Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my dear!!!!!!!!!!!
I am very glad to receive your fast answer.
I am very cheerful and not malicious. I shall try to do so that to you it was not boring with me.
I am very kind, I am not able to shout at people. If I am angry, I begin to eat much or something intensively to do.
If it is fair, I am very interesting person.
As to our meeting. I am glad, that you liked my idea about our meeting in my birthday.
I shall find out all in detail and shal inform to you. Is it ok?????
I shall try to find out about all during couple of days.
My dear, please write to me the phone number.
I think, that about such things it is necessary to talk in alive, instead of through letters. Am I right??????
My dear, I very much would like to know about your life.
Please describe in detail your life.
What meal do you prefer?????? By the way I'm very well cook. My mum has learned me to this.
I hope, that you will like what I'm cooking when we shall meet.
I was necessary for you I shall cook one of mine best dishes.
What kind of music do you like???????? I very much loke classical music, but sometimes I can listen to a rock music.
What films do you like to whatch??????
Do you love noisy parties or you prefer romantic supper at candles????????
My dear, at me still it is a lot of questions. All of them, all the same I can not ask.
My dear, I hope, that to our meeting we well enough can know each other. Please write to me as soon as possible. I'm already begin to miss your letters. I shall wait with impatience. With hope in heart yours Nadya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 2

Hi my dear!!!!!!!
I'm Nadya from matchdoctor. Do you remember me?????
I'm so sorry that not write you for a week.
I was ill. I hope you will understand me amd will write me a lrtter.
My dear friend I don't want to lose you.
I want to corespondence with you very much.
Please give me you attantion.
I hope that you still have interest in me.
I promise write you much more.
Please ask your questions and I'll answer on it with pleasure.
I hope to see your letter soon. With hope in heart your girlfriend from Russia Nadya. Kiss you hotly. Please write as soon as possible.
Letter 3

Different email address, same girl from 2 months ago Hello my dear.
Why you do not write to me. I so hoped to receive from you the letter. To me now so it is bad you at all do not represent. Today I was at mum. It so is hard to look at it. Now she has come in consciousness and to it it is little bit better. I do not know how many to it still will come to lay there.
But you should not think that I shall not write to you. I so want to see your letters to me.
I read your last letters some times and to me became so well on soul. Your letters cheer up me especially at such moment as now.
I hope that you will answer me this letter.
Letter 4

Hello my friend.
I so was glad to receive your letters with these remarkable verses. It so is pleasant to me when to me write verses. In me forces have appeared so much when I have read these letters with verses. You them write? I love verses. When that at school I composed verses. I so was proud of it but at the same time I was afraid of them to whom or to read. At me even the writing-book in which I was kept wrote these verses. BUT I do not remember where she lays if I shall find its that I shall send necessarily to you some from them.
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