Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Ryabova to Peth (Denmark)

Letter 1

Hi Dear !
I was "walking" along the "Paths" of the site when out of a sudden I saw your profile and honestly speaking I was struck as if by a LIGHTNING!!! I read with great interest everything you wrote about yourself and I felt we have a lot in common.
This is great and it gives me hope that we can be together in future. I am a cheerful and sociable person, romantic, I love this life and I have a lot of friends.
I can speak English, a little bit German and I am studying Spanish now. I believe in 100 beautiful mutual love. And I think that nowadays distance doesn't matter so much, chiefly people should understand each other and believe... The distance between us seems long now but with the help of Internet and phone I think it can be shorten and it cannot be an obstacle to learn each other better.
I can write many different. But I have to contact with you first I'm not sure if you still want it or not. You need to respond, you need to say, "Yes, I'm here and I want it". Just write me.
You can look at my profile at www. russianmatch. ru,ID# 979.
I do not know what would you like to know about me, ask and I'll answer with pleasure.
Sincerely, Tanyana
Letter 2

Dear Gentleman!
Greetings from the agency RussianMatch! You wrote to the Lady from our agency and this is great!
Some words about the work of our agency and about how you found your Lady.
Company RussianMatch was formed in Russia in the city of Volgograd in February of 2000. We help girls and women from our region and also from other cities of Russia to find their match in any part of the world. As you probably know the majority of Russian Ladies do not have PC at home and that's why they come to our agency to have their profiles placed in the Internet to try to find their destiny. We place Ladies from our agency at our web-site and also at other popular dating sites. We do it free of charge but we are not a charity organization and that's why if you want to build relationship with the Ladies from our catalogue, you should sign up for a convenient variant of Membership in our company. After you become our Member women from our agency that took your interest will be able to use free of charge the whole range of our e-mail services, such as: translation of the letters from English into Russian and from Russian into English, typing the text of the letter and sending it by e-mail, printing letters, scanning and sending pictures, etc. All the Ladies of our agency come to our office personally (to fill in the form of the profile, to get or to have their e-mails sent, etc.) Every Lady goes through an interview in the office of our agency. All Ladies in our agency are looking for serious relations and want to find their match to build a family. They do not want to play Internet games.
We hope that this short information letter gives you an idea about how our agency works and how the process of correspondence between you and your Lady goes.
We also recommend you to visit page FAQ at our site, which may answer some of your questions as well: Also if you want to make a present for your Lady and to show that you are serious to her, you should sign up for the Membership in RussianMatch Membership in RussianMatch: one month - 30$; two months- 50$; three months - 70$: If you have any questions about the service or our site please use Help Desk to open a ticket and ask your questions.
Managers will be able to answer your questions only if you use Help Desk.
Please open the page Best regards,
Letter 3

This is the reply of the Lady from the International agency "RussianMatch".
If you want to start correspondence and get a serious relationship with this Lady you need to acquaint with the information about the agency work.
About us:Click here
Hello Per! I was glad to receive your letter. As you know, my name is Tatyana and I'm 25. Two years ago I finished the Academy of State Service. But now I don't work by my profession. Maybe you know that in Russia there are a few people who work according to the education they've got. My close friend opened a new tourist firm and invited me to be her business partner. It's a great and interesting job! But I think it's not my final job place. I'm quite young and I'm trying to find my place in this life. Of course, I have some plans to the future and some dreams as well. As for my spare time, I like music as I told above. Sometimes I play the piano and even try to write music myself (but certainly I'm not Mozart ;-)) Also I paint little pictures, portraits of my friends or just some nice faces from my imagination. When I have some spare time in my job, I create pictures on computer. Certainly, I like sports, especially swimming. I go to the swimming pool every week-end. Also I enjoy handball, volley-ball or just fitness. Also I like cooking tasty food. As for my personal life, it's very hard to meet someone whom I feel very good about, who will have similar interests with me. I suppose that everyone of us has his or her own soul mate and I wish I find my own one! I haven't had big problems in my personal life, but I haven't found my soul mate yet. To write a letter is not just interesting. But I think that only personal meeting can show us if we need each other. Hope to hear from you soon. Good-bye, Tatyana. -----------------------------------------------
Dear gentlemen!
RussianMatch gives you full guarantee that all the girls from our agency's catalogue are looking for serious relationship and marriage.
The company RussianMatch is based in Volgograd, Russia and we can give you full guarantee for all the women of our agency who live in Volgograd city and Volgograd region. RussianMatch also gives you the guarantee that women from our catalogue who live in Volgograd or in other regions of Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe will not cheat you and ask for some money. RussianMatch has Anti-scam program and we protect all our members from any scams.
All the members of RussianMatch get best dating, e-mail and translate service, unlimited messaging with all the girls from the catalogue of the agency and professional help and support from our company for getting Fiancee visa for your match.
For more detailed information about membership in RussianMatch go to:
If you have any questions about the service or our site please use Help Desk to open a ticket and ask your questions.
Managers will be able to answer your questions only if you use Help Desk.
Please open the page Best regards,
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