Letter(s) from Julia to Sandro (Italy)


I am happy that you are still interested in me after reading my profile. Hope you read it carefully. I am very passionate and sexy and I want to receive the same from you in return. But at the same time I am romantic. I like to sit under the moonlight at nights, and hold hands and talk and kiss, and I will touch you affectionately, and whisper sweet things in your ear as we stroll in the night air. To have candle light dinners. To dance close to each other as you will press me lose to you and tell you how much you want me. To swim naked together in the night, and when we finish, I will do whatever you want me to do to you, just tell me what you like best of all the wonderful things I will do for you to make you happy.... If you want to get to know more about my thoughts, I'll be waiting for your letter to my address: smuglyn_ka@mail.ru. Swarthy, Yulya.

Letter 2

Hello Sandro!
A Swarthy girl is very happy is very glad to get your message and find out that you are interested in me too. It means that we need to know each other better. Thanks for the photo, I liked it and I see in your appearance that man I was waiting and I will be interested in. So, I will tell you about myself. My name is Yulya, Yuliya and I was born in Popasna, a small village in the east of Ukraine. I was born on 21st of December and I am 26. My job is not hard and very creative. I work as a master of nail art. My salary is small but I like the schedule, my colleague and I can settle the day of work, to come the rescue when it is necessary. I can not say a lot about my family and when you read my story, you will understand why I look for a man abroad. Now I became a rphan; my parents died several years ago. But even when they were alive I understood, that I was an orphan long time ago already. They got divorced when I was a little child, and though the situation when the marriage breaks up is not extraordinary for our society, the divorce of my parents became a great stress for me. I stayed with my mother, but my mother found new man, who didn't want to become a step-father of mine. He just wanted with his beloved (my mom), and he wasn't troubled by the fact that my mother had a daughter from her first marriage. So my mother chose him, and left me to live with my grandmother in the country. So, I became an orphan with the parents alive and now, when I am disappointed with the men here, in my family, I want to find a man, a real man, I want to create a family. A REAL FAMILY. I hope you understand how it is important for me. Even the fact that fact that I don't know English (as you understand in such a "family" no one cares of my education) doesn't scare me and I am ready to correspond with you via the translation firm, in spite it is rather expensive for me. In my man I want to find everything I didn't have - honesty, love, care, tenderness, respect.... Maybe it is enough memories for now. I will have time to share with you in my next letters. And I hope that you will write me about your life in response. I don't want to waste time on meaningless words, but I want to become acquainted with you sooner to make certain that I am not mistaken about you, and you are The One I dream about. Take care and good-bye for now. I am looking forward to your next letter.
Yours truly,Yulya.

Letter 3

Privet, Sandro
Thank you a lot for your letter. I was very glad to receive it. It was a really pleasure to get to know more about you and I'd like to see more pictures of you with pleasure. But you know for me is much important inside beauty then outside one. Of course the appearance play an important role in our life, but I think that inside features the most important in relations. So I want to get to know you better. Thank you for all you have told me about you. It was very interesting and useful to read. Now we can communicate only this way, but I hope very soon it'll be time when we'll be able to meet and to look how it'll work out for us. As for me, I am merry and cheerful girl and I like modern music, I like to dance and to go to the gym (in order to stay fit), I am open-minded on all the topics and I even have tattoos. Aren't you against of this? I thin it is very sexy and I am hope that you will like them:-))) But nevertheless I'm serious and my intentions are also very serious. I want to create my own family. I want to return home from my work, to the home where everyone is waiting for my returning. Where it's very warm and cosy. I want to be happy and to make happy he persons near. And of course I want children. I know that it's the most important in the life. The most of all I like when I can make the people near happy,then I also feel very happy. And I think it's very important for me in the life. I don't like at all when people don't want to tell truth. When they try to lye for each other. I think that all the relations has to be built on trust. I hope that our communication will become something good for both of us. And as soon as we get to know each other better, we'll meet. Because writing letters is very good, but nothing can be better than a eal meeting, do you agree with me? I'll be waiting with impatience for your next letter. Hope to hear from you soon. From naughty Yulya :-)))

Letter 4

Hello my naughty boy Sandro
I am here for you again and I am happy that you wrote me again. You see, the more we write each other the more I use to you and I think that we are closer and closer to each other. Now I feel that I can share with you all my secret wishes, thoughts and desires. And do you feel something like this? You know, yesterday I stayed at home and I thought of you and I didn't notice how my thoughts flied far away and I imagined us.... I imagined us at the bank of the river of cold pure water. It is not dark yet but we hardly can see the trees on the other side of the river. It's warm and quiet. We just came out from the water. We are wet and our eyes are full of passion and desire. Your strong hands touch my shoulders. Your touches are tender. I close my eyes and you get closer and closer. Your lips are so sweet and wet and your kiss is so deep that I can't stand and we come down to the hot white send. I drop you on the send and my lips move down from your face to your neck, then down to your shoulders, to your dark nipples. My tongue caress them, circling them over and over while my hands move down toward your penis, my tender fingers touch it softly at first and then I see desire in your eyes and I begin to kiss your body passionately moving towards your manhood. And when my lips touch its head it moves, answering. It's long and hard and it feels my hot wet mouth around it as I take it into. I tease you and then you drop me to the send because you can't take it anymore, you want to feel me deep from inside... Am I naughty enough to stop on this? ))) I will wait for your reply and hope that I didn't scare you with such thoughts, with my photos and you will answer me very soon and you won't make me wait for too long. From Your naughty girl Yulya.

Letter 5

Dear Sir Sandro,
We are the firm which provides Yulia K. with the access to Internet computer and interpreter. Unfortunately her account is over and she can not reply to your letter.
If you are interested we can send you information concerning our service and payment. We hope for our future cooperation.
Best Regards,
Translation service Director "Generation" John Alevick.