Scam letter(s) from Julia Solodovich to Jason (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Jason! I was very glad when I has found out your letter in my mail box. It is so nice of you! I was waitong for your letter a lot!!! I at once bring my apologies for my mistakes in my structure and the last letter. I live in Estonia on border with Russia in city of Narva. I was born in Russia in city of Saratov. In the beginning of 90th years during reorganization we with parents have moved to Estonia because my father have transferred on work in this country. After we have moved Soviet Union has broken up also we have remained to live in Estonia. I never was behind borders of Estonia and Russia. As you already could understand, now I am 28 years. My birthday is July, 20, 1975. I have no boyfriend and I have no company to celebrate this day? I hope that I'll find somebody, speccially for me who can share this day with me!!! A little bit about me. So as you could understand me I am almost 29 years old. I have a nice hair not so long and not so short. I have brown eyes as you can see at my pic. My favorite color is blue. I love this color very much! Jason, I think that you can agree with me because this color is really great and it is suit for me very much!!! Please write me what is your favorite color and why, ok? I was not married. I think first of all I need to know anything about my man, to spend a lot of time with him and only then I think the time will come and I will be able to decide he is for me or not. I hope that you can understand me. Maybe it's not right but I am afraid of making mistakes. I understand that there is no life without mistakes but? Please, try to believe me and to understand me. I would like to know more about your family and to learn a little bit more in detail about your birth and did the origin of your family have historical character? There is in Estonia the people love to praise themselves, but it only on words. Jason, you probably would like to learn more in detail about my character as I want to know more about your character. I can tell about it only according to mine familiar. When I studied at university, my teacher of the English language spoke that I am too open, simple girl, that someone can take advantage of it in the purposes. I can tell precisely by myself that the sociable and purposeful woman. I love to be in a circle of the cheerful, clever friends. In a circle of the people which I communicate with, I have not found the man whom would be possible to connect the destiny with. So I am a the teacher at school, I teach Russian. Age of my pupils of 13-17 years. I work in female collective, where I hear about married life so many that as though itself married. Each day only also I hear how someone complains that the husband has not come home or ***** has come again. It is too hard for me to listen to their groans each day. It is very a pity of my friends and would like to connect the life with the man from another country where, to my opinion, is not present such an attitude to the women. It would be desirable to tell some words about my family. My family consists of four members. It is the mom, daddy I and my brother. We have a dog on nickname Polkan. I very much love domestic animals, am especial dogs. The daddy works the driver, the mum doesn't work. I have finished the university some years ago. Jason, you know that my student's years were the happiest in my life. And you, Jason, what can you tell me about your student's life? We had cheerful, friendly company which had time simultaneously well to study and to have a rest. My parents were proud of me as that time as present time! They said that we could have fun without spirits, cigarettes and especially without drugs. I very seriously treat these problems. The world to be rolled not clearly where and it is difficult to tell that against it. A lot of families in the world have mentioned this problem and they can only be pitied. It would not be desirable to speak about sad, Jason, probably, do you agree with me? As I already wrote in the beginning of the letter I live in small country town Narva. Though it and small on the sizes, I very much love to visit our museums and theatres. Write to me, Jason, please, about your city. What is your city and do you like to live there? And do you know what Narva is? I speak your language only a little and I own rules of a spelling. But I would like to know what do you think about my knowledge of your language. I want to apologize for mistakes admitted in my letter. I hope that in a near future I shall begin to write more competently. With INTERNET I work also for the first time. Difficultly something to speak about it, you see, Jason, you are the first man whom I communicate with the help of INTERNET. In our country about computers began to speak absolutely recently, but nevertheless Estonian people aspire to learn this clever machine. I write the letter to you not from houses. I write you, from INTERNET CAFE. I can use INTERNET daily; I go in INTERNET CAFE, as soon as I am free off work. I will be with impatience; I will wait forward for your letter. I hope that my photo is pleasant to you. Your new Russian friend, Tamara.
