Scam letter(s) from Elena Shakina to David (New Zealand)

Letter 1

Hello my darling David! I was not able to write you early because I get some troubles because yesterday when I was going to the Internet Cafe for write you together with Timurka bad dog was on the our way and he was alone without his man or woman together with him and nobody was able to help us and we begin run to the Internet Cafe because it was around but first he has broken off to me my favorite fur coat and he has bitten off part of the Timur's winter tanned sheepskin coats but I want tell thanks the god that he wasn't touch us and only our clothes but I was too sad and not going to the Internet Cafe because our clothes was not look good and just today my mother found my old warm coat and Timur's old sheepskin coats and we was able come to the Internet Cafe I am so sad because when we got to the Internet Cafe after we run from dog we was calling to the special place for such dogs for men's whom work there can catch up this dog and deliver this dog to the place for them for they do not touch anybody because I think that everybody in the danger is such dog on the way. I am very glad to receive your letter. You even can't imagine how happy make me your letters. I wait your letters every day with impatience. And every time I see your letters in my postbox I tell thanks to the God for that I have met you in my life. With every of our letter my relation to you becomes better and more serious. It's a pity that we are so far from each other now; I'm tired to be alone and Timur is not so happy too because all his friends have fathers and every weekends they walked together with their children and they going to the parks, visit all beautiful places in the city, bought ice cream and go to the cinemas I don't mean that I don't do it of course I love him and I am trying to do all for him for he can have happy life and be happiest children in the world but he need father because every children need father and I don't know any children who happy without father. You even can't imagine how it is difficult not to have a man near you, who love you, take care of you, and respect you. Sometimes when I return home after the work I run into despair because I even have nobody to talk to I have only Timur but he is very young and he can't understand all what I can tell him and something I can't tell him because he very young and I can't speak with him about life problem because he is child. And only your letters make me strong, help me to go away from me my loneness. I feel your care and kindness out of your letters. I want to tell you thank you very much. I'm sorry for such an introduction but I want you to know what sometimes I feel. In this letter I'd like to tell you more about myself and to tell a little about my thoughts to make you to know me better. I hope it will give you some answers on your questions. First of all I'd like to tell you about a stile of my clothes. It depends on my mood and the place where am I going to go. If I go to the work I prefer a strict stile. I like trousers and skirts of middle long. I can't wear at work so as I want because my post of a bookkeeper doesn't allow to wear freely. If I go somewhere to have a rest I prefer a free clothes of tender colors. I think the clothes of a man is his face and people can tell a lot about a man on his clothes. People often tell compliments to me because my stile of clothes suits me very much. But I also have a good figure, so I can wear everything I want. I also want you to know that I believe in God. But I seldom go to the church because the atmosphere in Russian churches is very hard but it doesn't prevent me to believe in God. And I want to tell more about my education. I graduated the Ufa University. It is one of the most prestige universities in Russia. I finished the University with a red diploma (I have only excellent marks). I am a good professional of my work and many enterprises and firms invited me to go to work to them. But I like the atmosphere of our collective, I like my job. After at school English was my favorite subject I wasn't think to stop and I was learned high English at the University and I know it fluently (as written so talking I think that you could see that from my letters). I also want to tell about the weather I like. All of us like when it is sunny and warm. But sometimes it is fine when it is raining and windy. I think rain make us to calm and allows us to think about serious things of the life. I also like animals. When I was a little girl I had a likely dog but she died a lot of time ago. It's a pity I can't have animals now because Timur have allergy and it is impossible at the moment maybe in the future I will found some good medicines for him and it would be alright. I like horses very much and sometimes I go to the stable to go by horse. Of all colors of the world I like green because it calms me and it is so tender. I think that even if we will correspond a month, two months or more I think we will know each other not more than 10-20 . My dear, I want to be sincere with you because I am really honest. I want you to know that I am serious very much to you and our relation. And because of it I want to tell you that I don't want our relation to be only Internet correspondence and chat. I talked you about myself as much as I could. And with every of my letter I tried to tell you more to become you closer to me and to make you to know better me. I began to write to you not with the aim to have a correspondence but with the aim to find a right person for myself, to meet with you and try to create happy family together with you. But so serious questions we can discuss only in real meeting, I am not sure but I will hope that you are agree with me. I want you to think that may be I am really those whom you were looking for and you are those whom I was looking for. Perhaps some days which we will spend together will solve our destiny. And that is why, my honey, I want you to solve for yourself what do you want: to continue the correspondence or to meet at the nearest future. The choice is for you. From my side I want you to know that if I have an opportunity I will buy tickets to you and we with Timur will arrive to you even tomorrow. My dear, all my words and thoughts I tell out of my heart. I think that you are my destiny. On the 25 Febrary it would be my birthday and I would become 36 years old it is very good day but I am so sad because my biggest dream at the moment it is meet you in person and spent my birthday together with you for we could see how we would be together with you in person and I just would be happiest woman in the world if we would spent my birthday together with you with candles and good red wine and some tasty food that I would prepare by myself and I am sure you would love it........... also Timur would become 13 years old on the 15 February and he would be so happy to celebrate it together with me and with you. I am sorry may be I didn't answer some of your questions but I think that the things I told in this letter are more important than the questions you asked me. I also send you my most lovely and **** photos and another photo of me and Timur. I will end my letter on these words. Thank you that you are. I am waiting for your letter with impatience. Only yours Elena and Timur P.S I like your photos very much and I hope that you like some of my photos
Letter 2

