Romance scam letter(s) from Millicent Arko Arhin to Steven (Australia)
Letter 1

Hello my sweet Steven, I got love gripped when I read your most detailed letter. I'm over joy now and can't wait to be with you very soon in Australia. What a sad news to read from your mail that your family and friends keep on asking you when you will get marry. Darling, I want to assure you 100% that you have now got what you have been waiting for. I'm your black beauty queen, and I'm ready to come to you very soon to accompany you to your family and friends. I give you fully gurantee to tell your friends that you have finally got your dream wife. Sweetie, I promise that nothing will stop me for marrying you soon. My heart is now fully prepared from you alone and nobody. I will never ever disappoint you on this earth. All what I need from you is maximum support and your total commitment. Sweet heart, I don't want to talk too much. Yes, I'm ready to give you any children that you want. Darling, I think is good we get 2 0r 3 three children. I showed your photos to my Mum yesterday and was very happy about our new found love. All what Mum want to hear from you is to promise you will take good care of me when I come to you in Australia. Honey, Ghana is very peacefully, and we just went to poll last month to give our present government another 4 years term to rule. No wars and Ghana is freedom and justice. Darling, in other for you to trust me 100% also, I'm going to send you my best lovely romantic photos. These photos are for your eyes only. Promise me you will not show it to anybody. I want to prove me full love to you now. I'm doing it for you only and nobody else. Honey enjoy my sweet photos now. I love you and will forever love in heart. Take good care and kiss your sweet self for me. Your true lover
Letter 2

Hello my sweet Steve, The good work is done. I have made it, and I told you I can make it. Sweetie, the good news is that I got information from your embassy this morning to provide my return ticket slip for me visa, I have to provide the ticket slip before Friday. Honey, this time, we have no time to waste at all. I think I told you already the cost of flight the. Is US$1,855. So sweet, don't waste much time at all, quickly transfer the ticket money to me as soon as possible so that I can buy it and get my slip for the visa. You have to treat this letter more serious. Darling, I'm over joy now. I don't know what to say. Finally, I will be able to see the face of my long awaiting husband, Steven. Honey, I will stop from here. I can't write much now. I wish you are here to see my smiling face and test my feelings now. Sweetie, let me send this letter first to you. Waiting to hear from you quickly. My kiss to you will soon be real ( smile ). Your wife,
Letter 3

Hello my sweet husband, Thank you very much for the money tranfer. I tried to contact you by text messages since yesternight, but all to no avail. This morning I tried a lot to reach you by text messages. I don't exactly knw what is happening to me phone. I got all your text messages you sent to today, but I found it too difficult to reply back to you. My phone is given me more problem. Darling, I got the money safely. I just from your embassy. After presented that US$1000 declaration money today, they told me to come back tomorrow to get my visa. Honey, I think the 14th February will be too short for my coming since the visa will reach me tomorrow. I will go to my flight office tomorrow morning to change the date to be on 21st Feb, so that I can at least organize my good bye party. Is very important here. I have to organize party with my friends and family to say good bye to them. I will tell you more about my party tomorrow. Sweetie, Mum is very happy now and she will send you email tomorrow personally to congratulate you for your wonderful assistance and your true love that you have for me ( smile). I hope you will write nice letter back to reply her. Sweetie, I don't know weather you can come on chat today as you said, because I cannot see your computer on as you said. I will stop from here. Take good care and will soon be with you in Australia for master love. Waiting for a while if you will be online. My perfect love for you will be forever. Million kisses! Your wife,
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