Letter(s) from Kristina Pavlova to Ioannis (Greece)

Letter 1

Hi dear Ioannis
Thank you for your nice letter very nice photo. I like it!
As you know I work as agent of travel in agency of travel.
I love travel very much and I love my job.
I have been in many countries. More that others I like Greece.
I think it is very beautiful and interesting countrie. I like very much sea. About my family: I have younger brother. I have no father, he dead when I was children.
My mother work economist. I live with my mother and brother.
I think that internet helper to meet new people.
But you know, internet cannot give full dialog.
I think, that best way it is real meet. I hope, you agree with me.
I want to ask you: have you meet russian girls early from internet?
I hope to hear you soon.
Will be wait your letter. Kiss, Kristina

Letter 2

Hi Yannis
Thank you for your letter
I try to call you today or tomorrow.
I am sure, it is will be great to speak with you.
Cannot wait to hear you voice.
Kiss, Kristina

Letter 3

Hi darling Yannis
It is will be very nice to speak with you.
I tryed to call, but it is answer woman.
You know, I am really want to meet.
It is will be great time for us.
You know, in the march I have holliday.
So, I can come to you in this month.
I am waiting your letter.
Kiss, Kristina

Letter 4

Hi darling Yannis
Today I was in agency of travel.
I booking tickits to you.
But it is was very expensive for me.
Tickets cost 1129 USD. But I have just 800 USD.
Darling, if you can, send me 400 USD.
I am really want to see you.
But you must understand me, I am not so rich.
I am sure, we shall have good time together.
I am send to you copy of my passport, do not worry about money.
I am real and simple, kind girl.
I will be wait your letter darling.
Gentle kiss, your Kristina

Letter 5

Hi darling
It is so pity, that you do not interesting in me more.
When I read your letter, I am was sure, that you are real man, my destiny.
You has write me beautiful letter.
I like you, I like your body, I like your voice.
I really want to meet you.
You know, I am was ready to fall in love with you.
As you know, the 8 of march will be womans day.
And the 11 of march I have birthday.
I will be happy to spend this days with you.
I miss you.
I think that we have real chans to meet.
Maybe it is destiny for us.
Write me please.
I am wait.
Kiss my darling