My darling David many thanks for your letter because I was really happy to receive it from you and it was really interesting for me to read all what you was wrote me. I want to tell you that I was pleased as the small child when I read your letters, and every time when I got your letters my mood become very good as it was today, I was have some problem at my work because our director is not very good men, because it is almost about 2 years I work here and only now he ask me about relations( he means *** relations), but I do not like him and do not want relations and of course *** with him. He have a family and want have with me secret relations and promise me good salary, because hi know that I with my darling son do not have enough money for our live. If I would not agree with him, he to tell me that I will lose my work and he would found new girl, who would work on my place and agree with his conditions. Now I do not know what to do, because I catch my work I will leave. I think at first time it will be absolutely difficult find good new very fast, and at first time until I will get new job I would not have enough money for use Internet-cafe, because all my money which I keep at bad time I will pay for Timur and my life. Darling but I really will do all what I can for write to you every day, you know this. To meet you in Internet it is just wonderful, and when I still start think of you, that soon we really will see each other, I like it very much. I start think a lot about you, but as we actually not meet each other in person and see only photos of each other. I think that after we will meet each other in person we could see where it would go and how we would suit to each other but as we understand each other very good in our letters it would be not hard for us to understand each other in the real life and it is very important thing as I think that you know it by yourself that two person who fall in love can not have happy family if they do not understand each other well, but I am right and my heart do not let me down I belive that we would could be happy together and have happy family and children, and I want to know what do you think about my words because it is very important for me to know what you will think. As you know the most important thing for me I wrote about that in my profile, that I would like to meet men of my dreams and try to create happy future for myself and for mine Timura and just be happy with the men who make my days happy and do all what is in his power to make very strong family and care about me and Timur from the any problem and be as knight for the family because you are men and I hope that my beloved men would be able to protect his family and children because he is man, and I would give back the same things to my beloved and would try and belive that I can not only try but make all what would be possible to make for my beloved could be happiest man in the world as you know I love Timur very much and try to make all the best for him and also I was speaking with him do he want have brothers or sisters and he has told me that he wait with impatience when he would have brother or sister and he told me that he would help me to take care about him and also I see that with every year he become clever and begin to told me such clever things , also I was shocked to hear that he understand everything what happen with me and that he understand that I too need a man because I need the love and care too and that he told me that he is too not very happy only because I am not happy but he want that his mother be very happy too and never have bad mood I proud by him everything what he told me today I was never heard from him anything from all the things what he has told me and I think that he was just hesitate and confused to speak with me about that before because he is very young but now he see that he need to speak with me about that because he understand how much it is necessary for me at the moment. Only in the person we can come understanding of essence and loyalty of each other in person. Also as I see correct me if I am not right that we are very similar in our sights and desires. Actually I have such feelings that I Missed and I wasn't have such feelings after my husband was killed and it is wonderful because I feel that again and it is make me very happy and during the day I think about us with you and miss you very much. Dear actually I very much want to be a good wife for you and actually I would be happy if all this would happen and from my dreams would become to reality, but let's do not look so much forward because for the beginning we need to meet each other. You are remarkable person and I told about that many times but it is not hard for me to tell you again because it makes me very happy when I know that my words make you very happy too. At the moment my biggest dream and best present for my birthday and for the Timur birthday that would be very soon after mine it is meet you and celebrate for our birthdays together I think that as it is first month of new year and it is very good time for start relations with somebody because all our dreams could come true at this time and I belive that it is possible and all my wishes that god would help us with you and we would meet each other soon. Darling I think that in this letter I am fully opened my heart to you and told you about everything what I think and I hope that you do not mind that I told you about my problems because I have nobody to speak about that , yes I have mother but I do not want to tell her about my problems because she is not young and it would be very bad for her health if she would worry about me because her heart is not young and I do not want that she worry about me because it could killed her because she is really very weak but try to care about me I would hope that I was right when I was decided to do that and you would understand me , I want to know all what do you think about us and please open to me your feelings and tell me all what do you think and do not hesitate to speak about anything what you want tell me it would be only interesting for me to know more. I do not want to stop write you because I want that you know everything what I think but it is time to go because Timur's lessons at school would begin very soon and he must be there in time. I would try to check my mail in the evening and hope that your letter could be waiting for me in my mailbox. I wish you all the best and hope that you have great day there. Always yours Elena and Timur
Letter 3

