Name: Jennifer Alena Ana
Age: 26
Name: Linda Benson
Age: 60
Name: Abigail
Age: 33
Name: Maria Smirnova
Age: 24
Name: Olga Lobanova
Age: 28
Name: Valentina
Age: 20
Name: Kristina Serditova
Age: 35
Name: Alexandra Gorohova
Age: 30
Name: Anastasia Tenitskaya
Age: 26
Name: Jessy Billson
Age: 38
Name: Rose Sowers
Age: 32
Name: Francesca Lee
Age: 26
Name: Olga
Age: 31
Name: Grace Bol-Kolle
Age: 24
Name: Olga Ogurtsova
Age: 27

Scam letter(s) from Natalia Alekseeva to Willie (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my loved Willie,As your mood, at me all is excellent.Yesterday it was very pleasant for me to hear your voice and it is even more pleasant to hear that that you have sent me of money to a credit card. Yesterday after ours with you of conversation I have gone with my aunt to bank in which last time received yours transfer of money.When we came to bank it have been already closed, to us was very annoyingly that we not could receive yours transfer of money. I am interested very much with a question: For whose name you have sent money? On mine or addressed to my aunt? Write to me the answer.Today Saturday, the day off and I do not know one bank in this big city of Moscow works whether or not even.I hope that works also we can receive yours transfer of money. Only do not overlook to write to me for whose name you has made transfer of money. OK!!!I so strongly love you that I can not wait that minute when I shall run in your embraces when I shall arrive to your airport.I love you also I shall wait in an Internet of cafe of your answer.Write to me more likely I want to see your words of love. With hope your future wife Natasha
Letter 2

Hello my love Willie.I'm fine, how at you an affair?How passes your days off, you prepare for my arrival?I yesterday on Saturday have received your letter before closing an Internet of cafe.And already was to go late in bank and to receive your transfer of money and the more so banks on the days off do not work.Though there are some banks which work on Saturday but when I have received yours letters at this time alreadyall banks have been closed also I could not receive yours transfer of money. I shall receive yours transferto Monday in the morning and then at once I shall go to embassy and I shall take away from them all my documentsand I shall go in the airport what to fly to you. In an Internet of cafe today it is a lot of to peopleand I have not time to write to you much. I tomorrow to you shall call after I shall leave from embassy.Wait for my bell.I love you very strongly, whole is strong strong. I wait from you for letters. Your future wife Natasha
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