Scam letter(s) from Daria to Jon (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings, my new friend. I am glad, that you have paid to me the attention. My name is Dasha. I live Russia, in city under name Kazan. I hope you not so strongly disturbs such big distance between us. I think, that the love has no borders if certainly she is mutual. I hope that, you will not be disappointed with the choice. I too dream to find to myself a worthy pair and to create strong attitudes based on trust. I hope you will be completely fair with me, and I in turn too shall answer you with reciprocity. If you completely with me agree, write to me on Email: . I wait for a fast reply. With the best regards. Dasha.
Letter 2

Hello Jon !!!!!! It is very pleasant for me, that you have paid your attention to mine profile in the Internet. I am glad, that you count me the pleasant girl. It seems to me, that all this enables us to continue our acquaintance further. I hope, that our acquaintance will be a romantic inclination. Because I very romantic person, also want that our letters were not simply a mere verbiage, and radiated from them romanticism and the main thing sincerity. I did not trust earlier, that in the Internet it is possible to find the person with whom it is possible to connect a life. Jon it seemed to me, that it very much not a usual way of acquaintance, to the person which will be your second half. But now it seems to me that it is very interesting and romantic way of acquaintance, he as that bewitches the person, you tell to the person that that lays at you on heart which at all to time did not see in a reality. You share with him dreams, desires which could entrust only to close people. You with me agree Jon? I can tell to you, that I have not wide experience of the reference with the Internet, but feeling, that I can find here the person which begins further my second half, very much helps me to study quickly. My familiar and girlfriends already for a long time address in the Internet, and help me to speed up process of my training. Jon I want to ask to you the first question which have occurred to me now. It is very interesting to me to learn, that has led you to to what you have started to search for second half, not at you in the country, and in the Internet? It is very interesting to me Jon because I till this moment thought, that for love only people which have absolutely despaired here search to find for her on the native land. But after viewing yours profile, I cannot tell, that you from such men. It seems to me, that you should be in demand at women of your country. So, what you has led to to this decision, I hope, what I do not set very personal question? Simply understand me Jon I very inquisitive girl, and I very much want you to study. I heard, what in the Internet it is a lot of deceit, Jon tell to me it is the truth? I ask you, because I have got used to trust people. And I aspire to create attitudes with the man that they have been based on full trust. It seems to me, that this main thing for people which want to create family. You agree with me? Jon I want to know about you everything, that it is possible to know about such interesting person. Certainly I understand, that it is not possible to transfer all feelings - words in letters. Nothing can replace a real meeting on which it is possible to learn all that the person cannot simply put words. But I think what to hurry up too it is not necessary. It is necessary to be ready to a meeting, to know the person even superficially, and that he feels to you. But it waits for us still ahead, and now I want to tell to you not much about myself. As I already spoke you, me 25 years. Dasha is mine present a name. I was born in remote places of Russia, in beautiful city Kazan. I very much love the city, many memoirs are connected to him at me, here have passed all my childhood. Here I went to a kindergarten, then school. After school I for a long time decided, that me to do, further, I very much wanted to go to work to have the pocket money, but parents have sent me studies in university which I have safely finished. My curve ***** in a life, at us very big problem with the device for work here again began. I with the big work could find a place in shop which is engaged in sale DVD-of disks. I think, that to me have very much carried with work though pay here and not much, but on the maintenance me suffices. I live separately from parents, I remove an apartment. She to manage to me it is not so expensive because in her there is no phone, and the furniture too should be bought to me. I therefore write to you Jon from the Internet of cafe which to be directly near to my house. I tried to find the man here in Russia, we even tried to live with one of them in my apartment, but Jon I was very much disappointed in our men, for them the most important not feelings to the girl, and her body, and which in due course they change that for friends and *****. Unless it is the present feelings which the woman waits? I want, that me carried on hands, admitted to me love, looked after me, but not one of Russian men has not given it to me. I hope, that in the Internet I shall find happiness about which I dream. I very much like to prepare on kitchen. And very much I want that you have told to me your favourite dish. I completely want to know your taste, in fact the way to heart of the man goes through his stomach. I think, that each wife respecting, should be able to prepare for loved a dish of the husband. In fact she should be store a home. And the most important I very much dream of children who would be healthy and are completely surrounded with care of their parents. And you Jon love children, whether you dream to get them? I think, that children connect people still the big feelings to each other. I Jon done not frightened with distinction in the age of, the main thing is the world and love in family, and without treachery. Most of all I hate in a life of treachery, I think it the biggest meanness that can be in attitudes between the man and the woman. I think, what you Jon with me agree? I can speak about me, and about my dreams, but unfortunately much, my time comes to an end, I should go. Write to me I shall soon wait for your message with impatience. Sincerely Dasha.
