Romance scam letter(s) from Inga Goncharenko to Hugh (USA)
Letter 1

Firstly I will say that I'm glad to meet you and to start this unusual relationship with you. I believe it will lead us to something genuine and real if we are honest with each other. I consider our meeting in future. I'm very social girl and this is difficult for me to build relationship in such way. I understand that typing sometimes could be boring since it's very diffuclt to express yourself by keyboard. But I think that dating Agencies is a good idea to unite people from different corners of the world. As for me there is no prevention for love. The age it is just a number for the people. It doesn't matter how old you are, what country you live in, what culture yuo have, what weight and height you are, what race you are. THese all nothing for love. I have heard a lot of stories how people meet each other on net and then marry and live happily. Isn't it nice and touching?! I find something spicy in this virtual part-time relationship although I'm serious about my searching.
Well, what we need for early time is to know about each other as much as possible. I'm looking for that very man who is just for myself, who will carry about me, protect me, love me and of course recieve all this in return. I want to be really close to someone, to share with him all my feelings,desires and dreams. I'm young and my life is interesting, full of fun and adventure but I miss some love, romance and tenderness from man. My life will be complete when I meet my soulmate,my second half, my hope, my support and my joy. i am 20. I live in Ukraine in a beautiful city called Lvov. It is in the west of my country. I am medical nurse, working in the hospital in the pediatric department with children. I adore sport, writing poetry, reading books, playing in the theatre, cooking, knitting, traveling, spending time with my friends. My life seems to be a full bowl, all I need is to find my second half with whom I can enjoy life and make a strong family where there will be love and mutual understanding at the top of the list Wish you to have a wonderful day with a lot of smiles!
Kindest regards, Inga
p.s. I learned English by myself
Letter 2

I read your letter and it made me optimistical. It inspired me and brought missed sunshine in my day. I liked very much this joyful and cheerful feeling which put smile on my face. I'd love to know more about you. i think that you are interested in my life , my hobbies, my own world I have. So be ready to listen to my interesting (from my point of view) facts from my life. I will start from my family because my family is one of the most important thing in my life.My family is large. i have got two sisters and one brother. They all are younger than me. My brother Sergei is 18. He entered the mechanical school and in future he will be an engineer. My sister Kate is 15. She studies at pedagogical college. She wants to be a teacher of Geography. Now she is only first year student. My second sister is 10. She goes to school in the 4th form. You know my family is large but we are lucky because have both mother and father. My parents are the only people who truly love us. Of course I have good friends but even to my best friends I can't trust absolutely. I have no secret from my friends but there always is something I prefer keep back and don't let anyone know. To my man I will trust absolutely. My father works as a watch-maker and my mother is a house wife. She keeps our home clean and cozy. Our family is not rich but we have everything for good and happy life. A lot of girls have a rich boyfriends, they use expensive cosmetics, spend much money in cafes, have expensive mobile telephones etc., but they are not happy. If you ask one of these girls whether she is happy she will answer nothing because in the stream of stylish life she never had the possibility to think what real happiness is. I think that sooner or later they will revalue their life. I'm happy that my parents brought me up in high morals and I always can stop and think about my life.The city we live in is called Lvov. I like my city because all my chilhood was spent here. Here I went to the kindergatten, to school and here I became adult. Our home is always full of visitors. We like to recieve guests. My mother taught me to bake very tasty pies, pasties, tarts and I always treat my friends with them.I adore azure sky, water. My dream is to visit any foreign country but only with my partner and explore this wonderful place with him. I like English very much. But I know that my English is not perfect but I do my best to improve it. I write my letters to you by my own without someone's assistanse. My oral English is much worse because I have never had good opportunity to practice it properly. So about my Education I finished school and then entered the medical college where i studied for 4 years. When i was a little my grandfather worked at a hospital and i spent some time at the hospital with him. He told me a lot about this proffession and the aid for people. I decided to become a nurse as i am good with people and i don't faint at the sight of blood. The i thought about the idea the more it appealed to me, so i decided to have a go at it. I spent 4 years at nursing college which was permanently exhausted as I had to work regular shifts on hospital wards as well as attend lectures and complete coursework. it was worth the effort through. Now i have a job i enjoy and which makes me feel happy. Being a nurse makes me a special person, I care deeply for the sick and old and feel this deep in your heart. from one point of view my hobby is to help people to be happy, to made them feel strength, to show them their world, their sense of the life, so just to help people to alive in the world which they are involved in.
I am fond of tennis, gymnastics and swimmimg. You know that the water is an element of me. I can't be without water and it is sothething unusual for me. I feet like I'm a mermaid. I want to experience the beauty of marine sunsets and daybreaks, to explore the wonder of moon's reflection on the water and a lot of other things. I don't know more romantic and attractive place.
What makes me happy????
Being around family, laughter, friends, doing things I like, playing sports, and playing pool, being outdoors, being indoors with someone special. Candle lights...soft in the background...some wine and maybe being with you. Only time will tell as we get to know each other.
Hmmm and what makes you to be happy?????
Well i am going to the end of this letter and hope it will not bore you Have a nice day! Wish you nice weekend I'm waiting for new lines from you.
Regards, Inga
Letter 3

