Scam Letter(s) from Olga to S. H. (USA)

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Hello my new friend. To me very pleasantly that you write to me I shall to answer you with the great pleasure. I want to tell to you not much about myself, but not all certainly, but that I can tell, if we will continue then with you to find out each other better that there may be I can tell to you on much greater concerning myself. My name Olga, me of 29 years, I never was married, but in one
time it gathered but has turned out so at the latest moment, my groom was gone, and I was more than him did not see, but it is very long history I to you I shall tell about her next time. Dear I I wants to tell to you that I like to listen to music and the set of different films as I very much like to read books especially novels likes to look, to me very much to like when there describe various pictures. As I take a great interest in drawing, I love this occupation because it is connected with my work, I work as the designer, and itself I draw projects to various buildings and
apartments, and then these projects I sell, but why that it is not appreciated here in our country I has in view of Russia. You know I live in Russia, in city Omsk, I think that I should tell you that where I live, that you knew about that where I am, I to you shall not tell much about the city because you may look any information under the Internet and l find out all about it but if you want
that certainly with pleasure I can tell to you about the city. And in general I live one, in an one-room apartment I take off her, I live in her recently I only recently have decided to live separately from the family, I have thought that it is necessary to start to live independently because I not so small girl and me is time to feel this feeling of independence. You know I want to tell about that that I like in the person you for certain would like to know what qualities I search in the person certainly I understand that it is impossible to l find out persons then, but we with you shall try to find out each other better, you know I do not love that when to me tell lies when me I think silly and when to me speak that of that actually is not present, I think that all secret sometime becomes the truth, and all that the person hid, sooner or later all this is found out. I think that you agree with me? You know I have some questions for you. I would like to know about that that you like to do? What your hobbies? That where you work and than are engaged? Whether you have whom that in your life, I have in view of the wife or the close woman for you? It as is important for me. I want to know all about you, about that that you like and that you do not like, and than you take a great interest, it will be interesting to me. As you may ask me any questions, I
with pleasure shall answer you them, but I ask you to not ignore my questions, I want to see on them answers. I think that will be not difficult to answer you my questions. I shall finish the letter and I shall wait yours with big not patience. With the big respect for you yours Olga.

Letter 2

How are you? I am glad to write to you the new letter and I with the great pleasure read your letter. How has passed your working day? At me all on former is good. But while at me has very much put at my work, you understand me? And consequently to me to have to write to you letters less often. I shall try to come in the Internet of cafe each day and I shall write to you letters. I think that in some days I will have less work and I can proceed to normal lifestyle. At me when yet was not so much a lot of work. Unfortunately I can not write to you more because I should go on work. I very strongly grieve without you. I want that you were with me beside and I miss you. Mine lovely I thought of that as though to us with you much to meet. As I already spoke you in our country very dangerously to be to foreign inhabitants. And I have decided to try to arrive to you. You want that I
arrived to you and that we were together? To arrive to me money are necessary. I have some sum of money, but it to me will be insufficiently. All over again I did not want to ask you money, but I so strongly grieve without you, to me it is very bad from that that you are not present near to me. For arrival still it is necessary for me of 570 dollars. You can help me with arrival. I shall return to you of money as soon as I shall arrive to you. If you will send me this money I can start to legalize papers and I shall arrive to you the next week. What you think of it? I was very glad to receive from you your photo. You have very much liked me. I would like that you have sent me more than the photos for me. I with the great pleasure read your letter and looked at your photo. Once again thank for
your fine photo. I finish this letter and I shall wait from you for the answer.
Yours Olga



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