Name: Kimberly
Age: 32
Name: Rudiya Novoselova
Age: 28
Name: Anna Sotnikova
Age: 29
Name: Natalia Khvalko
Age: 25
Name: Monica Godfery
Age: 23
Name: Kimberly Paige
Age: 25
Name: Sonya Anderson
Age: 30
Name: Nike Ford
Age: 25
Name: Olga Dolyanova
Age: 38
Name: Ksenia
Age: 21
Name: Rita Yadem
Age: 33
Name: Janet
Age: 41
Name: Margarita Shveikina
Age: 27
Name: Belle Morgan
Age: 28
Name: Natalia
Age: 30

Scam letter(s) from Victoria Volikova to John (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Dear John
Thank you so much for the nice letter fromkyou,I missed your letters so much,it is nice that we can talk again with you because this is so plaesant to talk with such man as you,Dear.i;'m happy that you had a nice trip,so you had a good rest.
so you asked me a lot about the internet cafe ilm writing to you it doesn't have name or internet adress,because it is small,here are just computers and access to rthe intrenet an some translators that help people if they need this.
I asked now the manager here about sendign mioney,because I do lt kn0ow this myself,I have never touched with this before and she said that it is better to use Western Union,I hope you know what is this.She said that it is the quickest and the most easy way of sending money and this system s in every bank in our city.Tha k you so much,John,for your wish to help me with paying for the internet and for the translation of our letters to each other,you are so kind to me,
I also asked the nanger how much it will cost me to pay at once for three months for everything and she told me that it wil be nearly 250$,that is nearly 80$ per month.
You must be interested,Dear,what I was doing this weekedn.This weeekdn my parents and I went to the forest to gather the berries of wild rose,do you know this berry?Every year at this time of the year we go to the forest to gather these so useful they look like little red very firm beries with an oval form.they containt so much vitamin C in them and we like to brew them inspite of tea and to drink this is a good tonic for on Sunday in the early morfnign we went to the forest,it was so cold,Honey,but we knew that our aim is so important and we gathered very quickly:)we went to the bus and went in theat bus for nearly 30 minutes thenm when we came to the place where we come every year we found out that there are so many such berries there that grow on the we gatherred nearly 3 buckets.i;mso happy that now we have the beries that will give us health in winter,we like to drink wild rose eighther cold or hot,this is good either.Tell me please do you have such beries in your places?I'd like you too to drink them.
You asked me,John,what do I think about Americans,I think that this is a great nation,there are a lot of wise peole in your country andin general,i;m looking for not nationality but for a man,whom i';ll ove and his nationality doesn;'t play a big role for me,if i;ll ove a man i;ll be ready to live with him in any country in the world,Dear.I;m still singel because I had so much pain ion my life after therewlatios with men and then I was just afraid of relations and I hope that your intentions are really serious to me because I belive you,John.
so now ilm working in the company ''Barcelona'',this is a little company dealing with furniture.It is not my dream to work there but its hard to live without salary at least such as I get here,it is so low.Idon;t wish to takemoney fro mmy parents because they don;t have them.i'd lime to help them but with my salary for my graet sorry,I can;t do this,John.Yes,Dear,there is the phone umber but the boss doesn't .let anyone use it and he doesn't give the number to anyone,this is his personal phone.
You are a wonderful man,thank you sio mcuh for your kindbness and ror your attanetion to me,ilmso happy that you are so nice and that you paind yourattention on me andf to no one else,thanj youi,I hope that we can be happy together,Micjael.I'll be waitignfor your nice letter with a graet impatience and hope
Sincerely yours Victoria
Letter 2

Hello Dear John
i;m so happy to hear agian from you,you are so kind to me and so tender,thank you so mcuh for your attention.i;m really happy that we met each other in this world.Thank you so much ofor yoiur wish to help me with the paying for the correspoindance.
You told me,Dear John,that you don;t think Western Union is the best way for sending me your help and it could be better to use the account.May be this is really better but for my great sorry I don't have such.You know I have never used this before,I have never got any help from aborad and so this is so new to me,Dear,and wil take sime time to open this account and it is necessary to pay fir this.I asked the information about Western Union and there in ghe bank they to,d me that thisd is really good system and that only I will be ablwe to take the money so you donl;t need to worry about this because I'll have to go to the bank with my passport anmd with the contorl number form you and so i'll get that from you,John.
Dear,I wish to say great thanks to you ince more for your underst6nhading and fro yoru wish to help me,John,ilm so lucky that I met you in my life,ilm so happy that we can be together at least now in our thoughts and then I hope that we'll meet.I'll be waitignfor your nice letter with all impatience and hope
Sincerely yours Victoria
Letter 3

Hello Dear John
It is really nice to hear agian from you,I mksed your letters so mcuh,sorry,I still can;lt talk a lot with you because of my debt,I;m thinking about yu al the time.I know that you donlt wish to help me through Western Unuon and you chose another way,but listen to me,I donlt wish someone strage to read my letters and to know what ilm thinking about.The translator that helps me is really nice ansd good girl and ilm so happy that she hels me and I donl;t wish anyone else to help me.Please undesrtand,sorry,I cvam;t talk any more,I miss you terrible and this is my last letter because the manager only let me write you at all for sure,sorry
Letter 4

Hello Dear John
It is nice to hear agian from you.You told me that you paid for the letters for me and you,but I need to pay here in the inetrnet cafe,i;m writing from here but not from the agency you told me about,can you understand this,say that you just donlt wish to believe me and thats all,sorry.
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