to get to know each other better we need at first in our meeting in the nearest future. As say in Russia \"It\'s better one time to see than one hundred times to hear\". I am not going to meet unfamiliar man after a couple of letters (though I believe and trust you fully) but I also don\'t want to correspond with a man for too much time. I plan to have some vacations in the end of April within about 2 weeks so we\'d be able to meet this period of time. What do you think about it?

I have already written to you that I have never been abroad and to look at remote and unknown foreign countries is one of my dreams. So I would prefer to meet you at first somewhere in Europe or America.

I have only one problem - financial. And if you agree to help me in it I will meet you with great pleasure and gladness.

Apparently I\'ll close. I wish you all the best, kiss you and wait for your next reply.

Yours Larisa - from the North of Russia.

P.S. By the way one of my girlfriends last year married with a French man and now she is living abroad with her husband. They also met via Internet.
Your Larisa.

P.P.S. I am sorry but as I was said today in my Internet-cafe I use our local provider has some temporary problem with domen hotbox.ru so I may have a problem to receice the letters to my main address polargirl@hotbox.ru That\'s why if you are going to write me in the nearest future send your letter to my second address larisa2602@pochta.ru as well. Send your letter to my two addresses (polargirl... and larisa2602...) at the same time for realiability, OK? Larisa.