Scam letter(s) from Natalia Usova to Bon (USA)

Letter 1

How are you? I love pictures, I like to look at your pictures, a tattoo it has turned out I am excellent and beautiful.
I cannot still believe, that my dream is beginning to come true.
Our hearts are like two great oceans. They are vast and very deep yet calm an peaceful on the surface.
Our feeling run very deep and they are very strong. Sometimes we get afraid we will be pulled under by the current.
I dream that our two oceans will meet in a powerfull wave that will shake the very earth.
And when all is done there will be one vast beautiful ocean, beautiful, powerful and forever... one heart, one ocean.
My love Bob, you have given me much more than you can realize.
You are my prayer, my shelter from hopelessness and despair, only you can keep the spark in my soul burning bright.
I LOVE YOU, and I hope for our fast meeting!
I think about you all days and the nights.
I have already imagined for thousands times this meeting, but even now I cannot describe what our meeting will be.
I am sure in one thing that it will be one of the most beautiful and happy days in my life.
I want to rush to your embrace hear your voice, feel your smell and tell you in both languages what I will feel at this moment. I so really imagine all this.
I am full with feeling that all this is happening now. And I feel for the first time that I am a beloved and desired.
And I am ready to thaw in your embrace. I am thawing already now.
My sister her groom Ben arrived to Russia and yesterday we talked about you and about our meeting.
Today they have left to travel on cities of Russia.
I have told him about you and about our feelings, they are very glad for us.
My sister has told, that at them relations developed precisely also I have told them, that I want to arrive to you and the groom of the sister will help me with expenses for this travel.
The groom of my sister has told that he has opportunity to help us for our meeting.
But you too should be ready to this.
Only together we can make our dream a reality.
He has explained to me, that is required from you.
He has the big sum of money on the Credit Card which has remained in USA.
He was afraid to take this Card to Russia, because of fear, that it will be stolen.
Therefore is required your help to receive this money.
He has told, that he can transfer money from his Credit Card to yours Credit Card.
You should have a Credit Card. He has told, that all working Americans have a Credit Card.
He learned in the bank, that it is possible, but your Card necessarily should be Credit.
Not Debit Card and not Prepaid Card, and only Credit Card.
It refers to balance transfer.
If you do not know that this such, call in the bank and to you there everyone will tell about it.
Ask in your bank, whether you can accept balance transfer on the Credit Card.
Find out, how many money you can take off from the Credit Card.
You should inform me the post address of bank and number of a Credit Card.
Find out all in detail. I think, that it is a unique way to which the groom can help us.
What you think about it?
I hope that you have a great desire of our meeting my love Bob.
I so want it my love Bob, I love you and I miss you badly!
All my warmth kisses!
Your lady, Anna.
Letter 2

Hello my lovely Bob!
Today we spoke about my travel to you and about financial expenses.
We do not have not enough cash on air tickets. You could receive money from groom on the your credit card and then send them to us?
The groom of my sister can make tranfer only to credit card bank of USA, and to receive money here from his account it is not possible.
Therefore now your help is required.
It is necessary for me to know number of your credit card that we could move money to your credit card.
The groom of my sister has informed me, that I should ask you number of a credit card.
It should be necessarily ATM CREDIT CARD, NOT DEBIT CARD.
I dont understand it but he talks that you must to know about it, i hope you know.
Also he very much worries that you can deceive him. I know, that you are not capable to deceive, but before he will send money, he wants to know your full name, your home address and the phone.
He speaks, that it with a view of safety.
he is going to help us and he very good person, but he the person cautious. Therefore I should give him the sufficient information on you. You understand me? I hope, that you understand me.
We are going to be together all our life and we should trust each other.
When we shall meet, we together shall tell "thanks" to the groom of my sister. YOU agree?
When money will arrive on your account, you should receive cash from the credit card and send us through the Western Union.
It is the most reliable and fast system of remittances.
I do not know, when he will make transfer. I shall warn you day before or for 2 days.
You immediately should be ready to receive cash from your credit card and to send them to Russia. The groom of my sister very much experiences, that he can lose the money. It is our chance and we should use it. I pray each day now for our meeting. I pray for the our future. Also the groom of my sister has told to me, that you must say cash limits of your credit card. Your daily ATM cash withdrawal limit.
You should learn about it in the bank. You must make maximal daily ATM cash withdrawal limit. Ask your bank about it. Ask about how you can rise your cash limits for maximum. And say me about it. Say me with much details. Groom of my sister will see what he can do for our meet. My love, I hope that all of you understand and that we soon shall together.
contact, that inform you about receipt of money to your account.
As soon as I shall receive this information, your account replenish the certain sum of money.
After that you can send this money.
I think, that it is good idea as I have no other variants.
Ben now is in Russia, but actually lives in state CA.
I want to arrive to you and to take pleasure in love with you.
Now time has come to go, I shall wait for your answer in impatience.
I love you, your Anna.
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