Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Smirnova to Bahman (Iran)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend Bahman!!!I am glad, that today I have received news from you, thanks you,that have written to me. The truth I never inthe life communicated with the person who does not live in Russia,and talks on I native language.But I well understand everything, that you have written to me.When I went to school, and then at universityI had very good teachers on English language and consequentlyI can read your letters without assistance and write to you.And I hope, you understand, everything, that I write to you.As Bahman we only we get acquainted, I should tell about myself more.To me now 31 years, and my birthday on October, 21st, 1974.My growth of 168 centimeters, weight of 54 kg.I very much like walks on fresh air, I very much love the nature.I like the sea and is pleasant to float, in the summerI often bathe and I sunbathe on coast of our remarkable river Volga.I live in the city of Margaushi.Our city very small and on this in our city lives only about 3000 person.Our city very beautiful, though it very small.I love a life - I am an optimist, and I believe,that the majority beautiful a thing expects us in the future.I trust in the God and destiny, and I expect my unique unique person.I trust in family and love, and I search for the person to the one whomI shall give all heat of my heart and with that whom I shall be always together...,I wish to divide with it all things - good and sad,all which we shall meet in our life. My person, clever also has strong spirit,it is kind and magnanimous and generous, it will do that - be for me, and will know,that I shall do that - be for him.Unique my person who requires love and can give love.It is a person who requires reliable family and fair attitudes.I to want, that you would send me the photo.I do not know, why, but it is pleasant to me to write to you the letter.I to want, that you would answer me somewhat quicker.Write to me about itself, than you are engaged what to love,I all to wish to know about you.Questions which you wish to set to me also will be interesting to me,I with pleasure on them shall answer! I do not know, that I will be valid happened,but looking ahead with hope and a smile.Your friend from Russia Katya!!!
Letter 2

Hi my friend Bahman!!!It is pleasant to me to receive again the letter from you probably,that our correspondence will give rise the attitude between us is more white serious.It was very interesting to know new interesting things about you.And to you, I hope, it was pleasant to learn about me more.Under your letter I see, that people everywhere identical,and there is no distinction of what country there will be my future person.The god who created this world, it did not creategeographic border soI do not see any distinction.I know, that when at me will appear my unique favourite the person thenI shall move to it in any place in this world.I assured, that good people can live in any place,especially when they love together.I shall try to write something about me which could be interesting to you,and only to a thing which I wish to inform you.And if you will wish to ask me something, be not afraid to ask.I always have only two choices, when someone something asking me:Answer fairly, or to not answer.I never shall be to you Lie, I shall always answer to you your questions Sincerely.I shall try to inform you on my qualities also.Only, to warn you, that you could at expectation from methe Hope to not frighten off you with it this.I - the kind good woman, definitely a kind, a good sight, care and fair.Sounds similarly to a poem in mine nameI am some dreamer... One of my dreams andhopes - to live in full family somewhere in a good place,have good friends instead of to disturb us strange things similarly to a political,economic situation and etc.I want family there all members only a life the friend for the friend.I love open inclined people who prefer to speak sad things,instead of it hiding it - even on behalf of care.I am rather patient person, andI can at carrying out in my feelings whileI do not understand a situation completelybut if something does me angry - I - very much character.Similarly to my friends informs " very difficultly to waken a good sleeping bear,but if you made it you would be better to escape ".If address to the facts, I - very much and become very rare angry;can remember only pairs a situation - my lie of former my youngman to me when it spoke me one, and actually deceived me.But about it this I shall write to you later.And if to inform on attitudes with other world...There Are only two parties - me both my family, and rest of the world.I like to prepare, and I like to create a cosiness in the house.I always try to create a sweet sweet home, and I really wish to have the familyto finish family! I really live for someone who will divide with me allpleasures of a life and could be favourable in any situation.I very much like to travel.I earlier much with mum went acrossRussia when still the prices for tickets were not dear.Now I presume to go to myself with friends not far from city on lakes.We go to campaigns in the summer.It is very fine, at us very beautiful edge.All year I wait for summer when I again can take the backpack and I shall go on lake.A wood, a guitar, tent, unless it is not fine? I like to look cinema.I like to listen to classical music, especially to me to like Betchoven and Tchaykovsky.What music is listened by you? Still I like modern music, it cheers up.Now we live with mum. My mum call, she is very interesting person.I always share the pleasures and griefs.she never will give up to me in advice. I do not know,that I did, if I did not have such fine mum.If you saw, how it she learns children.At its lessons the atmosphere of understanding always reigns.My daddy was the good person, I very much love and I miss on it.I think, that you understand me.To I regret have no at home phone andconsequently to write to you to me it is necessary to go to the Internet of cafe.On it I think to finish the letter,it and so it has turned out little bit big, and I hope,that have not tired you with it.And I am more about myself to you I shall write in the following letter,in fact we only start to learn each other.I would like to ask you some questions, and I hope,that you will answer them as I wish to learn about you more.How you live, at you it is a lot of friends?How you like to spend your free time?The hope, not frightened you with greater letter.If you have closely read through all, write to me again.I with impatience shall wait for your answer Bahman. Katya!
Letter 3

