Scam letter(s) from Galina Semeshko to Terry (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Terry!!!
Today at me the happiest day in my life. We today first time spoke by phone, my mood at height!!!!
I liked your voice it very pleasant! It is very a pity that connection has interrupted, I tried to you to call after even, but not that it was impossible to me..
Terry I want to write to you that I today have found out in travel agency!
Today in the morning we with the father have gone to his friend (director of travel agency), father of me has acquainted with him.
His name Nikolay he very strongly was delighted to the father and when father has asked him to help me, he has answered that will help all than can as very much respects my father as the friend. I have explained to Nikolay all as is, have told that I correspond with you, and I want to go to you!
I have asked him that for this purpose is required to me. Nikolay has asked me what me there are documents, whether there was I abroad? I to him all have told, he has told that well that I have passport for travel abroad, all registration of the visa and necessary documents for trip to you means will do much more quickly!!
I will need to make photos on documents and to bring in agency.
Nikolay has told that will help with all and at me will be what problems with official registration of papers and visas!
He as has told that from you not that is required what documents.
Terry agency make out a full package deal required for trip abroad.
The package deal also includes air tickets, this agency works with Russian airline " Aeroflot " and Nikolay has told that at their agency the contract with this airline is made and they buy tickets only there.
Nikolay has told that it well as in this airline tickets more cheaply than in others!
Terry I was explained in agency that with the visa and necessary documents, will start to do as soon as I shall bring money for registration of a full package deal, and I shall bring the passport for travel abroad, photos, the medical inquiry from hospital, and still some documents.
The visa will be made out with three weeks.
Nikolay has told that the full package deal will be the price of 2.250 US dollars.
Cost also includes the price of the air ticket. The air ticket the price of 2000 dollars. Terry I have been very much surprised, I did not think that the ticket to you will be so dearly to cost.
I expected that the savings which I will suffice me saved for summer holiday, but my savings appeared a little.
Terry my parents also have offered me the financial help and are ready to help me than can. But their money to me all is equal not enough for payment of services of agency.
My dear Terry my parents earn not the big money, father the former military officer in resignation at him small pension.
At us in Russia work, people do not appreciate work for the small salary and if the person on pension that state about him in general overlooks. And my mum works as the teacher for her too the small salary. Terry your help is necessary for me, I have no all sum to me still are necessary 900 dollars to start business of a package deal in travel agency.
My dear Terry I shall stop the letter and with impatience to wait the answer from you.
You began me is very close, I very much want our meeting!!!!!
My parents transfer you greetings.
Whole yours Galina..... P.S. Me photos which you have very much liked me has sent, at you the cosy house...
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