Letter 3

Hello Jon. I am very glad, that you have answered my letter and want to continue our acquaintance further. I am very happy. As I already spoke you, I live in Russia in the city of Kazan. You that be heard about him? Though it is very silly question in fact you live so far. I today have come to the Internet of cafe, and have seen your letter, it was very pleasant for me, that you have become interested in such simple girl, as I. Jon as passes your day? I hope, that at you all is fine. I want to study you more, and I want that between us there was not only simply a correspondence and want that we aspired to more real attitudes. I speak about real meetings where the person can tell all that he could not express in letters. It is very interesting to me with how many girls you still correspond? I think you very pleasant person in dialogue, it is easy for me to communicate with you. It seems to me, that at such the man it is a lot of fans. I am right Jon? I hope to win heart of the decent person which can care of our future family. Jon I want to know about you as much as possible. I want to study you completely, you have interested me, I see in you very interesting person full of riddles. I want to open all your secrets. I want that between us there was a full trust. I search only for serious attitudes which can lead to to creation, strong and happy family. I could not find happiness in the homeland, I hope, that I can find him abroad. Though it is not so important for me, where I shall live with the husband, there will be that Russia or other country. Jon I only want to find at last a strong support in a life, the person with which we will be as a unit. I do not search rich for the man which would give me expensive gifts, I only want that he was capable to lift our family, and itself strong stood on legs and an expert in a life. This most important in the beginning of creation of family. I am very young, and not so I understand in family attitudes, but I write, that of what I think, of what I dream. Jon I want, that you wrote to me more often and I pass your letters, you very much are interesting to me, I want to study you more. Ask to me questions if you, that that interests more about me. I with pleasure shall answer you, I want that we knew all about each other. It is very interesting to me. How you look at a real meeting? You are not afraid of her? Jon I am sure, that if at us all will be in the order we shall be together, and I hope it will be fast.... Write to me soon... I shall wait very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely Dasha.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Jon . I am very happy to receive from you the letter. How you? How passes your day? I hope that at you all well. I'm fine now I have come to the Internet of cafe to write to you my letter. I hope that it will be pleasant for you to receive it. I constantly think of you and every minute I present myself our meeting. Yes certainly I understand also your financial situation. Certainly I can wait for that moment when we shall meet you. I very much want it. Jon big thanks for your compliments and your attention to me is very pleasant for you. You to me very much dear. unfortunately there is one problem at me today when I have come to the Internet of cafe to me have told that I owe to them payment for the Internet and services. I do not know that to me to do if I to not pay this money that I I cannot write more to you do not want you to lose. It is necessary for me 300 euro you can help me with this money because I any more do not know to whom to address. You unique my hope certainly it is very inconvenient for me to ask you about it but I am compelled as I do not want you to lose. I hope that you will understand my situation. Now I to go for work. Write to me soon I with impatience I wait your letter. Big to you a kiss. Sincerely yours Dasha. P.S This money are necessary till Ambience if I to not pay on Ambience that at me there will be no access to the Internet.
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