Romance scam letter(s) from Veronica Sergunina to Alan (USA)

Hello How are you doing? My name Veronica.
I have visited some sites in INTERNET have seen your questionnaire, and she has interested me. Attempt to write to you also has decided to make.
Internet gives the big opportunity to lonely people to meet each other.
I want to tell to you about myself:To me of 27 years, I live in big country Russia.
I work as the secretary in small firm.In general I very cheerful person which love life. I have no harmful habits. But very much I love a healthy way of life.
Go in for sports. But heart mine is lonely. And my soul has yearned on which that only thing I hope to meet.And qualities which I would like to see in the ideal:
I like fair and decent people which too lonely and want to find the second half.
I know that in INTERNET many men who search for entertainments. I want to trust, that you not such. I would ask the god what to meet the fair decent person who is capable to love. The person with which I shall be glad to lead all life.
Which will be a strong support for me and our family. The man which our children will be proud.
If you such and that I wait your answer.
Veronica. kiss you bye......
Letter 2

Hello my dear Alan . Its I.
With each new letter all of us it is more and better we learn each other. Even it seems to me, that at me inside has appeared any feeling in relation to you.
In this letter I want to touch human attitudes.
What is the love? It not simply sex and life together.
It something is more as I think. This full mutual understanding of two people which trust each other, They do not represent life the friend without the friend. Leaving at some o'clock they
Start to grieve the friend without the friend.
They simply are not able to live the friend without the friend.
Alan you can be asked a question - why I do not search for my love in Russia. I had sad experiences with men from Russia. In Russia many the broken hearts. I the person which very quickly get used to people. Last my experience was finished by that that which person I liked, have left for other city.
It was frightened to take me with itself. IT has told, that is not sure in the forces. It and his family have gone to other city, and I have remained one. It was very sad for me. You can present yourselves such: you like and is very serious. And to you speak I is not sure??
It will wound.
Russian men can be divided into 3 groups.
1. Money are necessary and interesting to one men only
2. Want only sex.
3. Binge is necessary for the third only.
Few such men who want to love and be loved . Can and is also people, their units. But in life of such men there is no place for love, and warm attitudes. And to search for them means, it is possible to get acquainted with such person who can spoil to me life .Therefore, I also search for the love in INTERNETE .I want to get acquainted with the normal, good person who will love me and which I shall love. I shall find out about him everything, his habits, a way of life, hobbies, I shall tell to it the interests. Also I hope in the end to grow fond of it and to create with it family .I know, that many offer men offer to arrive to it . I shall not be engaged in nonsense to arrive to it.
I shall not be engaged in nonsense and to speak you, that I now am ready to arrive to you. It simply is not real and not serious.
In first I not enough you I know.
In second it simply it is not real in short terms to arrive to other country official registration of papers borrows enough the big term.
I know, that many promise to arrive in one week but it is not real .
This simply life. In the third not only women but also men deceive.
Only money in general are necessary for some. I speak you once again to me your money are necessary When I began to correspond from you that I searched for the love. And I hope that in the future we appear those two people which will be together and to them anything and never will prevent to be together.
On it I finish the letter.
Write why you search love in the Internet?
Why you do not search in the country?
How you think that such love?
I wait for your answer.
Letter 3

