Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Yambarsova to Ivon (Norway)

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Hi dear Ivon
Excuse, that I long did not write. But you should understand my circumstances.
To me not dexterously to ask you payments the Internet - cafe, but it is really difficult to me to pay the Internet.
After some weeks of dialogue with you I have stayed in Internet - cafe for the sum 120 $ now I will need to pay it differently at me problems.
I do not want, that you thought, that I write you less often, than you, because I have no time for you is not so.
Simply now I have no an opportunity of access to the Internet, because I at all have no money now.
I need to pay my duty in the Internet of cafe within week as a last resort, differently they informed me, that they will bring an action against me.
If you have opportunity to help me with payment of the Internet.
Please, do transfer through company " Western union ".
My data:
Country: Russia,
Kirov area,
City: Kirov
Street: Bauman 20-31
Zipcode: 60030
Name: Natasha
Surname: Yambarsova

I should know your complete name, complete address. And also number of money transfer. I hope you is serious in dialogue with me, because I am adjusted on the serious attitudes. Write.
Yours Natasha



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