Scam letter(s) from Maria Martynyak to Michael (Sweden)


Good evening dear Mike! Yes, you are right your bad very busy girl decided to write you finally, hope you aren't very angry. Write me please how is Malin now? Sure you miss your son very much, when did you see hi last time and when do you plan to meet him again? Mike, what does mean for you to be happy? That's what is so important to me the dream of being happy together and to raze a happy loving family, I work hard, and live a normal live, I'd love to travel to different countries, but with out some one to share these things with they mean nothing, I have lots of friends, we go out a lot and have a good time, they visit me and we watch a film I cook a nice meal, and we can talk all night, but then they go home and I am alone again, you can have a thousand friends and still fill lonely, do you agree. I am a happy person and my biggest joy is to make others happy, it gives me such a good filling inside, I have so much love to give and know that I could make some one so happy, could it be you,?? I believe that as long as you are attracted to each other and if you really wanted it to work, that you can start to fall in love and that love will grow and become stronger, the difference in our culture and language makes it more exciting for me, as we have so much to learn from one an other, how do you fill about that. I'll wait your letter with impatience, miss you, Lilly
Letter 2

Darling, I don't want you'll wait again long time, I thought a lot and I would like to know, whether it will be possible to meet you, I'll come to you and to lead with you some remarkable days. I'll pay for all; therefore you have nothing to worry. Maximum what I'll need, it's your invitation for the embassy but I'm not sure and I should check it first. If you do not have opportunity to offer me in your house, find out please the price in hotel. If you will have opportunity to take free days on work, it will great! I'll wait for your evening arrivals with tasty supper : ) I'll wait your reply with impatience Your Lilly
Letter 3

Good evening dear Mike! I'm glad that now we can achieve new step of our attention and I'll try to find out how to get visa in Sweden. I'm not interesting in numbers of rooms in your apartments. I didn't decide yet when to come in Sweden, but may be in the beginning lf July, what do you think? Dear Mike, since we born (everybody) that we spend a great part of our lives searching for something that we don't really know very well what it is ... in my daily meditations and since long time ago that I've found that everything is inside ourselves, in our heart ... and this is TRUE LOVE that only makes light when we found someone who's on the same road of life ... sometimes we never find that one ..... I feel a great "yes! you've found" in my heart ...I always dreamed with a better world full of love and when I was young (10to15) I crying a lot only because the world was not lovely as I've dreamed with ... and still is not ... would you help me to make world shine ?? Life ... I don't want too much because I think that life should be not only material (and I'm lucky because, I'm not rich but simple and I have a nice comfortable life :) ... but spiritual and sentimental things as values, feelings ... are also very important, maybe more important ... happiness and true love, money can't buy ...When someone loves with true love, he is honest, true, generous, understanding ... I'm sure you understand all my words, even with this bed English I have! ...You really seem to me a tender, sensual and passionate men and I feel you also are open-heart and generous ... hope you can love me with passion and totally because I'm sure I will do the same to my future love ... We will do everything you want when we will be together ... even things I usually don't do I will try to do and you will teach me ... only to make you happy my dear and hope you will do the same for me. I'd want to see Malin, do you think she will against me? What will her reaction if you'll have woman in your life? Write me soon because this is very important for me, take care, Your Lilly
Letter 4

Hello dear! Picture is lovely, what do I see? : ) Two wolves and girl who give them thirsty, I that hard? : ) I'm sure with Malin everything will fine. So, I told with the embassy now and they tolled me that you must send me your invitation, the first page of your passport and Personbevis. I have the formulary of invitation, I send you it now and all info about me I'll send you today later, I just will find my passport. Book your Personbevis, when I asked operator of the embassy what is that, they told me that you should know and you can book it by phone and from 2-3 days you'll have it, was she right? Next, you print invitation, write by your hands or print all info, put your signature, scan again and send to my E-mail in good quality with your passport and Bevis, great, everything so easy. As soon, as I'll receive all papers, I'll go to the embassy and will ask guest visa. Dear, please tell me, which airport is close to you and I hope you'll get me there, I must book flight. I'd want to come to you as soon as possible, while I have free time. I know you aren't rich and I don't need rich man, I wrote you that, I need love! Can you give me it? Mike, dear, I lost my phone today, I'm very sad, I
promise to buy new one soon and we can speak by phone again. Send you my other photos like I promised and forget : ) Kiss you and wish you lucky days, Your Lilly
Letter 5