Thanks a lot for your e-cards.. i liked them very much.. They are nice and honey.. i read your letter and first i was in shock that you wrote not my name.... but then I got some other from you and now i can understand you very well. Honey you know..of course i can understand you but for me it was really bad to read that letter.. Honey i know that you want to make the right chice and I hope you will be happy with it... and also I want to tell you that i am very interesting in you.. and we wil lsee later how everything will work out.. ok?????
In life if one does not take a chance then one never knows what will happen in life. I think that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, beauty is as important as what is on the inside and not only the outside.
I am looking for a special person to share things with, race and age have no meaning but understanding and honesty mean everything. You are a very nice man and I really would like to write to you and learn more about you and hope that we can become friends and maybe more as time goes on as we get to know each other more.
I am very serious about making family and I think that now I am ready to make it both physically, emotionally and materially. I believe that husband and wife should put a lot of love and efforts to keep a strong and happy family. Family, it is not always holiday and I realize that hard routine will be also present, but it makes husband and wife only closer to each other. What could be more joyful than cooking together, washing up or repairing the old car together!?:) My dream is to find a man who will turn my world upside-down and tell me one day: "You are my star and I want you to brighten my life way forever". My friends say that I am open-minded sociable and affectionate, calm, gentle, honest, modest and loving person, who is always ready to listen, to help and to give advice. I am cheerful and enjoy life. I like spending my free time with my family, friends, meeting new people and finding mutual interests. As for personal life, I think that I am a loving, kind-hearted, caring, sensitive, understanding, faithful, passionate, warm and romantic family oriented woman.
What makes me happy????
Being around family, laughter, friends, doing things I like, playing sports, and playing pool, being outdoors, being indoors with someone special. Candle lights...soft in the background...some wine and maybe being with you. Only time will tell as we get to know each other.
Hmmm and what makes you to be happy?????
Tell me more about your character traits? Are you shy or outgoing? Talkative or Quiet? Adventurous or Passive? Romantic and passionate? Dominate or Submissive? Affectionate with your partner (like holding hands, kissing, etc.) are you also sexual and sensual by nature?
Have you had many girlfriends/lovers? Any long term relationships? What attracts you to a woman?
What are you searching for in your life? What are some of your dreams and goals?
Well, I hope all these questions did not offend you in anyway. I am serious about learning everything I can about you.
Regards, Inga
Letter 4

I wish you nice and happy St. VAlentine's Day....
If I could have just one wish,
I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck,
the warmth of your lips on my cheek,
the touch of your fingers on my skin,
and the feel of your heart beating with mine...
Knowing that I could never find that feeling.... Thanks a lot for your wishes to me... i really want to have more developed relationship.....
Honey you know my birthday was ok.. I was at work for the whole day and night. it was my duty there and I coudn't go anywhere even write to you and congratulate you to this holiday.. But I hope you can understand that my work is very difficult and when i have the duty at hospital i need to be there ....
Your letter it is so nice and beauriful. I read it for several times to know that i didn't miss anything about you. and you know every time i read it i found the new facts about you, i found the main features of you, i tried to feel....Thank you for your letter. I appreciate your openness to me and promise to do the same... well my love my address is Shvchenko street, 24/13
79000 My full name is Inna Goncharenko By the way, vishinka it is my pet name it means the cherry....Do you like it????????????????????
Thank you so much for your open and sincere letter. I really enjoy reading your letter and the way our distant friendship develops. You light up my days; fill my heart with joy and hope; give me strength to carry on every day, something to look forward to. I am so glad to have found you. I hope you are doing fine and enjoy the days.
Ok, you know every person like to reast, and each of us do it in his own way. So today i will tell you about my free summer I like to swimm, to play different kind of sport, to go to my granny and help her in the garden. In winter i like to go for a walk and skate. Also I like to knit very much. In my free time I meet my friends. In summer time we spend much time outdoors in the park or somewhere else.
In winter when it is cold and wet we stay at home, watch TV, listen to the music or simply chat. If there is something special you need toknow please don't hesitate and feel free to ask me. I feel convenient telling you about myself. What can you say about the water, sea, stream. What association do these words call? As for me I can look at it for hours again and again. Water is my element and it is sothething unusual for me those wonderful turquoise splashes and warmth of gold sand. I feet like I'm a mermaid. My dream is to return to the sea not alone but with my soulmate. I want to experience with him the beauty of marine sunsets and daybreaks, to explore with him the wonder of moon's reflection on the water and a lot of other things. I don't know more romantic and attractive place. The marines azure is associated for me with calmness and carefreeness. I definitely want to experience this with my partner. There is some mystery in marine silence. At this moment there is something to live unsaid and it makes me more and more excited. When I close my eyes I see how blue waves swallow me as well as love overwhelm my heart. I'm lauphing, I'm happy, I'm swimming away but then I return to the shore and my darling is waiting for me there. He was waiting for me all his life because he was born for me only. He is embracing me on the shore, kissing me and wrapping me into the towel, touching my wet hair and whispering sweet words on my ear. We belong to each other and there is nothing except our omnipotent love.
This is the way I dream. I'm waiting for man who will say me one day: 'Honey, haven't you recognized me? I came from your dream to be with you forever'.
With the tenderness, your Inga
Letter 5

