Scam letter(s) from Elena to S. H. (USA)


DEAR, Thank you for your letter.
I would love to know what is you idea of a woman of your dream & what are the demands My cherished dream is to find my other half and be happy together till the end of our days. I believe that on ground there is my second half, my dream - to meet that man with which I shall be happy, having created family and having brought up children and with which I shall live all stayed life. I consider sincerity, trust, respect and mutual understanding, love and care and also desire always to be together - a basic of the relations between the man and a woman. I really very much want to have the family and children, because the family and house is that place, where it would be desirable to come back, where for you always wait, where to you are always glad and will help by advice. I would like, that my life and my care was necessary to several people – my husband and my children. I think that people are born to be happy and it is necessary to work hard to make a relationship happy and truitful. I love to make a cozy home and adore cooking. In my home there is always something very tasty. I appreciate sincerity of the relations and beauty of the human soul. I very like children for their openness, like animals for their fidelity, . I like family holidays for an opportunity to be going in a family circle to communicate, to have fun, to be divided by news. I enjoy learning new things and to get acquainted with interesting people. I like traveling, to be in other cities, to get acquainted with their architecture and history. My friends say that I am easy going and very friendly person who is always ready to help in need by nature and it brings me real joy to make people why it is not a problem for me to adjust in any situation. It helps me a lot to find new friends and solve difficulties if they come into my life. I am have much love to give to people to who I am devoted.
Letter 2

Hello my love! At me all is good I think that you already again think that I forget it you is not present not so I of you do not forget my lovely I you I like and I miss. Simply the Internet - cafe was closed on repair and I might not write to you my letter. But today I have come and I see that the Internet - cafe is open. My lovely I is very glad to you to tell that I have my good time but only unfortunately you are not present near to me so that you had an opportunity to warm me the heat.
I also would like to tell you my lovely that I very much dream of an our meeting so to walk with you in the warm evenings on park and to observe of stars. Kissing your gentle lips and to speak you that I very much, it is very glad that I am near to you and that is not necessary to write us more friend, to the friend of the letter. My lovely I very much want so that you did our to a meeting and as soon as possible. I fairly want to tell you that I have no on it not what my opportunity so to receive my documents independently without yours the help. Whether and on this I in the first also should know have you such opportunity so to receive me at itself. Because I already very far forward look also I very much want to receive your touch of a hand. If in a word to tell I love you my lovely and I want that at us with you all was good. But you only speak me your truth. You have such opportunity so to help me whether or not. And for what reason you may not do it because I also want to know it. I certainly also understand that when I arrive to you you will concern to me very well and that will provide me with all that in what I need. But you should understand so to receive all this in the beginning I should arrive to you. But if you have other problems to not receive me at yourselves that I for what reason I also want to know can not arrive to you yet. Because money it not the biggest problem which may stop us with you in an our meeting. My lovely I shall look forward to hearing from you about love and one million gentle kisses your love Elena.
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