Scam letter(s) from Olga Kilyachenkova to Nicholas (USA)


HI Nicholas ! I am pleased to receive your message again. It means you are interested in me. Did you really like my picture? well.. i shall send you another my picture in the following letter. Nicholas i have some questions i hope to get your answers, It's important for me to learn some your opinion. Also i shall try to answer your questions, if not now that later, I think you read my profile and could see that I have serious intentions im looking for serious relations. i hope you too, if you looking for fun, tell me goodbye, welll I shall try to tell a little about my character. well.. I think iam very romantic woman. I like to communicate with people, it is pleasant to me i like good humour. Also i very much estimate, honesty, loyalty, understanding, patience. I believe in love, and I think it very valuable thing which needs to be protected. I very jealous person. I adore, to hear compliments and is ready to listen many times. I like Cleanliness around of myself, I do cleaning often. I love a cosiness in the house and I enjoy in the silent evening of a house. Also i like to cook. I like a chicken. I shall tell about it somehow. well also I am always ready to be the most most patient. i think i good woman :) I want to find a good guy, i think all women dream to find good man and i dream about beautiful romantic relations. But often such things come to the end very quickly. In relations should be not only romanticism, also the lovers should think of a reality. I have no intention to spend my time with only romanticism. I search for the man which knows that he wants in life, not only in dreams, While i have not met such man in my life. But i hope to find such person. I am not materialistic, I hope to make family. I think its main thing, not career or other success. Happy good family and loveperson are main. Tell me please what you want in the life? What woman? i want to know this things. I shall wait yours e-mail. I hope we shall learn each other gradually.

Yours Kira.
Letter 2

Hi Nicholas, I live - unfortunately i live far from you. I like your picture, thanks! Otherwise it was not necessary for us much e-mail to learn each other. I live in average area of Russia, in city Zainsk. It is located in Prikamye, on the river Steppe Zay (inflow of Kama), near the same railway station, in 287 km to the east from Kazan, in 55 km to a southwest from quay Naberezhnye Chelny. The distance from Moscow is about 1390 km. But if we shall decide to meet, I hope, that it will be not a problem for us because earlier I travelled to other countries. I have never been there where you live but i have been in some countries of Europe; for example Turkey, Italy, Germany. I traveled as the tourist. Therefore Nicholas, you should not have excitement be relative that we not beside. I am woman, that if I shall like man for a meeting i shall reach him. Besides in our days it is not a problem to travel. I don't worry about it and I can do it, it is possible to have relations with the person of other part of the world. It is very interesting - other culture, thinking, traditions i like new places, probably you Nicholas can learn Russian woman. About my place residing in my profil, first I specified in a profile the country, but then a date service did not accept my profile and informed, that I tried again. I tried it still few times, but then i again has received a message to do new attempt. Then I did experiment and specified in a profile, that I from other country and my profile at once was it is accepted. I think, that it is mistake of computer programs or the date service works not with each country. well I finish the letter Write and ask questions. I shall wait for yours e-mail.

Yours Kira.
Letter 3

Hi Nicholas!

I am glad to receive again your message, every day we shall learn more about each other and it's an interesting. I had usual day but i have received your letter and now my mood became much better, it is really pleasant for me that you write to me. Thank you for yours some answers to my questions it helps me to learn more about you and to understand you. I send you another my picture. I hope you like me on photo.Nicholas tell me more about your family. Do you have many relatives? How often do you visit each other how often do you gather? I have very good family. As i already wrote i live with my mom and daddy. We live in a cosy apartment, there are three rooms a kitchen a bathroom and a balcony. I have my own room. I have loved mom and loved daddy, i one child in family i always wanted to have the younger brother or the sister to look after them. My parents are very good, careful and kind people, they always understand me. They love me very much, I love them too ....... My mom's name is Eleonora, she is very sensual and kind woman. She is 47 years old, earlier she worked as adviser of the industrial goods but now she does not work. My daddy's name is Robert. He is strict, but fair man. He is 52 years old. He works as the welder. I love my family very much we frequently spend time together. In my private life i have emptiness. I have been never married, my last boyfriend was almost my age, we were with him together almost 2 years, but he appeared the rascal, he deceived me though pretended, that everything is all right, that always with me is fair. I thought, he loves me, but he was a fool (sorry for expression), he frequently deceived me he was the liar, for him friends and were more important than a party. For him there was no important we relations, and I with him have said goodbye and not how many I do not regret about it, therefore, now I search for more serious and sincere really " adult man for serious relations". There are no anybody for serious relations. In the beginning you think you have met the good suitable person, but then you understand that were mistaken in the person. Likely therefore I also use the web service of date. So it is possible to study an internal side of the person, Probably here I can find the person who will be to love me, appreciate and understand me. For me not important his financial situation and work he makes. i hope to find who appreciate women and who can care of woman. I shall be ready to give all myself, well I shall be brief Nicholas, write to me about your ideas of that.

I wait your letter. Yours Kira.
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