Scam letter(s) from Inessa Kizilova to Billy (Ireland)

Letter 1

Hi, dear Billy!
I got to know what is needed for my travel to Paris. I went to consult to the tourist agency, in fact several of them to find the best prices and conditions. It's difficult for a single girl like me to get the visa to France. If it's done in a usual way, like going to your embassy in Kiev and apply for the visa, it may take very much time, years, and there is very little certainty that I'll get it eventually. The alternative variant is to make a visa at the tourist agency, like within a tour. It takes 2 weeks to get it this way, they give 100% certainty, it costs 200$ to make it. I'll also need an international passport, which is neccessary for travelling anywhere abroad. I've never been anywhere abroad before so I need to apply for it too. It takes 2 weeks to get it too, and if to apply for visa and passport simulataneously, they take 2 weeks to be issued together. It costs 150$.
To say the truth I was shocked to know how expensive everything is and it's a huge sum of money for me. I've never even held such a big sum of money at a time. I only have a part time job now, and I don't earn so much money. I'm just an average woman here, and average people can't travel so far here.
I think you already understood that I'll need your help to come to you, for I won't be able to cover the expenses for the documents by myself. So if you keep interested in my comming, I'll need your help. If you want to help me, you can send me the money for the documents by Western Union, there are a lot of departments of it here.
As for the tickets, the pries very from the airlines and the dates and destination, but if they are booked at least 1 week ahead, they are near 300-400$.
It's a huge money for me, and I wish we lived just next door to each other and we could meet whenver we want too, because I'm really excited and wish we could meet. It would be making my dream come true.
I hope to hear from you soon!
Take care,
Letter 2

Dear Billy!
Thank you very much for your attitude and your wish to help me. I really value it, I can't find the words to tell you how thankful I can - I have none else to rely on now, and I so much need your help now, thank you very much dear!
My home address is:
Stepnoy block, house 18. Flat 121.
Zip code: 91000
My full name is Inessa Kizilova.
I've found out the address of the bank where is Western Union. They say, it's the safest and fastest way to transfer the money from one place to another, and it's advertised everywhere here. There is a Western Union department on this address:
Joint Stock Bank Energobank, Lugansk Branch, 7, 16th Liniya str., Lugansk. Ukraine. My medical condition is serious, and I need to go to the hospital. As I said, I had this problem before, it healed and arose again last year, but I never felt so bad before. Doctors say I need a complete examination and most likely a surgery, if examination shows it. Yes, this money will be enough to bring me to norma.
Thank you very much once more, and please let me know what is neccessary for collecting the money from Western Union.
I don't go to work now, so I will be cheking my e-mail several times a day. My mother came to Lugansk and is staying with me now.
I'm impatiently waiting to hear from you.
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