Letter 2

Hi my dear friend Jason!!!! I am very glad to receive your answer again so soon! It makes me happy!!! I hope that you can understand anything I say. And I hope that I can be frankful with you, Jason, I am very glad, that I have a man whom I can talk frankly to, without lie also of hypocrisy. Our world become more severe, and I think, that you agree with me. I can tell you, Jason, everything that occurs in my life and I think that you will understand me or even something will advise. As you can see at my photo I am not too *** and I am not too slim. My height is 168 cm and my weight is 57 kg. I think that I have a good figure but since my childhood I wanted to be a little more taller. One day of my childhood I wanted to become a photo model and then the day after I decided to become just a model. I know that there are some difference between these profession. But when I grew up I decided that it's not so important for me to become a model or a photo model. I think it's not so constant professions. I can see Estonian girls with can do everything to become a top model but it's not real. I want to have a real work which I like. But it's hard to find it especially in Estonia. I don't know anything about good work in other countries that is why I just can talk about Estonia. I think that you of course would like to know why I am here, I mean in the Internet. OK, I'll tell you but only after you. Of course if you ask me about it then. Jason, in our country the men like to drink very much. I think that I am not the first girl who say it to you. On our country very strong influence is rendered with Russia. And in Russia a problem of alcohol in general very big. This problem has touched many families. Jason, write, that you think in this occasion. I very seriously treat this problem. I love to have fun, to go in clubs, but thus it is not necessary to drink, it is possible simply to have a rest. Maybe that is because our men can't relax without some help of drinks, or drugs or maybe something else? I don't know. You know Estonian people like to celebrate holidays. Estonia is one of not so many countries which have a lot of holidays. Estonian men don't like to work a lot, maybe only somebody. If I am not mistaken we have about 100 holidays each year except Saturday and Sunday. We have a lot of holidays in January, then in February and then in March and in May. And every month we have at least one-two holiday. I think that you can understand me. A little about my hobbies. In my free time I like to carry out on a nature. In years time we frequently with the mum and dad go on our kitchen garden. There we grow different vegetables and berries. It is spoke, that the women in your country do not love to dig in ground. Write me about it more in detail and why they don't like it, please. I like to swim, I like to cook very much and sometimes I like to play billiards. It help me to settle down. I like to read sometimes. My favorite book is "Master and Margaret" by Bulgakov. I hope that you know about this writer and about this book. I read it at least five times. And every time I read it I understand what is the true love! It's so great!!! Bulgakov did really describe this feeling, also about the God and other problem in our world and in our life. If you don't read it please read it for me, of course if you want it. I want to tell about my family. The attitudes in our family for me are ideal. My parents do live together already more than 30 years. Can you imagine that my grandparents had a golden wedding??? They were the best pair in the world and the best grandparents for me especially. I loved then very much!!! My grandfather learn me a lot of useful things and now I can feel their help in my real life. As I already wrote to you, my daddy works the driver, but, despite of it is very gentle with my mom, it constantly speaks it compliments. My daddy works a lot, but thus never speaks about it. The life compels so to work. I want for a long time that my parents have visited to have a rest for city. I can see that they strongly get tired, that of forces they already have not enough, and to leave there is no time the daddy speaks. It tries to do everything all for us. And for this reason, I always speak to my friends, that my parents are an ideal pair. My brother studies in technical school as the mechanic. He as well as my daddy will work as the driver or to repair automobiles. To my brother 21 year. Now, when they are well familiar with my family, they speak that at them unearthly love. In our family it is accepted that when there come the visitors it is necessary to invite all for a table, I mean to offer a cup of tea or coffee with candies or cake. And completely not important they came by the invitation or simply past passed. We consider that the hospitality is an attribute of good family. What you, Jason, think in this occasion. Jason, tell about your target, what do you like to do, to that devote the free time. I like to go in cafe with the friends in free off work time. I love ice-cream and grapes very much. The time goes not appreciably and it is time to me to go for work. I hope to see your letter, Jason, in my email in the near future. Write to me about yourself and family more in detail. Write about your friends. What is your favorite cuisine? What is your favorite book and anything you want me to know about yourself. I wait forward the answer, Your friend from Estonia, Tamara.
P.S. I send you pic, I my mum, and daughter
of the friends of our family.
Letter 3

Hello my dear Jason!!!!
