Name: Anne Alice
Age: 30
Name: Julia Bachmatskaya
Age: 35
Name: Candy Miller
Age: 33
Name: Olga Krapilka
Age: 27
Name: Gozel Akema
Age: 28
Name: Sandra Clark
Age: 31
Name: Maria Nazarova
Age: 28
Name: Rahina Williams
Age: 30
Name: Sandra Williams
Age: 27
Name: Pressly Brooks
Age: 27
Name: Ksenia
Age: 27
Name: Alena
Age: 18
Name: Kim Garcia
Age: 29
Name: Victoria Harlow
Age: 33
Name: Rimma Safonova
Age: 22

Scam letter(s) from Olga to Brian (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Brian!
Greetings Brian!
I was very glad to see your letter on
I think, that you want that between us there was a dialogue, if I am right was more conveniently if you wrote to me directly on mine email, I just want you to know that I live in Russia and that is just a mistake in my profile about USA, I hope it won't be a great problem for you, it's just some kilometers anyway...
I shall wait from you for the answer.
Letter 2

I am very glad to receive the letter from you, for me it is really very pleasant to find the person who is on distance from me and who has desire to keep in contact with me.
Ok my name is Olga. My age became 24 years old this summer. I live in beautiful Russian city which is called Omsk, it situated in the east of our really large country. Not too far from city there is a biggest,
and the cleanest lake in the world which is called Baikal. I often came there with parents, there is dazzling and fantastic nature and air.
I have finished University, my speciality is a sales manager. I work as the seller in a sport wear shop. I live with parents and I have a sister who is older than me. I have really a lot of friends, but the close friend is not present as I I think one is necessary and on all life. I think you share my opinion. Also I have cat which name is Barsik. I very much love animals! And I agree with local proverb that it is our friends.
I hope you are still interested and will you have many questions to me? I very much hope so and also hope that a lot of kilometers between us will not be a problem. I hope, that to me it will not takes too long with your answer. Because every person live only once and I want to spend this life with the person I will really love... And I believe in destiny, do you?
Letter 3

Hi Brian! I am glad, that you have answered my letter. How are you?
Everything is fine with me. Having come today in internet cafe to me was It is very pleasant to receive from you the answer. I think and very much hope that the first step to our friendship was made. I hope that you I do not have phone, I think, that to us with you early still to think of the phone, We with you do not know each other, understand me, I not against with you to talk, Later I shall ask your number, and I shall call you. completely agreed with my thoughts. I want very much that from first our so-called virtual meetings we have a good understanding, I am very sociable person by the way. But as usually it happens the less person you know the more it to you It is pleasant, I very much hope, that on it will be interesting to communicate with you.
A little I can tell about myself I hope to you it interestingly. I very much like to go in for sports to play tennis, basketball. Each morning I start with a jog. As any girl should go in for sports,
support the figure. I like to go on discos, there we go with friends,
we dance and we have a rest. But it only in days off, as in everyday lives it is necessary to work. As I very much like to cook, it is possible to tell my hobby. From my childhood I to this was learned by mum, but in due course I tried itself to dream in cookery and it is possible to tell at me it turned out rather not poorly. Here very beautiful nature and we with friends in the summer very much frequently left on a nature, in hikes, for some days. We were sitting near the fire, sang songs with a guitar and sometimes simply looked on the star sky. Looking at it on this miracle of a nature and seeing a falling star I myself think of desire, them is usual do not tell speak will not come true, but to you I think I can trust. You will laugh probably, but I dream to find the satellite of life, not that prince on a white horse as all girls dream, I want find something greater,
the person to which is possible to trust in everything with which it is possible to talk, which can listen and give you an advice as in the childhood gave all mum. I hope you don't mind me writing such things to you, I just want you to know more of me and my inner world, sorry if I am too romantic :) I will end this now and will be waiting for your reply. I hope your answer will not keep long waiting. Good bye.......
I am sending you few of my photos, they were taken by my sister who is very in fond of photography so that's why they have a little model aspect. I will finish the letter here because I should go and I will wait for your answer with impatience so please, write back soon.
Take care!
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