Hi Alan !!!!!!
I again am glad to receive your next letter . ‘ each new letter all of us we learn each other better. It seems to me that at me what that feeling to you has appeared. I want to tell as I went to the parents at date of birth of mum. In these days off at my mum day birth and it is executed 56 years. Before to go to it I long went shopping in search of a gift,I long chose to it a gift and she has stopped on a beautiful gold chain for a long time wanted this fine beautiful thing. When I to it have arrived that they very much were delighted to my arrival. Mum prepared for celebratory supper. As to people was invited to prepare too much is necessary was much. We with mum were going all the day and only at us all was ready to evening. For now we were going daddy only and had time to run in shops behind products .Celebrated at my parents of a house. Has gathered many people. There came relatives and friends of family. All wanted to congratulate my mum and to wish good luck it happiness! When all be settled behind a table all by turns have started to congratulate mum. The first daddy has congratulated mum and my turn I has then come also has congratulated her and has handed a gift, mum very much was delighted and even has shed a few tears with happiness. The gift mine very much has liked it also she has on the spot dressed it and did not remove. Then congratulated the others. Mum was presented with many gifts, but most of all she was delighted she to arrival of my brother Valera which have released from service for one day.
I too was very glad to see the brother. Arrival of the brother was the biggest unexpectedness for all my parents and relatives. After all be dispatched we till morning by all family sat and talked as we for a long time did not see and it would be desirable to tell about all that has taken place.
But morning has soon come and the brother has left.
All of us together went it to see off on station.
In the evening of the next day we with mum sat together and discussed female secrets.
I have told that have got acquainted with you and that you live in other country on what mum have
answered that for love there are no barrier and borders.
She ordered to send the regards to you and you have told that the good person as its daughter can not have bad friend and has wished us good relations.
In the morning of the next day I have left to myself home.
So have passed my days off.
Tell that at you happened for these days?
What new in your life?
Than you were engaged?
I wait for the answer Alan !!!!!!!!
Letter 4

Hello the my dear friend Alan !!!!!
I am very glad to receive your next letter.
How at you an affair? What brand new and interesting at you has taken place?
With each your letter I start to get used to you more and more and to me it will seems that without you to me boringly.
This week I had joyful event .Once a year, per day birth of firm, is entrusted the best employee of our firm " the Diploma of the best expert! ".
And the last weeks it have handed over me. I did not expect such surprise.
On general assembly of firm in a solemn stop our director has declared that .The best employee recognizes I. Then the board of directors has handed over me the diploma and smart a bouquet of colors. I simply was in a shock. I did not expect it. To the diploma to me also have given out the premium in 200 USD. This premium is given out only to the best employees, but I in any way did not expect that I shall become the best employee for this year .Our heads suited with evening of the same day a solemn banquet concerning birthday of firm. All employees of firm were invited. For us the restaurant in city centre was removed.
For us have prepared for solemn supper, we had fun drank a wine danced.
For us arranged various competitions. And then all be dispatched also I there was one home. I have understood that I one, that I would not have person which has met me which would carry out up to a house of me with which I could take a walk on night streets of city with which I has come home and would lead wonderful evening together.
We would prepare together for supper and together behind a bottle fault have spent wonderfully.. I do not have not enough native person beside. I would give all for that to be near to the favourite person. This terrible feeling loneliness pursues me. I so want will find the person which to love me and which I shall love.
But will suffice, and that something I was deeply moved.
Excuse for my female tearfulness.
Simply all would like the native and close person beside.
Write as at you affairs? What new? Than you are engaged?
With impatience I wait for your answer!!!!!
Whole in a cheek Veronica.
Letter 5

Hi my loved Alan
I am very glad to receive your letter.
I want to reveal to you small secret. Recently I all am stronger and stronger Began to miss on you Alan to me of you does not suffice. I do not want to come home And to carry out all evenings one. I do not want to sleep one knowing, that I have you. And we are held with distance. Each time when I lie down to sleep, when I go on Work, When I go from work, all time I think of you. My love to you every day It is more and more and more Alan at me very strong desire of you to see, hear, To feel. I think, that we with you shortly can carry out ours Dream.
If we have decided to be together all our life and to build our family, to divide a bed.
Then I think, that was not present that bad if I shall address to you.
It is sure that the meeting will give us much. And we can embrace each other and To present caress.
Our attitudes should be begun with arrival and when I shall come, we shall be together.
Alan as to our meeting I have learned all All will cost 2200 USD
I think, money which we shall spend for our meeting they will return
To us will pass year, and we in shall remember as we have met
Money not in life very much is not pleasant for speaking the main thing
to me about money
Well, now money solve our meeting I ask your help
All depends on you Alan if you will help me I shall come to you and we
shall be contain
It will be the best days in my life!!!!!!!!!!
If you think, money are necessary for me you be mistaken
Money are necessary for our meeting!!!!!!!!!
I think, you understand: everything, that we do we do for us with you.
I am sure, when we shall meet, us who can not separate.
When two persons like each other they should be together.
You agree???.
Alan I love you and soon we shall contain our meeting your hands
I ask the god, that we would meet
I shall wait for your letter
Kiss you
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