Scam Letter(s) from Bola Peter to Ned (Spain)

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Letter 1

hello ned
how are you doing ?
its good to hear from you , i really appreciate itand i look forward to know you better in the nearest future well i will like to tell about about myself in brief, starting from my back ground , i was born of a bristish dad and a nigerian mum and we used to live in liverpool till i lost my dad , after finishing my school days in uk , i crossed over to nigeria with my mum to finish my university studies , which i read business management and i obtained a first class degree in it . i happen to work with a packaging firm , where i m in charge of the packaging of goods stuff over here , i am not a full worker , i only work , three times a week and i get paid as i work.i am a casual worker there.
well i like swimming and going to gym , and i love this activities alot cos it helps me to keep fit and also to be in good shape , i am also into my bible , i love the scripture words and i read them daily and apply nit to my life.
my dreams and goal are like this , i want to get a man in my life , one who will be responsible for the love in my life one, who is faithful and honest ,one who is going to be the father of my kids.
i have never been in any relatiosnhip so deep and i know what i am looking for now is going to be forever cos i am ready to build my home and be happy in life i don't know what you are looking for but if you feel the same way , you can mail me and tell me also about your self and i know if we both are aiming for the same goal , then we have to go for it i have only been treated with love by my parent and i now seek love from a man who will stand to be the only one that makes me hapy and i am ready to loove him till the day i stop breathing, love is what i need , the love of my life is to comfort me and also wil be in the image of my parent , i have alot of love to give .
i must confess , i am really happy to know you cos ,i feel you could be the right man for me , who knows?with what i have read about you and what you wrote in your email.
I wish that I could be with you,
your head upon my chest.
To hear the beating of your heart
as we relax and rest.
I wish that I could be with you,
to toss my cares away,
To have some fun and laughter,
if but only for that day.
I wish that I could be with you
when tears have stained my face
To have you kiss them one by one
until they are erased.
I wish that I could be with you,
more than just now and then,
To feel your lips when you kiss mine,
I'm breathless once again.
I wish that I could be with you,
to linger in your smile
To find a way into your heart
and stay in there awhile.
I wish that I could be with you,
to say three words to you
To try and read what's in your heart
when those three words are through.
Your e-mail will bring us closer to each other

have a blessed day
i will be expecting to read from you soon.


Letter 2

hello my lovely one
how are you doing , this morning?
how was your weekend , hope you had a lovely night?
i must really tell you this , each time i read from you i am always happy like today you have just made my day , i love hearing all these love words they are food to my soul.
i really appreciate your sincerity so far , and i have like the way we both have communicated since we met .
well i have some poinys and questions i need to answer in your mail.
i am a british girl and i was born of a british dad and a nigerian mum but we relocated to nigeria after the death of my dad .
you can say i am a half breed but most of my gems should be from my dad which makes me a complete european gilr but i just thought i should let you knwo all about me with hiding any thing that was why i told you.
well i love the way you talked in your mail ,i am so suprise i could meet a man like you on the internet , i know there is no harm in trying but i want to believe that , we are working towards tthe same goal and we have to be dedicated and faithful to make this a reality.\i have also added you to yahoo messeneger , you can check the world time server to know the time difference btw us , and you will have to mail me so i know when to be online.
have a blessed day

i will be expectinfg to read from you soon


Letter 3

hello darling
how are you today my love?
i just ca't resist thinking about you my love , i had a long night and i was so worried and also thinking about you , darling you have captured my heart ,m i can't wait to let my body join you over there.
i just have to tell you thins , i used all the money i had on me for the call and the photo but i promised calling today so i had to borrow money to call you and also to use the internet, i will be calling you as soon as i send you this mail.
When i was talking to you yesterday , you told me to mail you with the cost for the passport and also the birth certificate, i forgot to do that yesterday cos while i was mailing i was just thinking about you i was day dreaing after speaking with you .
the total cost for the passport and birth certificate is 675$ which i told you earlier on but you promise to send 800$ , i will like you to send it as soon as you can so we can get things started my love , i am really counting on you , also i had to borrow 75 $ from a frined now so that i can call and use the internet.
i will talk to you in some minutes
love you
let me know when you will be online so we can talk

love you
thanks for your mail

Letter 4

hello darling
how are you doing?
thanks for your mail, i really appreciate it .
i just collceted th money and i have deposited it to the agent and he said i should see him tomorrow , so as to know the development.
i really appreciate all your help towards me and our relatiosnhip i promise never to let you down , we will talk better later at night same time.
i wnt you to take care of your self.
love you and always remember that someone is in love with you.

Letter 5

...hello my lovely one
how are you today my love?
thanks for you mail, i am so sorry i could not mail you yesterday cos i was very weak on returning from the hospital , so i had to go home straight to rest .
well i woke up stronger this morning my love and i think i am okay now , much stronger, thanks for staying by my side honey to give me the necesary support , there is nothing i would have done without you my love , i am so happy you came into my life.
just when i thought i will never know love , you came in , opened my life , gave me love , care and lighten up my life just as the sun lightens up the earth ... what have i done for you to make you treat me like a queen?i just have a word to say honey .. i adore you

Letter 6

i just got back from the western union shop and i was able to collect the money, i have also given it to the agent and he is already at work to make things right for us my love . i will be online today same time okay , i think i am strong enough , i have really missed you my love
have a blessed day darling
you are always in my thought.


Letter 7

hello darling
how are you doing this moring , how was your night ?
hope you slept well?
well i just got the money and i am at the agency to book for the flight , and also to confrim it.
i was told that i must have my bta , in other ofr me to be able to leave the country , without this the customs and immigration department won't let me leave , this is an authority the president placed on any body leaving the country.
The bta is BASIC TRAVELLING ALLOWANCE , it is not to be spent but it is the minimum amount i should have before i can leave , the president passed the circular about it and it has the various amount to different countries .
UK a minimum of 1000pounds
other european countries a minimum of 1500euro
asian/australia $ 2000 usd
USA 2100$
the bta is not to be spent but it must be shown to the immigration , as prove that i am not going to be stranded where ever i go, the policy was set up to protect the people images in overseas.
i just wrote to let you be aware , should i go ahead to book for the ticket ?
i must have the bta before i can leave
i will give you a call now to explain better



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