I miss you very much!!!! I am getting on fine. So what fills your day today? Which of Is it something interesting i should know? Mine is busy. Much work and no time off. I hope everything is fine there and you miss me at least a little!!! I miss you very much! You have no idea how much i miss you! How is your working day passing by? Are you tired? I'd like to go out with you tonight, for example, to visit some pub or a small restaurant to have a chat at dinner. What are your thoughts on this? It would be great! Is it popular to be outdoors in your country? Which places do you attend after you come back from work? My dear Jason!!! i am so happy that you are here with me, i mean you write me letters! I am so proud of myself that i have the best man in the world! My friends and my parents like you a lot! They told me that i am the happiest woman on the Earth because I HAVE YOU!!! What do you think about it? My mother speaks you hello. My parents love you as the son. My brother is jealous me of you slightly. But he wants, that I was happy and hope, that at us all will be good. With every letter of yours I more outline you and your particular world. You draw closer to me, my darling friend, and I obtain the sense of having got acquainted with you for hundreds years. I lack of words to express my feelings well-nigh. I didn't expect to become dependent on you. My mood varies during the day subject to the news I get from you. You just can't imagine how important to me is to get to know all the events happening to you. I so much wish to take part in your life, let it be my shoulder you may cry on if needed. I want you to know there's someone tens kilometers far thinking, remembering and concerning over you. I am not up on what is going with me. Sometimes I can't believe in presence of such a wonderful, splendid, interesting and intelligent man in the world. I wanted to share my feelings with you as well as I want to tell you of other emotions. Hope you take interest in reading my mail that it seems to me became confusing. I skip from one topic to another. I am writing anything I get on my mind. What for I do write the next sentence? I have a desire to confide my secret to you. I look forward to being forgiven. If you are not ok to listen to this, tell me without fail, please, and I'll stop at once for keeps. This secret wish counts my impatience to kiss your lips. I want to hug you, to clasp you to my *****. Everything I feel can't be expressed in written form. Forgive me, my sweet-heart, for the confusing letter. I am writing it actually panting. Forgive my inexpediency and cowardice. I am not able to hide my feelings longer. I love you!!! You see I told this to you. It seemed to be even easier than I thought. For the first time in my life I experience such a deep feeling. I've said everything I have in my heart and I've stopped thinking over why, what for and how it will be further. I just actually love you... and you know this. I understand, that we did not meet also you may think, that I am mistaken in my feelings. But I am completely sure in my feelings and when we shall meet you will understand it. When we shall meet, we shall find out all our feelings, ideas and we shall have time to decide it is necessary for us to remain together whether or not. If you may and want to help me I shall be very grateful to you that you give me to us chance to find our happiness. I have the account in the Lithuanian bank which has branch in our city. If you may help, I shall give you number of the account. Now I shall go, because become late. You know all my ideas and feelings. I hope, that I did not disappoint you.
Your loved Tamara.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Jason!
I am very happy that you write me! It makes me feel that you need me, that you think of me. I mean with home cleaning. Jason, i know that you have a dream (because every person in the world has his own dream). I don't want to make you tell me about it but if you want go on. Of course i have one dream, maybe when you know about it you will think that it's strange. I don't know, maybe it is but it's my own dream and that's all. I'll tell you about my dream only after you. I want to know your dream first and then i'll tell you mine. I want to be sure that you won't think that i am crazy. Dear Jason, write me your letter or though a little note. I want to know that you need me and that you think of me. It makes my day better! But first of all you should think about your work, then about your family and only then about me. So i think i should better go now for work. By the way, you today have dreamed me. I do not remember what my dream was, but I am precisely sure, that you have dreamed me. I have woken up and tried to recollect what my dream was, but and has not recollected. We today have a lot of snow. What weather at you? Thinking of you, wait to hear from you as you can write me, sincerely, kisses and hugs."
She says its cold with snow when it's the middle of the summer and I checked the weather their it was in the 60 f range that's alittle warm for snow
Letter 5

Hello my dear Jason!
I am so happy that I have your answer to every my letter! I think of you every day, all nights, every moment!!! I can't live without your letter, I need your letters every day! Maybe it's too early to talk about it but I am already talking! I really need her letters every day! Please, believe me, my dear Jason! With every letter we know more and more about each other. And I like you more and more! Now you are the important part of my lonely life! I have dream as well as all women. I want to have loving husband that he understood and loved me. I want to have children and I want that he did not overlook about my Birthday. I think, that at all women of dream identical. How are you there? I miss you very much!
I am so proud of myself that I have so wonderful man! It is YOU!!! Today I went to one woman. She is 56 years old. She has a daughter who lives now in Germany with your husband. He is from small town in Germany. I don't know how to write it in English. I didn't know that there is a chance to marry someone. You know there are a lot of bride agencies in Estonia. And a lot of Estonian girls attend them. And you know most of them marry foreign men. One girl had correspondence with one man from the USA. The girl was 30 years old and he told that he is 35 years old. He sent her a lot of nice photos. And in some time he decided to come to Russia to take her to his country. She said 'ok, honey, I will wait for you'. When he came she was in shock! He was not 35 but he was all 60 years old. So he lied to her. I hope that you will not ever lie to me. It's very important thing for me and I know it's important for you. Be honest with me, please. Now I'd better go. I have to go home today early. I miss you very much so, please, write me as soon as possible. Always yours and only yours
P.S: Write please to me your home address, a full name and a phone number. I shall try to cause you sometime. My address: Tallinn Rd. 9 - 26, 20303 Narva, ESTONIA, my full name Tamara Tikina.
