Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Cherepanova to Alan (USA)


Hello Alan! I was pleased very much about your message.
Im fine to and I would be very happy if you wrote back to me and wanting to become my friend.I want to tell you Im very honest and serious and dont wanna play games with you.Im looking for my special men who I want to create family with and I hope to find her soon.I would very much like to know you more and become your friend.
I also want to tell you that I want things to develope slowly and that first we become very good friends before we think of relationship.I believe that the base of any relationship is true friendship,real care and honesty and I hope you agree.
You would like to experience surely somewhat more over me?
Meanwhile. My birthday is the 12 of the August 1977 I am 28 years young, 175 cm long, 61 kg easily, dark brown hair, brown eyes. I live in Samara, Russia. I work as the advertising manager in the young company and sincerely I hope to continue the career in advertising.. Inhabit a 1 room dwelling, kitchen and bath. Are however not rich, but just as poor as most here in Russia, Samara.
To prosperity to come over here one must be richly born or one must would amount to. By hands work one does not become here rich, but one can lead a pleasant life. In my family lives only my aunt, that enjoys of best health. In the following letter I shall tell more to you about the family and why I have remained only with the aunt. I before have not been married and I have no any children. But at my age it is time to get family already. In search of the husband I also have written to you. I would say Iam a bubbly friendly, down to earth type of person, but i do have my quiet moments too.
Iam a good listener and talker, (arent most women?) I enjoy cosy nights in as well as nights out.I guess men have their own preconceptions on whats cuddly large and thin.
Im Looking for that special man in my life who will not only be my partner but also be my bestfriend as well as soulmate. Someone I can trust and Someone who can make me happy, laugh and have fun with as Iam very young at heart.
I really want to find that special someone who I can share my life with.
I value people who are open and honest about themselves and their feelings.
I search for the self-assured person, firm and during too time romantic.
So anyone who enjoys the same as I do. As to my religion, I the Christian, but I not devout. I visit church only on holidays, for example such as Easter. At you the holiday Easter is celebrated? As to you … that you liked to open to me about yourself. It is my first experience of acquaintance on the Internet and I do not know what to ask you.
Perhaps the main question for today for you, I am nice to you and you would like to continue to write to me? You liked mine pic?
As I would want to receive your photo. Write when you will have an opportunity. You use the Internet from a house? Not all Russian girls write only for the sake of money. I really search for the husband, I want to have family, to have children. I hope, that have not frightened off you, having told, that I from Russia. Because I am really interested in you. Best Regards Your new friend Anastasiya.
Letter 2

Hello my dear Alan! How are you? How are you doing there? I am ok here. you for your quick answer to me. I was very glad again and again! That is great that we have correspondence to each other! And most of all I like that we know more and more about each other! I like to speak about *** with mine the man in bed. I love romanticism. I did not think, that will be in the first day. Probably we will need to go in restaurant and to learn each other. From your letters I have some imagination about your person. You are very interesting, serious and good man! I want your business will always be fine. If you need some help from my side you can ask it or tell me what I can do for you. I will do my best to make you happy! Maybe it's the destiny that we found each other. It's great!!! I am writing you my letter during bad weather outside this window. But I know that you think of me and it makes me to become warm! It's cold here. Today was a good working day. Alan, thank you very much for your answers. I like them all. I hope that you were truly with me answering my questions. And now I know that you can understand everything I say to you. It's good to have a man who can understand me all. By the way I wanted to ask you one thing. Do you believe in destiny. I mean have you ever attend a soothsayer? I have never do it but my mother many years ago (about 5 or 6 years ago) went to one nice lady (she was soothsayer, she was about 70 years old, she had no kids and she lived alone near Samara-city (country side), friends of my mother attended her before and she never lied them). So my mother is very curious and she decided to go there. This woman told her a lot of interesting things and my mother was surprised because this woman guess almost everything about her Past. And soothsayer said to my mother about her future life. She told her that I find my present work and she told her in what age I will marry. Do you think it is interesting to tell you? But my mother still doesn't want to tell me about it. That soothsayer told that my mother doesn't have to say about it to anybody… That is all story. I just want to know do you believe in soothsayer or do you think that every man make his own destiny by his self? Answer please, ok? How is your day going? I know that we have some difference in time. So in some hours I should go sleeping and you should go home from your work. I wish I were there with you… Ok, now I would better go. I hope I'll see your letter tomorrow in my mailbox. Already miss you… Wait to hear from you soon. Bye! Best wishes Anastasiya.
Letter 3

Hi Alan ! I am very glad to your letters, I always wait when I shall come in the internet and I shall read and write to you! Heart experiences mine, you have left a wound in my heart and this wound is closed when I read your letters! Here certainly summer. Simply I had temperature. I have not understood, about what airport you had in view of. I do not blame you, was not present on against I am glad to this! I wanted to find persons similar to my soul I think that I have found! It you! It silly seems to fall in love with letters and a photo, in letters I see your soul, yours feelings to me! I want to thank you for the big attention to me! But the big request do not play with me if it is game! My heart young and soft and me will be difficult to go through loss! I do not aspire to receive you I then to leave was not present! I try to understand you and to write more about myself! But I do not deny that you are necessary for me, you became whom that important and necessary for me! And even if to us I shall not be fated to meet to remember you always! All in your hands! Do not leave me and I shall not leave you and once we shall meet! To go in the girlfriend I was very difficult also envy for you that you have the computer! But it not difficulty between us! The present difficulty is the distance between us! And we should overcome this difficulty shortly! For now we should strengthen relations! My day has passed usually! I had no entertainment, I do not go to do walk weather bad, I to visit a sports hall I have no means! In Russia there is time when it is possible to have many entertainments this summer! I live in an average part of Russia and we have no a warm climate to bathe and sunbathe it is possible only 2 months! In the winter coldly also only it is possible to be rolled on a ski! If I shall have the computer of a house I shall sit and write only to you letters!
You have a fireplace of a house? Very much to like me open fire! I look at it and I would want that burned my heart also! You have inflated coal in my heart and I feel your heat! Under your letters I understand that I am necessary for you! It so? What lifes has made for the sake of me and our happiness? It is very interesting to me!
I want to know what character at you? My character is very loyal! I was difficult for deducing from itself! I very much goods! And if I see that the person I open the soul never I turn away from him ! Do not turn away from me! Please! I finish to write the letter, but I shall think of you! I hope that we shall together soon! I shall wait the letter! Anastasiya.
Letter 4

