Letter(s) from Irina Morena to Jessey Eric (USA)


Hello the my dear Jessey ! Excuse, please, that for a long time did not answer. The Internet - cafe closed on repair for some days. But now it have again opened, and I am glad that again I write to you the letter. Do not take offence and write to me your letters this happiness for me.

How you today have executed day? How your health? In me all is fine, because has met you.

It is very interesting to me enter contact to you and to find out you better. I can share Ideas also inform you me directly. Before, as I have met you, I spoke only with mine girlfriends, now I can inform you. In this letter I shall write about my parents and a direct line about me.

The name my mum Katia and my father Stepan. They married in 1982. I think, my parents happy people because They have met each other. I have placed internal life of my parents as an example. In our family good mutual understanding. My parents are capable to forgive each other. I very much estimate as they together find an exit from difficult situations. I think, which in each family do make without small quarrels.

The main thing, that the husband and the wife are capable to find the compromise and is capable to to forgive.

For me my mother was the main adviser. On serious questions always might find her support.

My father the kind and responsible person. He never abused alcoholic alcoholic drinks.

In our country many people abuse alcoholic alcoholic drinks and from it crash of families.

In disintegration from children of family first of all suffer. They receive a psychological trauma in result disintegration of family. I think, that parents should think first of all of children.

And to solve problems so that children did not suffer. I think, that the love is necessary for children abuse also the father. I think you are similar to my loved father and I think, that we become good friends. On it I shall finish the letter.

With impatience I shall wait the letter.

Your friend Irina . mailto:bambycha@gmail.com

Letter 2

hi mine dear the friend Jessey! As you pass mine dear how your days? At me all is good! I today have come to check up mail. I was very glad when has seen from you the letter. You probably want to find out why I search for the love in the Internet. In the Internet it is possible to find a lot of interesting. I had girlfriend which has found the love in the Internet. They then have got acquainted and now live together.

They are happy. I same have put to myself the purpose that I shall not stay to live in Russia! And I shall leave to live in other country. In Russia very complex and difficult life. And it is very difficult to young families to live in Russia. I 27 years therefore to me should think of creation of the family. When I was registered on a site I was very much surprised with that that very many people search for the love. I did not think that so many people search for the love. I think at me there are all chances to find prince. I already have first step I began acquaintance to you and I think we shall find out each other and further. Now I shall inform, whom I search for. I search favourite senior for me of age! As it will possess experience of life, will not go more to go for a walk as young The people! Will help me with vital questions, there will be to me always support in life. I shall feel with such man as with my mum and There will be nothing to be afraid. I think to communicate through the letters it very interestingly. I love to write the letters, and even it is more I love, when they receive especially from photos. Probably also it is interesting also to you to find out about me more. I have small dream - to see the sea. Friends speak that I the cheerful person. I like to contact to people to common sense of humour who like to laugh at a good joke. It is pleasant for me to listen to classical music, under such music, I have rest of a house. I very much like to read romantic books where people fall in love each another then they for some reasons have problems, but in the end everyone became happy. I think in life of such happy love happen not so much. Inform me and how you think? I want to inform you, that I very much love domestic animals, but unfortunately I can not have them in me, directly places, because in my parents a small apartment., but however I have one cat whom I very much love. I have probably tired you with the stories! However I very much would like to find out, why you search on independent for the girlfriend in the Internet? And I very much want that you have sent me your photos! I seem sat behind of the computer and have not noticed, how profit Time, it has arrived time of me to go. I with impatience shall wait the letter from you! Your new girlfriend Irina!


Letter 3

Hi my dear the friend! Excuse me that I to you so long did not write! I two weeks might not write the letter. I might not check up a mail. It seems to me that my mail was broken open with people. From my address sent other letters. I dear is very a pity to me. Well that I have kept your mail at myself on a paper. Now I have created to myself a new mail. Now my new mail: irinanet@gmail.com you may write only on this address. I shall wait from you for letters mine dear! I think you yet have not forgotten me. I very much would want to continue with you acquaintance and our attitudes!

Your girlfriend from Russia Irina!