Letter 6

Hello my love Jason, my darling!
How are you there? I miss you very much! How are you doing?
I hope everything is fine there! Recently I have felt, that I become more senior and life goes away. I feel, that there comes the following stage of my life when heart demands love, families. Am I foolish? I want to have who will be close someone for me the most close person. I do not want, that my life passed further colorlessness and is ordinary. I want something new, fine. I want to change my life. You means much more to me than just a guy I speak to. You have become an origin of my joy and sadness lately. You are the person who is dear to me. I can open my heart to you. Correspondence with you fills out my life making it lighter. This is the essence. With every letter of yours I understand we come closer and closer. I think it is wonderful. I am very much glad and happy to have so nice and beloved friend as you. You are good cause you may understand and appreciate me. I assume this as a very important point of life. It seems to me you put trust in me because writing you gives me much pleasure. I take delight in feeling friendship between us. Do you agree with me? Tell me your thoughts on this. I want to ask you about photos you have. Can you send me all your photos? I want to print some of your photos and to place them in mine wallet. It would be great to feel you are near me! So please, send all of your photos, ok? I will wait forward for them! And you can be near me every moment!! It is so great! I have a lot of feeling about you. Tell me what do you feel about me? It would be very good, if we really were together. As you think. You really want it? I very much want it. May be early think of that we were close, but I really want it. You become sense of my life. I want to ask you one thing but i don't know how to tell you about it. I am so nervious about it and i don't know should i tell you about it or not. Can you help me and to make so that we were close? I want to know do you want to hear it? I think you can understand what i mean (or maybe not?). I want to be honest with you and with me so i need to know your opinion! I wait forward for your answers!!!"
Letter 7

Hello my love, my darling Jason!!!
How are you? I hope, that at you all is good. Today my mood was not so good but when I have come in Internet - cafe and saw your letter my mood at once was improved. I?d like to express my view on ***. It is an important part of relationship as well. Is love an art? If yes, then it demands knowledge and efforts or perhaps love is just pleasant feeling that can be tried by chance - something a person gets as his fortune. ****** desire demands union but physical attraction is based not only on desire to get rid of painful tension. ****** desire might be inspired with love, trouble, solitude. It turns out to be that ****** desire is aroused or easily united with any other strong emotion, only one of which is love. Therefore ****** desire in most people mind is combined with the idea of love. People are easily deluded that they love each other when they feel physical attraction. When desire of ****** union is evoked by love, love-making is deprived of greed, need to conquer and be conquered but is full of tenderness. If desire of physical union isn?t produced by love and if ****** love isn?t supplemented with brotherly love, this never leads to the unity that would become something more than **** unity coming by. ****** attraction creates an illusion of unity for a moment that burns down without love. Such a brief unity keeps people strange as they were not having been acquainted. They even hate each other cause after this illusion goes away they feel aloofness stronger than before. I want us to understand each other in bed. It is significant to me, you see. Sometimes I fall asleep and see ****** dreams where you act the main role. I take pleasure in doing this in my dreams. I may awake during night because of pleasure. Don?t laugh at me, please. I think you know me and take in this seriously. I am telling you my dream. Listen? Well, I am waiting for your coming to visit me and I?m preparing for this meeting. I?d like everything to be ideal and you not to be disappointed. I cooked dinner and served the table. Then I took a shower, washed my hair thinking if you would like it. Starting to put on clothes I wore some delicate perfume on my neck, ears and other parts. Fine silk white pants, tango, and the same ***. Shoes with stiletto heels. I had my hair dried and done. My hair scattered on my shoulders. Next I poured glasses with wine, lit candles, turned on music and began to wait. How long the time went and how annoying. The door bell stopped my waiting. I came to the mirror, looked at myself once again and got the door. -Hey! It?s me! - said you, coming in and being a bit older, a trifle broader but the same beloved and desired as in letters. I rushed to hug you. You pressed me to you with your strong hands and started to kiss my eyes, cheeks and lips. I didn?t manage and burst out crying. Then hiding my face in your ***** I whispered: ?my love, I so much long waited for you, my darling, my dear?. We drank a little. My head was spinning because of both alcohol and unreality of my waiting. I stood up coming to you and knelt down between your legs. I started kissing every piece of your face and neck. Then I unfastened your shirt, hid my face in your *****, lick your papilla with my tongue feeling your muscles tension. Lips slid down, hands unbuttoned your trousers. And this waited miracle is in my hands. It?s burning, pulsating and smooth. I touch it along the full length reveling in its measures and resilience. I can?t wait longer bending down and feeling it in my mouth. What a wonderful sense to