Scam letter(s) from Gabriela Ayala to Ernie (Australia)


my love,
I got your mail and i really miss you my love.How are you doing my love?I hope you are alright?
I had a problem here with the customs about my goods so i have paid them the amount required from them to release my goods,now am just waiting for the actual day the agreed to release it so that i can the shift them home.Mean while am cut off from the internet because the amount i paid has expired,but i want to plead with the hotel so that they can allow me tonight to get access to the computer for me to get you online and see if there is any way you can help me to pay up my internet bills.
so my love,i will give to you the name and address of the hotel manager so that you will send me some cash like $100 or $160 to enable me have access to internet and tell you what i have gone through here.please my love,i dont want you to misunderstand me or think otherwise,is just that i have spent more than i expected as soon as you get this you try your possible means to send it today or tomorow so that i can get you online again.
This is the address of the hotel manager that you will send the money to.
COUNTRY...NIGERIA......this is the phone number of the hotel manager and you can use it to get me ok.+2348026055615 when you call you tell the hotel that you want to speak to Gabriela Ayala,
My love if you send it you have to send the details that you used in sending it to me through my email so i will go to the cyber and check my mail and see if you sent the money by tomorow.
Thanks,and remain blessed.
Gabriela Ayala.
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