Letter(s) from Inna Loseva to Tony (UK)

Letter 1

Hello Tony,
I really don't know how begin this letter. I didn't tell you earlier all the truth. I was in longlast relationships with my ex boyfriend. We were lost some time ago and my best girlfriend advised me to turn to internet. She has seen how often we gathered with him and went away and convinced me that it would be much more better to find my second half abroad. So I found you. I liked our correspondence a lot and was so happy, I thought that I fogot him totally. But some days ago I met him on the street and told about you, I told that I am so happy to go to you. He was very upset and said it would be stupid to leave the home country, he really loves me. We discussed for a long time and finally he convinced me to be with him again and begin from the beginning. I thankful to internet I found you I was so happy may be only in my fantasy. But I realized that my life is only here. We are building our plans, but the life gives them their correctives. Sorry again if it is possible.
I am waiting to hear from you.

Letter 2

Hello Tony Monk,
Inna said to my colleague that you changed the mind and decided to go to Egypt, so he made for her this trip to Egypt. I don't have other information about Inna.
Best regards.
Yuri Samcevich