Hello my favourite friend Bahman!!!Thanks for your new letter if it is fair I to wait for it all the day.I to be afraid, that you to not write to me.It is very pleasant to me to receive from you letters,and with each letter to learn more increasing about you.With each new letter we to become more close and more close each other.All of us it is more to learn each other.I hope, that you feel it. I today hurried up inthe Internet the center to see your new letter,and to write to you about myself.I hope, that I write clearly enough and much about myself.I shall try to answer all your questions.If I shall not answer your question, mean I could not to understand it,do not take offence at me and write it once again.I think, that you understand, that the overall objectivein my life is to find that only thing,my second part me with which I can go through all difficulties of a life.Together to meet pleasure, occurrence of children, to grow up them, to surround with care,to present them the happy childhood, I so to dream of it this!!!I think, that you to understand me, and your vital purposes are similar to mine,and I in a shower hope, that when - that our hearts to meet.So residing at other country it will not be difficult for me If anumber with me will be which person I there will be a love.I have ended institute 5 years ago. When I studied it, fine student's it was time.Sessions, you know, that this such, do not sleep at the nights, worry,and when day of examination comes, heart simply jumps out from a ******.I think, that you too have gone through it.I very much liked to study. When I studied, I was engaged Fitness.And now after the termination of institute I work as the trainer on Fitness’.This work helps me to be always in the good form. But, likely the most positive resultin my work is its result.It is pleasant to see, how the client changes.The person in the good physical form feels more confidently, and it is joyful to realize,that you are involved in this success also.This work gives me enough income for my life.Yes, I know, that Russia in a bad economic situation, but it only with is compared to other countries.My income here as approximately 6000-6500 Roubles in a month, It depends on that,how many clients are visited by ours Fitness - centre.We live with mum and the sister not richly, but is amicable.My sister name Tatyana, to her 21 year. I not so small,but often to address for advice to mum.It is very fine, when in family there is a mutual understanding.I always to dream to create such family. Only I to wish to have three or two children.We with the sister two children of our mum, parents have presented all love to us.I very much love honesty and decency.If I shall create the family, I think,that the main thing in attitudes with the husband will be full confidence to each other.I consider, that it is the mortgage of strong family.My dear Bahman I think, that on it I shall finish the letter andI shall wait from you for the answer.I think, that you will write to me as soon as possible,in fact I very strongly wait for your fine letter.Katya.
Letter 4

Hello my Bahman!!!I am very strongly glad to receive from you the letter.I think, that in the letter I shall tell to you moreAbout me and about my life.I wish to inform you a little more on my life.I to rise morning in 7 o'clock in the morning, I make to myself a breakfast.In the mornings I eat a sandwich and I drink coffee. Then I go for work.I go by the bus. Sometimes happens, that at a stop it is a lot of people,and I cannot get in the bus and to me to have to go on foot.Generally, I love walks, but I love slow walks when it is not necessary where to hurry up,be passed on familiar streets, to come to girlfriends on a visit,To sit to drink tea, to talk. To me to like to be in a society of good friends.It is possible to solve any problems with them, to divide pleasures.It is always pleasant to surprise friends, to look at their reaction.How I shall live without friends? I work from 8 mornings and till 5 evenings.But employment go through the certain interval of time and consequentlyIn working hours I have sometimes a lot of free time.I always liked to work and irrespective of my mood I should be given on 100 to work.Work made about love brings pleasure to people.It is always pleasant to me to see smiles on persons of our visitors.In the evening I go to the Internet of cafe to look mail, but it sometimes does not work,therefore if I shall not write to you during one - two days do not worry,I shall necessarily write to you as there will be an opportunity.The day off at me Saturday and Sunday. In target I to like to read books,to go to walk on city, to visit a cinema.Besides in the days off I spend a lot of time for homeworks. I like to prepare for houses,To me to like to please the relatives preparing them any tasty things.And my favourite dish is a jellied pike perch, it very much is pleasant to me,and if we we shall have, when be a meeting I shall necessarily feed you this dish.As it is impossible to explain words as it is tasty, it needs to be tried.In the afternoon in the days off I am cleaned at home, I love, when the order of the house.I do not love when things are scattered, the dust lays on shelfs,in a basket the ***** linen, in a bowl not washed utensils lays, you agree with me?In a word I love cleanliness, in fact all women love cleanliness.In fact it so is pleasant, when at home the order.My dear Bahman I think, that in these lines I shall finish the letter and I hope,that you will write to me the letter as soon as possible.I wait for your answer. Yours Katya.
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