How's your life there???? is everything well???? i hope you are in a good mood and my letter makes you to feel much more better... Life is very complicated right now but because of you and your friendship I feel I have a real chance at finally sharing my life with a man who will love and adore only me. I cannot find words to express all the wonderful emotions I feel for you and the amazing excitement you have brought to my life. Thank you so much my darling, I want to meet you too, because i think that personal contact is much more better for the people to know each other... Ok, i am very glad that you want to meet in person because i know we will be happy together, we will do all we want and know each other for the rest of our life...i see how is your desire to kiss me and you know i can tell the same....i want to look at your beautiful eyes, to kiss your the warmest lips, to touch your skin, to be hold in your strong hands, tobe yours... So we have to take some steps for our meeting.. what do you think????
YOu know usually people go to the travel agency to make arrangement for their trip abroad. My friend gave me the address of the agency she used to go on her vocation and she told me that it is very good one. Here is the address Please write them and i think they can help us with the meeting. YOu need to ask all information about my trip to you and your help to arrange it..... And then let me know, Ok?
Wishing you a beautiful day and hoping you will think of me always
p.s. i really very serious about you and please don't play with my feeligns
Letter 6

Dear Sir!
We want to inform you all about our services.
Our agency can organise a trip to any country you and your girl wants on the conditions your gilfriend will have passport, identification code, four photos to get international passport and tourist student or labour visa. In your occasion we can reccomend you tourist visa it can be open without letter of invitation.
So we can support you in such questions:
- opening visa;
- registration of the international passport;
- registration of medical insurance;
- booking tickets to the return way;
- organization of staying in the hotel;
- any kind of consultation;
- registration documents for leaving to the constant residence.
Tell us please the country you want your girl to come and we will send you the price for visa, passport, tickets, taxi.
We would like to assure you that our agency is legal and all of our clients are real people. We inform you that we work individual way and the methods we use give real results. We get advertising of many people and it is not our aim to lose the reputation. here it is verification of our agency and scan a copy of our UA License.
We are ready to help you at any questions.
Thank you for cooperation.
Truly yours, Milana Maskulina
Letter 7

I receive your be honest with you, I really dont know if I should beleive all that you are telling me... I need you with all myheart, but there is a very important thing in a relationship and its called trust...and this is something that you and I should have from the very beginning...please understand me my dear... If we don't trust then it will be difficult to develop our relationship. I don't ask you to pay for the whole of my trip but I ask you to help me because for me it is difficult to find the whole sum. i really don't want you to think that I need your money. You don't need to have a lot of material values to own my heart. I don't need rich man. I think that money itself can not bring happiness. I also think that we need to do everything together and start our life together putting material and spiritual values. I don't want to say that I am not interested in material values at all, no, I am a usual person, and I think that money is needed for living of course but i am not crazy about money and I don't want to have a lot of it, because I have noticed that money really spoils people. YOu know I am sure that nowadays everyone can understand each other, when the acquaintance is founded on the LOVE, TRUST AND MUTUAL RESPECT WITHOUT LIES OR SILENCES. AS for me there is no prevention for love.
The age it is just a number for the people. It doesn't matter how old you are, what country you live in, what culture you have, what weight and height you are, what race you are. THese all nothing for love.
So i hope you understand all i wrote to you and I want you to know I am honest with you....
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