Good evening dear Mike! That's very strange because I really send you photos every times, now I'll send you everything what I've sent to you. I send you
all necessary information. My full name is BILSKA LESYA I was born 15 June 1975 Registration address 79021 Ukraine Lvov city, Petrushevicha str. 14 51 Official place of work - Private enterprise " Blakit " Stomatologic clinic like the manager of Stomatologic clinic - 3 years I'm single, haven't children Dates for my trip from 27-th June for 1 week, is that Ok for you? The purpose for my visit and how do we know each other Dear consul I want to inform you that I invite my beloved girl from Ukraine BILSKA LESYA. We know each other about one and a half year - but the last six months we communicate very intensive We have got acquainted in Internet and some months communicated! By Lesya's invitation I already came to Ukraine for Christmas 2005. Lesya has shown Lvov and Kiev. In June Lesya has birthday - and I have presented her romantic trip to Prague (beginning of June 2006) We were happy.... I want to show to Lesya my house. To show ancient Stockholm and to acquaint her with my parents. I think time already has come. Mike, we should write that in order to show for the embassy that we really are close and have serious attention. Wish you good night day and my evening warm kiss, Lesya
Letter 6

Hello my dear! I go to my parents now, they finished building of theirs house and there are a lot work to do, like to put all furniture on theirs place and we’ll have dinner, I’ll buy some good wine now and some sweats, may be chocolate cake. We also should hang up curtains and a venetian blind. I didn’t see. My parents have two big dogs and every half-year, the we have by 7-10 puppies, it’s big problem to grow up them till 2 months, when we can sell them. Theirs mother is weak after these 2 months : ) They eat up her, every morning my mum wake up in 4 o’clock by morning and cook food for them, it’s big problems with them but they are expensive and my parents received theirs money back and even more. Unfortunately I haven’t no one photo of these puppies, but they are so lovely, so you couldn’t look at them without of smile of affection : ) It’s very cold now and parents take them inside the house and it’s so ***** : ) But it’s not possible to live without dogs in private houses because there are a lot thieves, I remember when I lived with them, one night people tried to steal gate but our defender has bitten him and he has thrown a gate on road. About invitation, lets’ write invitation from 26-th June for month and then we’ll see, I should show for my boss visa from 26-th June in order to take my holiday. I called to the embassy and book time for the beginning of next week, try to fix papers soon. Dear Mike, I want you’ll write how do you imagine our the first meeting, are you romantic? I’ll wait with impatience, kiss you
Letter 7

Hello dear, I write you letter from my work, it situated jut in one street from me, don't you believe me? About my work, I wrote you that I have medical education, don't you remember? And modeling work is my hobby which give me more money then in clinic, but I can't be model in official paper, my real professional is by my education. I waked up today very early and thought what would I do for people, let's they are angry, sad and crazy, but I want some of them will think may be I'm wrong, may be I can change something in order everybody could be happy? When I studied in medical academy, I dreamed to open my private small pregnant-house, my dad had business and I asked him to give me money, but I was younger and optimist, no I can't do that, but want I very much. Later when I was 20-th years old, I saw by TV that many full family adopt children from other countries but in my countries there are many pour children who need my care too and may be I can be at least good friends for some of them. Sometimes people don't appreciate good and kind attention, why such is life? Why people respect cruelty and force. Thus is display if weakness. Am I right, I'm interesting what do you think about that? Yes, I have acrobat in computer, I laugh when heard that you'll find the most beautiful girl and will kiss her : ) I kiss you and wish you nice weekend, thinking about you, Lesya
Letter 8

