Letter(s) from Marina Prokopenko to Bill (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my BILL,
Thank you for your letter. It was very nice of you. Thank you for the photo. i like it very much. I really interested in you and I want to know more about.Well I start this letter with introducing myself. My name is Marina. I am 28. My birthday is on the 7th of July. This year I'll be 29. I'm working at the hairdressing saloon as a hairdresser. I have a son, his name is Artyom. As soon as my Mom passed long time ago and my Dad is living with another family for a long. I live with my grandmoms. I love children, specially very little,they are so cute and nice. They say what they think and it is so wonderful, they are honest all the time. I value honesty most of all.
I need someone who wants and is willing to discuss and work through any problems that might present themselves. I am looking for someone who wants to talk and not lock themselves away, reading newspaper or watching TV. I need frank and honest man. I want to meet someone who is understanding and won't leave me in a difficult situation. I want someone who gets excited about the simple things in life. Life is not easy,all the same he should take out of this life all positive moments and share them with me. I want a man who enjoys the holidays. I also want a man who is warm,sensitive and compassionate. I always been dreaming about a man who will be the part of my life not perfect but loving and wants the best for me and I will do a lot for my future husband. I dream to go to my home and to "rest" with my loving husband and children. I would like to have children. I think they will make our family life better, happier and complete. I really hope that we will keep our correspondence, I want to know you more. Tell me more about yourself. What do you like to do? What is your interests? Do you like to spend your days near TV or going out somewhere? What is your favorite food? What would you Like to do on a vacation? What do you do during the week? I am waiting for your letter very much. I miss you.
Your Marina.

Letter 2

Hello my dear Bill,
Thank you for your reply. I was so happy. It was for me as a ray of light, you made my life brightly. I wish all days were so bright for me. I wish the sun shines for me every day. Thank you for your pictures you are very interesting man and thank you for your compliments to me it is very pleasant to read them.
I want a man who will be my best friend, who wants to spend his time with me and is willing to discuss and resolve any problems we might have along the way. Tell me what you think about what I written. I hope you will like my letter. I am writing to you what I think, so I am honest with you and frank. I like to do many things in my life. Life can be boring without doing anything. I like tennis, badminton, running and swimming. I like to go to the swimming pool. I relax there and I gain much energy when I swim. I like to dance too. It gives me much energy too. I enjoy it and my dream is to dance with the man who I love the slow dance. I would enjoy this moment and won't forget. We would share all our dreams while we were dancing and chatting.
Also I like to walk along the streets and dreaming. I'm an outgoing, warm sensitive girl who is always open to new ideas.
I'm also romantic and I like to travel, also I like to go to the seaside and sunbathing there. I love sunsets and sunrises.Hopefully this reply will be the first brick laid down. Then your reply will be another brick. Until we build a road that one-day might bring us closer together.This road will bring us to happiness and luck. I really believe that we can be more than friend in the future. We should help each other to build this road only with the help of our affords we will build this road of happiness.Do you agree? By the way what do you think about happiness,what do you need to be happy, what is the most important in your life.
I hope to hear from you soon.
I miss you.
Your Marina.

Letter 3

Hello my dear Bill,
I was very happy to get a letter from you today. It was a really pleasure to read it. You are so kind and gentle. It's very pleasant for me to read such a words from such a Man. I think that you are a real man I was looking for all my life. During this days of our correspondence you became the biggest part of my life,mind,thoughts,me... I'm thinking of you constantly. When I wake up in the morning I wonder if you are still sleeping or you woke up already. All my thoughts are very far away,not in my country. I think that they are much closer to you :-))))) OK,now I'll tell you a little bit about me. As you already knew my name is Marina,I live in Ukraine,Lugansk. As you know my dear,I'm very family oriented and I want to create my own family. I'm happy when everybody around is happy. I also think that there are a lot of different values,except money. Of course we need it to live, but not live just to earn them. I know that money is important in our life,but not the most important. For me is more important the health of my close people then their wealth. When my close people are happy, I'll be happy as well. What about you,my dear? Please, tell me more about you. I'll be waiting for your next letter with impatience.
I miss you,
Your Marina.

Letter 4

Dear Bill,
We are the firm which provides Marina P. with the access to Internet computer and interpreter. Unfortunately her account is over and she can not reply to your letter.
If you are interested we can send you information concerning our service and payment.
We hope for our future cooperation.
Sincerely Yours
Director "Bonita"
Alika Uzunova.