Scam Letter(s) from Larisa to Alex (USA)

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Hello, my dear!
Why am I looking for your attention? I hope to meet in you the real
true love and passion. Maybe, you are that special and the only with
whom I'd like to share my thoughts, feelings, emotions, all
my life. I'll treat you with tenderness, attention, care and
I'm devoted with my heart to the one I love. I need somebody to trust
to in my life... I'm waiting for your letter.

Letter 2

Hello dear Alex,

I'm sincerely glad to receive your letter. It's so pleased that you
are interested in me. Thank you for responding my message, I was happy
to find your message, I hope our correspondence is good to know us
better, be the beginning of an excellent and beautiful friendship and
much more. You know, yesterday the feeling that my soul is empty
didn't leave me even for a moment...I've found that really, "life
consists of white & black periods". When I received your e-mail this
statement was proved... Finally, the "white" one began!I'm really
delighted to hear from you!

I suppose, I should tell some more information about myself now. My
name is Larisa, I'm 23 now. I was born on the 26 of August in the
1982. I live in the eastern part of Ukraine in a small & quiet town
called Krasnodon. I have elder sister. She is 26, her name is Dasha. I
love her. Also, I love my parents very much. They are, caring & kind
people. They are still loving couple. We are on good terms. Since my
early childhood till the time I graduated from the school I was going
in for gymnastics. I wasn't fond of it, but did well. I work as a
shaping coach. I enjoy my job. It is not well paid, but I'm

I'm lively, charming, amusing & always interesting, but sufficiently
well-balanced. It's always pleasant for me (as for each woman, I
suppose) to be in the center of attention. I'm considerate &
understanding, I'm always ready to help as the situation requires. I'm
quit by nature, but my friends say that I've always been interested in
music, but my passion is classic one. I enjoy spending my spare time
with my family & like sports. I'm sociable person that likes to listen
& have conversations. I really enjoy out-door life.

Oh, you may be tired enough while reading my long letter. So, that is
all for this letter. I hope to know something about you in response.
Let me become closer to you, if you don't mind...

Best wishes.
Yours, Larisa.

Letter 3

Hi, my dear Alex,

I'm very delighted to hear from you again. I'm so happy that we are
getting acquainted better with each new e-mail. I've been waiting
impatiently to receive it. To communicate with you is very pleasant &
interesting. you seem to match my ideal of the man. I see you as an
exciting, highly volatile, rather impulsive personality; a natural
leader, quick to make decisions. You bold & venturesome, the one who
will try anything - well, almost anything - once; the one who takes a
chance & enjoys an adventure. I'm sure people enjoy being in your
company because of the excitement you radiate. Tell me, please, if I
was a bit incorrect as for your character, but such is my first
impression of you. I've got used to trust it.

I believe that true love appears when a man & a woman meet each other
& understand at first sight that they are two parts of one. I'm
personally convinced that a man should be the first to make a step to
a woman, women can only charm them & influence them somehow to make
this step. So, the only thing I should do is to make the man I like to
pay a bit attention to me. You've probably guess that now is your turn
to make the following step ;)! I just talk & find out if I still like
him ( & I do like you) & what he feels about me. If you don't like me,
I'll give up. I believe that true love can exist only between two
people: when one is frozen than it's not true. Of course, we shouldn't
judge right now. It happens sometimes people can know each other for
ages & then discover their true feelings...What do you think about?

I ought to tell you that my English is too poor to communicate. For
this reason I use services offered by the special agency, specialized
on the different kind of translations. Also, I haven't got a computer
at home. I hope, you wouldn't mind...

Sincerely yours,

Letter 4

Hello my dear Alex,

Thank you so much for writing to me - I can't believe my luck that I
have met such a man as you are. Thank you for being so nice to me and
also for being so sincere and open – it is really important in
building new relationship between a woman and a man. Do you agree? I
think we are on the right way: we are going step by step to know each
other better and to become closer.