have my mouth filled out with the male flesh. My tongue is tickled by its tube and lips feel fever. I ****** it with animal passion having been gathered for five years. My head gets on spinning of smell, warmth and moisture. You put your hand into my hair and your lips uttered animal groan. Now you are kneeling down in front of me, putting off my shoes, tenderly stroking my legs from foot to knee, taking delight in the keen nylon. Your hands slide up along my tights and raise my dressing gown. All is burning between my legs. Pants and tights are wet of excitation egesta, leaving a dark spot appeared through nylon. You?re bending between my separated legs and start caressing me through tights. Then you slowly pulls them and pants off me. Now I am open for you. You raise my legs and put them on high arms of a chair. Your tongue touches my hole between buttocks. I emit a moan cause this is the most erogenous item of mine. You are fondling it with tongue trying to give me a maximum pleasure. I coil in the chair; my head tosses from side to side. You rise and leans against me. I am trembling with fever feeling heat of the excited man. Your flesh is slowly coming in me without pain. Very slowly, millimeter by millimeter. Don?t be scared, my darling. I want this. I sharply move ahead and feel it completely inside driving me crazy and making me almost cry. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper. And the time it starts beating, your wave is transmitted to me. As well as you I fall into the abyss of delight. At this point I wake up and think of you. I miss it. I many times imagined our first intimacy. Thinking of it my body flinches from excitement. Drop me some lines what ideas you have got about me concerning ***. Write me your fantasies. It would be pleasant to me to know them. I love you, I can't without you, dearest love !!! I can't be apart from you, it's so hard! My , you are my life, I want to hug you so much, to feel your warmth, to look into your kind and tender eyes, to feel myself happy and safe near you, dear. I'm sure everything will be well and the destiny will work for us and we will be happy together my. I often think about us and try to imagine our life together. Sometimes I feel you so near and close to me. I even feel you on the distance. I feel when you are in a high spirit and when you are sad. I am happy when you are happy, my love. I know that our hearts will together always, because our love is eternal, this great feeling connects the another people and us through a continents. My dear, my love, as it seems, this feeling great love which includes a three basic feelings. These feelings are a trust, careful attitude to each other, and complete understanding to each other, sometimes even understanding without words,do you agree with me my darling? But not looking on that the love is very strong great feeling, it also is very fragile, realy my dear, because only one word or an not right action can destroy it and already anybody willn't can to restore this great feeling. Probably, you will think that a purpose of all my correspondence with you it's only desire to leave in your country. Believe me my love, it's not so my love. I thank God and an Internet that we found each other in this so large world my darling. Only I have decided to try to do it and that from this it has turned out. We are me and you love each other very much and we should be together, because we can't withoiut each other my darling. I have learned much in the searches as we want to meet each other very much. my dearest love man!!!
It is the account of school in which I work
I love you my darling !!!!!!!
many many my warm kisses and hugs for you!
forever, your love Tamara
Letter 8

Hello, my king Jason!!!
How was your day? I'm wonderful. Every day I wait with impatience for your letters. Yesterday in the evening I learnt to cook a new dish. It's a pancakes with meat. It was so tasty. Sometime I will cook only for you. You wake up in the morning and I bring you coffee. You get up, take a shower, come to the kitchen and there is ready meal there. In the evening we will have supper with candles. And then we will have ***. I think, that so should be. This supreme a stage of love. Unfortunately I'm not experienced in ***. I had only a little partner. Will you become my teacher? Do you will teach me ***? If you are confused, you may not answer this question. I did not inform you, that I some years back was engaged on rates of the masseur. I thought, that to be useful to me such trade, therefore I can give you massage when you will arrive from work. I'm sending you a small poem. Tell me if you like it. OK?
Bright, eyes
like heaven's stars,
Lips so full
I need to know -
when will be he mine
for all of time?
His name is Jason
He is my Prince
I shall take him to the ball
to dance in front of all.
Midnight will come
though he will not run.
He will be mine
to the end of time.
I've prayed so long
for one as this.
With him beside me
we will have bliss.
My love for you, Jason is deeper than the deepest of seas! My love for you, Jason is more pure than the clearest of blue seas! My love for you, Jason is higher than the highest of mountains! My ideas are with you each minute, I love You. It is cold without you, I dream of that as you me to warm. As Your gentle hands were closed behind my back. To me becomes so warmly, This unique idea which to me brings good mood. Love It is a very strong thing which creates miracles, we shall be together as Single unit which who can not break off and separate. To me so Pleasantly that I have you favourite, unique unique. Write back as soon as possible. I'm waiting for your letter. And I'm thinking about you. Kiss you.
Your Tamara.
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