Letter(s) from Zhanna Zhevun to Terry (Canada)

Letter 1

Greetings road Terri!!!
It is very pleasant for me to receive from you expensive letters for me. I very much like your pictures. Your children are magnificent. They likely very good and obedient children. I think that you very good and careful father who has brought up such charming children. I already as 9 years am dissolved and I bring up children herself. The truth still helps me my mum. We live together and at us very amicable family. Children my assistants. They help me and support me a difficult minute.
I already wrote to you in the previous letters that I use services of marriage agency as I have no the own computer. And I am not able to use him{it}. To me call from agency, that to me there has come the letter from you, and I during free time from work try to come to answer your letter. Translation does{makes} agency and I read your letters already in Russian. Then I sit down, I write the answer to a sheet of a paper. Then they translate it also we together we send the letter to you. All these services paid and I hope that you can help me. The agency would give me the small credit for that that we communicated with you.
I with the big impatience wait our meeting. I cannot think of what. You always in my ideas. You have learned me to smile. You have learned my eyes of shine. I smile only for you. My eyes of shine only for you. My life would be senseless and useless, if I have not met you. I have the purpose: to do{make} you happy. I shall do{make} everything, that you would be happy.

TO IT{HIM}......
If I from you in the distance
You to me light of the eyes give.
It{He} will reach, as if a star trace,
For love of distances is not present.
If I from you in the distance
All the same all with me have put.
Both a teardrop, and grief, and a pain,
All I want to divide{share} with you.
If I from you in the distance,
If you at edge{territory} of the ground,
With lunar mountains, from sea depths
I shall come. Only you love!!!