Mike, dear, the translation was so funny : ) Write letters in English. About your question why do I ask, I ca explain, because from the idle of July, I have contracts and I'll have to work out Ukraine in Russia, it will very busy duty and I couldn't find free time. About my work, modeling business and translation is like my hobby and it gives me money and clinic is my official place of work, where I just receive an experience. Dear, thanks for your passport and another paper, just invitation and I'll go to the embassy. I haven't children, I'll pay myself for the trip and other incoming about my being there write that you'll take care about me. Nobody accompany me, I'll come to you alone : ) Dear, I'm sorry I see I didn't write you about my education before. By my first high education - I'm doctor, I finished medical academy 6 years and I need to continue my education - internature, but for that I needed lot money, it's very expensive. I have red diplomas, it means I have only the excellent marks, but nobody need in my knowing, everybody need only money, so now I study in university of economic and in this year, I'll have other diploma of economist. I have two sessions twice a week by one month. Last session was in February and soon I'll have my diploma. So other time, I work like model in modeling business, but not for magazines and for shows, it's very hard because I have to wear shoes with very high heels, because I'm not so high like my colleques. I don't like this kind of work too much, it's for young girls but not for me, but sometimes it brings rather good money. This work is work by contract, it means I work two weeks very hard and we travel a lot, but not abroad and all over SHG (USSR), and other 2 weeks in month I'm absolutely free. Because of that work isn't constant, I take texts for translation. I have many clients who know me very well, there are students, women whom I help to write men from Internet : ) and other people who doesn't know English. I haven't special education and I know English from 13-th old, when my parents wanted to move in Australia and they enter me in special courses for emigrants. So I can speak English rather fluently. So now, you know how do I earn money and how clever or silly am I : ) Dear I hope now everything is clear, I'm sorry I can't buy new phone now because I safe money for my trip to you. Kiss you and wish you wonderful evening.
Letter 9

My dear, I know you are angry on me because I didn't write to you, sorry, I had crazy busy day and now I'm just go home, it's very late and I so want to
sleep, hope you'll sorry me, I wish you sweat dreams and good night,
Letter 10

My darling, thanks a lot for your wonderful congratulations, really very nice cards. Dear, you know we can be so well and so beautiful and try to add some characters which we never have in our correspondences, but I want you try o look at yourself from the side of other person, who are you, are you interesting for people, if not, why, may be some complexes, when you was child, and you problems with your friends? Because I'm like doctor, I was interesting in psychology very much, sure that all our conflicts in adult life are going from you childhood. Sometimes we don't know what do we want and we just try the sand where do we stay and it's every times mistakes from we make some results. Life is very interesting thing. What does mean people for you, do you respect them at all or you prefer to have just a small circle of people who are interesting for you, do you like o have new acquaintances? I want to know also what does mean family for you? Should they check and may be hurt each other sometimes or they must be the best friends and never offend to each other? I'm very interesting your opinion. By the way, I'm drinking apple juice and glass of water. Apple juice is so good. What about you? I would have a nice room. During the day we would take a nice walk along the streets, holding hands and talking about what ever comes to our mind. Stopping often for a hug and a kiss. After that maybe go look in some of the shops. By the time evening comes we change clothes and go to a very nice quiet restaurant for a nice candle light dinner. After dinner we walk along the streets again on our way back to the home. The air is starting to chill a bit, but the moon is out and very bright as are the stars. But it is chilled so we kind of hurry back to our room. We can see the sky and the moon. I would have you sit back and get comfortable while I light the fireplace. I would pull out a bottle of Wine or Champagne turn on some nice quiet mellow music and join you. I turn out the lights and light some nice scented candles. With light from the candles we sit close in each other's arms. We can hear the Birds over the music at times. We are enjoying each other, the drink, and maybe even something to snack on. We might quietly talk a bit or maybe not. We might just sit there quietly in the comfort and safety of each other's arms. You would snuggle up close with and we would hold each other closer. Maybe exchange a few kisses, maybe our hands and fingers begin to roam over each other's body. There is love and there is deep tenderness in the touching and kisses. Slowly the kisses become more heated and passionate and the touching becomes more intimate. In time we find ourselves making passionate love that is from the heart. We become one in our desire and passion for each other. So would that be acceptable. I have a wild imagination so I can create a romantic situation in many ways and places. I like to do that. Wish you good night and kiss you!

Letter 11

My darling, I can't find right words in order to explain you my feelings and my impressions after reading that words. Darling, If I love, I love by all my heart and I'm ready to live on the nature, it seems so romantic, but from my side I promise to do everything in order my man will feel himself the happiest man in the world and I want feel the same from his heart. Dear, I wanted to know, is that true that your shops, products shop work till 6-7 evening? Our shops work till 11 evening and we have supermarkets which work 24 hours. Also I want to know, if you need tablets, should you go to the doctor first and he must give you the recipes for buying or you can buy drugs and tablets when you want without visiting doctors. What about services in restaurant, I know you must give for tea, it's not necessary here and you know my girlfriend when she was in Egypt, she tolled that first days she didn't understand why waitress didn't service her well and after one woman explained to her, that she must give money for tea, that's why abroad services-people don't like people from my countries : ) I want to understand difference between our countries, I understand via letters it's not possible, but anyway. I kiss you very deep and my one French kiss to you, Yours forever.
Letter 12