I am an ordinary woman who wants to be loved and to have a beloved
person to share happiness and sorrow, to have kids and to have grand
children, to live happily ever after like in a Fairy tale...I belive
that I have found such a person. I think that you are the right man to
start a new life with - to start a family and to love each other and
to care for each other. I understand that we don't know much about
each other, but I believe that we have this special spiritual bound
that makes me fell that I know you for my entire life.

I'm sure, our love will only grow day after to day. I'm full of care,
tenderness, love & passion. I need you to share all these with you.
Your words & thoughts are so close to me, you soul, your inner world
is too relative to mine that it is not possible to continue my life
without you. I want to be completely yours, to belong to you. I'll be
the happiest woman in this. One day you arrived to my life, appeared
in the sky a new star that it lights my road, I could understand the
beauty of the sky and I understood that they have more than enough the
words when it is to express the feelings that it awaits my heart.

I'm thanking heavens for giving me a chance to get acquainted with
you, you are are the most special & welcome gift from above for me. By
the way, I like surprises - good one’s of course...I like when people
make surprises when I don't expect them too, and also I like to do
surprisers myself. I wish I could make a surprise for you... I can
imagine you coming home, the room is half lighted by candles that are
situated on the table which is in the middle of the room... You go
closer to the table, and fill like somebody comes from behind and
closes your eyes... it’s me....I whisper to you - hello, my
sweetheart. Are you dreaming about me too? I think it means

And of course i would like to meet you as soon as possible! but i am
afraid i will have no chance to visit you because i don't have an
international passport at the moment. i don't know what our future
meeting will look like, but i can already imagine you coming to me,
and how we hug and kiss in the airport...So from now you are having an
invitation to come to me and I'll meet you with a pleasure.

As for translations, I'd like to thank you for your trouble. You are
very caring. But, unfortunately, I haven't got neither Internet, nor
computer at home. Also, I haven't got a telephone, I'm sorry. I didn't
want to disappoint you... Hope, this will not interfere our future
communication, if you do not mind.

Have a nice day,
Love you,
Yours Larisa.

Letter 5

Dear Sir.
We want to inform you that your lady is not able to reply to your last e-mail, as her paid contract with firm is over. She has been using the internet resources and the translators of our firm to correspond with you.
If you are interested in future correspondence with this lady we can offer you another contract for this purpose. If you are able to help your lady with correspondence fees we will be glad to assists you and are ready to offer you our service.
Feel free to contact me or other stuff members if you will have any questions.
Sincerely yours,
Eugenia Azarina.

Letter 6

Dear Sir.

Thank you for choosing our company. We can offer you several payment plans for correspondence:

a. word by word translation: 1 word – 0.05 $
Ordinary letter of 200 – 300 words will cost you – 10-15$
note: this method is commonly used in most of the international companies, but it is
more expensive then the rest as you will see further.

b. complex letter translation:
1 letter – 5-10$:
* letter of 1-150 words – 5$
* letter of 150-300 words – 7$
* letter of 300 and over words – 10$
* scanning of one picture - 2$
* printing of one picture - 3$

c. monthly rate (fee) (including the service of scanning and printing pictures):
* one month of unlimited translation – 200$
* two months of unlimited correspondence – 350$
* three months of unlimited correspondence – 500$

d. monthly rate (fee) ( NOT including the service of scanning and printing pictures):
* one month of unlimited translation – 150$
* two months of unlimited correspondence – 300$
* three months of unlimited correspondence – 450$
note: all of the payments are given in USD

You can also choose the way of making the payments:
• you can forward the payment on the name of the company’s financial director;
• you can forward the payment on the name of the lady you are corresponding with, then you should write in Western Union documentary:
name of receiver: Mohnach Larisa
address: Molodogvardeyskaya street, 5 , Krasnodon, 94400, Ukraine.

Payments can be forwarded:
• through the Western Union Departments ;
• to the bank account of our company’s financial director;
For future information feel free to contact us.



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