Hello my long-awaited Alan! I am very happy to see your letter today as soon as I have seen your letter I I had delight do not know, that with I occur I wait for your letters and news from you as the phenomenon of that that especial I am very glad to see yours They me warm letters. I love warm weather. Now in Russia it is warm. The winter happens cold. But I have already got used. I would love warmer climate. Girlfriends speak that I have fallen in love and that on me all is visible I I do not know that with me Constantly I think of you and to me it is bad if I do not receive from you news I very much I worry. Yours parents, I very much was delighted, as have understood, that you the excellent son of the Parents. I am grateful to them that they have brought up in you the fine person! Also I have understood, that at us with you it is a lot of general though we live in the different countries. But, basically, It is not important, who lives in what country, that from itself the person represents is important. Important what person inside, whether kind heart at him. I, in turn, have learned the girlfriend is tasty to prepare. When at us winter, the rivers and lakes become covered by ice, I go to pool, I like navigation. At me is to you Question: you love Russian bath? Imagine, as birch brooms smell, The smell of the pitch allocated from the heated up tree... It also is Russian bath. If you were in To Russian bath tell, about the impressions! You ask when to us to meet better. I am ready right now. But You speak that it when was warm. But at us now will begin soon Winter also it will be very cold. It is necessary to wait till May approximately. You can Such to bear???? I am very happy that have got acquainted with you and it seems to me that I shall not find any more whom you bett than you to me very much. Has liked as soon as I have seen your questionnaire on a site. Know my person that you are not lonely in the life and that I shall divide your pleasures And mountain because I you love yours also you to me I am not indifferent is very glad that have told Though I even you did not see it in alive but I do not know as still to understand such inclination to you I want to be with you and Constantly to be a number. I shall wait very much for your letter and very to miss on you. Write to me soon. Yours Anastasiya.
Letter 5

Hello my dear Alan! I liked your ****** dream. I hope, that is fast it to be carried out.
How are you? Im fine. today I have good news and bad. I am very glad that you want to meet me,
as this and my desire as. I have visited embassy and travel agancy.
I have learned what documents and how many money will be necessary for me to arrive to you.
I went today in travel agancy and have concluded with them the contract. Documents visas necessary for registration:
" A copy of all pages of the civil passport
" The reference with the instruction of a post and the revenue
" 2 pic 3,5o4,5
" Biographical particulars The visa is made out for 2 years. Term of registration of the visa of 15-20 working days.
Cost of the visa 510 USD. is as the visa for 1 year. Its cost 430 USD. I have checked up the prices for the ticket from Samara up to Florida.
the price for August make from 900 up to 1200 USD. If to fly from Moscow the ticket will be
cheaper on a pair of hundreds dollars. Bad news, that I have no such sum and I can not have in the near future.
I want to ask you the help. You can help to arrive to me to you?
So my dear a total sum in which I shall require makes 510+1200= 1710 USD To me informed, that you can send this money to me through the western union for my name.
My information:
Name: Anastasiya Cherepanova
Country: Russia
City: Samara
Street: Lenina 40/7
Zip: 443050 Please attach the scanned copy of the receipt from the western union.
I must tell them YOUR FULL NAME, FULL ADDRESS, EXACT AMOUNT AND CONFIRMATION NUMBER (Money Transfer Control Number) which will be given to you!
Write to me back letter with the answer. You can send me this money now?
Or when you will send money. You need still in what or information from me?
Write I wait for your letter. Yours Anastasiya.
Letter 6

Hello dear Alan! At me today joyful news. I have made the international passport. Yesterday I asked money my best girlfriend. She has given back me last 60 USD, that I could make the passport and prove to you, that I am real. My girlfriend Elena, knows about you and our relations. She is glad for me, that I have found the love. But she does not understand, why the proofs are necessary for love. But in any case, I have made a copy of the passport and now I can send you. I hope it will remove all your doubts. And now we can be speed together and you will help me to arrive to you. I hope, that we soon shall together. Please make as I to ask you. I very much have you and I want to be with you as soon as possible. Life heavy if to live by one without favourite. I hope you understand me. I wait for your answer. I went to bank to find out as better to send money from other country. There to me have told that the best variant it to use the Western union. It is fast and reliable. I have found out more in detail about the western union.
My full information for the western union Name:
Anastasiya Cherepanova
Country: Russia
City: Samara
Street: Lenina 40/7
Zip: 443050 Please write me the information for the western union:
sender's first name:
sender's last name:
sender's full address:
receiver's first name:
receiver's last name:
MTCN (Money Control Transfer Number). It consist of 10 figures.
Also make on the scanner or digital photo a copy receipts on remittance through the western union. And send these copies to me in your email. Anastasiya.
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