Good evening my dear! Thanks for explanation the situation with drugs. I'm so sad today, as you know, I bought some new clothes and one of them has spoilage, I didn't pay attention when I bought it. So, yesterday I brought it her back and she said it isn't her problem and I had to ask special department by protection of consumer's rights to help me, because coat is expensive and I'm very demanded to my clothes. So, we wrote the application and now I must give it to that seller, then we'll see what will happen, because I don't like when for my money somebody make me ******. Have you ever had similar situations? So many times I say to myself, never buy clothes on the market, but every times forget about that : ) Because in the market there are big choice of different clothes and styles and it's very comfortable if I want to buy everything beginning from shoes till dresses and coats. How was your day today, what did you eat and what do you like to eat? Kiss you and wish you sweet dreams my dear, Your princess.
Letter 13

My dear, you had the celebration of midsummer yesterday? Today is wonderful weather, it's sun-rainy, do you know what is that? We cal this rainy is mushroom-rainy also, very strange winter this year, You know this is first winter when I don't sad, usually as you know and I've written to you, I adore summer and hate winter, even when I was small girl, Is aw like other children use snow to fight with each other and I never, because I hate when it's fry : ) I was unusual child, everything what I began to do, everybody consider that I'm talant in that, from some months it was not interesting for me, I began to fond of other things and there I was talant too. In medical academy I was the best but what is the next. Those students who used my help every times work now in Moscow because theirs parents could pay for theirs education in internature. O I'm person with high education but without right to work by education. Sorry, that subject hurt me, but now I want to be economist but I don't want to work for somebody, may be I'll open my small company, may be will play on the stock-market, which business is popular in your country, what can you propose to do. Of course it's very hard to begin new business alone and I need man who will my partner, the best friend and who never will lye and betray me. You don't eat the Sea-products, did I understand right? I don't eat any Sea0products either, I prefer vegetables and mushrooms. Write me more about that celebration, I'll go to my parents now, kiss you and wish you great weekend, Your princess.
Letter 14

Hello my darling! Thanks for your wonderful letter, I miss you very much. I'm sure we have many subjects for conversation, you are very interesting man and clever, what I like very much. Today my parents bought DVD player and presented to me, I'm so happy, now I can see movies without my computer. Before I could do only one - to work at computer or to see DVD, now I can see DVD and playing computer, both pleasure in one moments, I' so happy. My parents are great people, at my birthday they presented be washing-machine and I can't imagine how did I live without it before, I haven't problems. Before that, to wash clothes needed all day and I was crazy tired. I'm going to book monument to think p the washing machine. Now I think what to ask my parents to present me more : ) from my side I help them every times when they need my help, I adore by small brother and sometimes he lives with me and visit article school. He is talent and everybody say that. My darling, write me how are your days go on, kiss you, Your forever.
Letter 15

My darling, I am sincere to you I like you very much, and I want you to have the same fillings in your heart for me, because if I am not a 100% what you looking to expand all you life with, don't waste you time, because life is beautiful and I don't want to hurt you, but if I am the woman you like to spend the rest of your life, I promise to be the most tenderness woman and take care of you as the most important par in my life, all I'm asking is love and tenderness, how will you want me to make your world shine? I promise you to do my best to make you happy, please be specific, you are right I am a very passionate woman and when I love I give all my live to my lover, but I like my lover to do the same for me, that's way I am asking you if you are sure that I am what you are looking for? because I don't like to share my life with some one just for compromise not for love. Darling, please send your passport and your person-Bevis in the Swedish embassy by number 0038-044-4944292 and please call there and confirm your invitation 0038-044-4944290. Your Lesya
Letter 16

Darling, I've sent you every photo I have. Sorry I didn't understand your question about work and education, what did you mean?
Of course more French kisses ; )
Letter 17

Hello my love! Sorry for my silence, my work took so many my free-time and my parents, I sent with them the whole weekend, so I didn't put money on telephone and you conversation take money that's why if you called, my mobile wasn't achieve. Darling, do you think you are very clever man? I agree that not everyone is smart but they are good at things that I am not. For example I love sport too much but I'm not very good at it. Money isn't everything for me either but I do work hard to make sure my family can have everything they want within reason. There is a difference between what we need and what we want. I work hard for what we need and if I can get what I want that is a bonus. I think the support of family and friends is very important. We all have dreams and without support...I kiss you and please repeat your question about photos, I didn't understand it sorry, kiss you, Your princess.
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