Hello my darling David. You can not represent what I was feel during the time when I was at work and he was not give me to work because a lot of time he stay near me and ask me come to his room and I was not able to have normal work day. My honey now I decide the problem with my boss and I found the best way for that and I already do not go to my office since today I told him that he is very big pig and say good bye because he was very ****** and he was asked me about *** every day now and I am just tired of that and now I have no work but now I am far away from him and I am trying to get some job for earn money the money for my life and for everything. Today I also speak with travel agent and ask him about what I need for prepare trip in Australia. He tell me that this is difficult, I will need visa, international passport, insurance, and tickets but he can help me in this. For organize trip to Australia you must communicate with him. His details he know that you must write him, and he will tell you about all details when you will write him. Please write me soon and tell me what you think about all that i said. With every day we are closer to each other now and it is more harder with every day to wait when we should meet each other. I am sad that I have no photo camera and I can not make photo specially for you because my good digital photo camera witch my girlfriends give me as present for my birthday one year ago was stolen it was cost a lot of money for them when they bought it for me and I do not think that this year I will have new last model of the Sony and I am sad about that because I would be happy to made new photos specially for you I know you would love them but it is impossible but I would scan some photos that I have I am sure you would love them.
My birthday would be soon and I just dream be near you in that day. Hope it eill be possible please write me soon. I miss you and I would hope to get your new letter soon!!! Love you!!! Yours Elena and Timur
Letter 4

Hello my darling David!! I am so glad get your letter my love. First of all I want give you my data: Shakina Elena street: Gagarina 14/1 flat: 14 postal code 450055 city: Ufa country: Russia. But also I want to tell you that I go at the travel agency before write letter about it to you. And travel agent know that you must write him so don't waste time about it. My dear please listen to me now. I speak with Timur about what he think if we will go in New Zeland and meet you. He to tell me that will be really happy if we will trip there. I explain him that if we will like live there, like you and your country, your life, we will remain in New Zeland with you. I hope then you can be a good father for my darling Timurka and of course wonderful husband for me. I trust you, because to see in your letters real feelings to me. I understand your word and what you mean when ask me that I come to you. I want to tell you truly that I really love you and want to be with you, and this is my desire now. I hope you will meet me with Timur soon. Basically I am completely ready taking things and go in you, as to decide for myself that very much I want it and think that it is a meeting could be the beginning of a new life for me and Timur of course. I believe in it, I believe you and I believe in your relation for me, that is why I want that our dream about meeting become a reality and I hope that all will be so. I only would want that you promise me because this is a very important, that will never deceive me. I get used treachery, but I already adult and my poor and good Timur still rather small and very vulnerable child and I do not want see his cry. I hope that you understand about what I want to tell to you. My love David you become I am boundless also want that we were with you and were happy and I think that it probably. My love please excuse me, but now I already need go, as it is literally not remain with me money and Timur wait for me at home as I will promise what to come very soon and to prepare eat for him. I love him and you know that is ready make for him absolutely all. I today will talk again with him and to dream of our trip to you, and I will try to find tomorrow time and to come to tell you about our dreams. I also would want that you think houses as at you really is above what to think very seriously. I will think of you my love and with the big impatience wait your new letter and I hope that you will come and write to me also soon, always only yours Only your Elena with Timur
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