Letter(s) from Svetlana to William (USA)

Letter 1

hi again... it's me Svetlana.
I hope, that you can still send me a mail since I did not write some time to you. I am grateful to you that you have not disregarded my letter. To me will very pleasantly get acquainted to you. I would like to make friends with you. But unfortunately we know about each other very little. Therefore I would like to tell about myself. You already know my name, my growth and weight too. I never was for the husband. I have no any children. But my brother has small child, my nephew.:) He very amusing. I live together with the parents in the city of Kirov. I yet very well know this city, but it is pleasant to me. My brother lives in this city as. But he lives separately from us. he sometimes visits the daddy, mum and me. At him very nice wife. My brother call Peter, his wife call Natasha. Their son call Eugeny. Now you know all about my family. I not so well am able to tell about myself. My parents are married many years. Very much it is pleasant to me, that they could live many years together. Probably I would like to have something similar. But me for the present early to think of it since I have no anybody to create family. I just search for this most especial person who can grow fond of me and I him as. You can tell to me more about yourself. I as would like to see more than your photos. You are very interesting to me. Together with this letter I shall send you four photos. On one of a photo I sit on a background of the sea. Other photo on which I a little more young, on my head you can see a cap. And as two photos, I did them more recently. I hope, that you liked my photos. It is important for me to hear your opinion. If it is possible, I would like to set to you some questions. Tell to me about the family. What most important qualities of character which you love in the girl? You have what character traits itself? For example I. My mum speaks, that I the kind and cheerful person, and that it is easy to communicate with me. So my mum speaks. She yet does not know, that I have got acquainted with you. I hope, that she will not be against it. Now I should go. I shall write to you soon.I hope, that we can be fast friends, and there can be and more than simply friends.
Bye, sincerity Svetlana.

Letter 2

Hello... It is pleasant for me to see your letter again. Steve, how are you today? I hope, that at you all is good there. I'm fine. I at all did not suspect what to communicate through e-mail so quickly. :) I thought, that your letter will go much longer. But here I can see date when you have written to me the message. It is very fast. I am glad to this. I cannot present at all as far as the letter through a usual mail for a long time could move. Now I have brought the picture album again in cafe. I shall try to scan still some photos and to send you. I do not know, but for some reason I not so like to be photographed. The daddy and my mum speak mine, that my photos very good. I hope, that you as like my photos. I have many hobbies. But most of all I like to be engaged in aerobics in a training hall. Sometimes in the winter we of all we like to have a rest on fresh air. But it not all that is pleasant to me. I have many hobbies in which I like to be engaged. I like to listen to music and to look cinema. My hobby is a collecting. I collect cards. I have collected a little cards. I have as some cards in English. Well, I shall not give a lot of attention to the my hobby. I want to know about you all!!! :) Why you as well as I have decided to search for someone through the Internet? I decide to make it according to my brother. he has told, that the most important to find the unique love. I completely agree with him! I would like to ask about your favourite tastes and preferences: films, music, color, an animal, a smell, clothes, flowers. To me still much is to be known about you. But now I should finish the letter. I wait for your letter with the big impatience. Write to me a lot of good about itself and not so good. :) Write about all! I shall wait!
Bye, Bye! Your Svetlana.

Letter 3

hi my dear Steve. I am glad, that we do not stop to write each other. Each time when I receive your letter I know, that I have the good friend on the other end of the Earth. It is very pleasant for me. I would like to send you the photos every day, but unfortunately I cannot do it each time since I have no the computer. I do not regret in this occasion because I know, that the computer I at all have no can read your letters. I shall try to make new photos for you and to send in the following the letter. Well? My parents now know, that we are familiar. It was surprise for them. But my brother was completely quiet, when he has found out about it today. Because he in fact to me has told about it once.:) My parents not so young also have no work now. They receive pension. It not so is a lot of, but for a life suffices. I like as to work in shop where I can feel different pleasant smells every day. I very much like a smell of vanilla and a lilac. But these smells should be separately from each other because if they will be hashed it will be not that that is pleasant to me. But I very much like a smell of vanilla and a little jasmin together. It is very pleasant. Well, I in shall not be given in a detail of all secrets.:) Well? I would like to remain a little riddle for you. In fact each girl should have small secrets of her beauty. In fact so? As to my hobbies and hobbies. That to me very much is pleasant to look cinema and to listen to various music. Recently on the screen show good films more and more. It seems to me, that people which do films, they began to reflect and to cruelty in films began less. I very much like different films, but most of all films « for family viewing ». More recently I looked film « the Black knight ». You looked it? There about the person who worked in park of entertainments under the name « the Epoch of locks », well or something in this sort. And then he has casually got in the Middle Ages. I hope, that you nevertheless looked this film. Because it is possible to tell about it very for a long time. As to music I listen to very different music. I give the greater preference to the Russian pop-music. And I listen to all other music on the mood. I love animals, is especial dogs and cats. Some people take to themselves home snakes, spiders still more many any animals, but I for some reason do not have the big desire to hold in hands of a spider. I hope, that you understand me.:) My favourite color: pink or red. If colors on clothes which I dress it is pleasant to me the combined and contrast colors, for example: yellow and dark blue, black and white, blue and dark blue. It is possible to pick up much. I prefer a free fashion. Most of all I like to carry warm a sweater and warm jeans or densely fitting skirt. I not so like girls who carry very short skirts. I do not concern to them. I very modest and domestic girl. I hope, what you have no anything against it? I see, that my letter became little bit long. But I have many ideas to tell to you. I do not want to interrupt only because of that that my letter little bit long. But if you want, you can tell to me about it at any time then I shall write short letters. Well? I would like to tell still what flowers to me like. I very much like white roses. Once at one woman who sold flowers, I saw very beautiful roses. They were white and slightly outstanding red strips on petals. It was fine. I would like that somebody has presented me similar flowers. Roses very beautiful flowers at which it is pleasant to look, but I not so like their smell. The smell of a lilac is very pleasant for me. Well, I shall stop on it. I have told to you about the tastes and preferences. I was very much sincerity with you.:) I very much would like, that my preferences and tastes have coincided with yours. It is very pleasant for me to write to you letters. It is not boring to me to do it. Because I know, that you read my letters. The most important, that to us is pleasant to communicate.
Bye, your friend Svetlana!:)

Letter 4

William, how are you today? Today I have received your letter. It is very pleasant for me, that you can allocate even a little time to write to me the letter. How is the weather there at you today? At us became much warmer in comparison with yesterday. Two days ago I at all did not want to leave on street because of a strong cold. Weather happens sometimes very severe. But I try to put on more warmly to not freeze. When I come for work I feel there myself very well and cosy. I do not know why it occurs. I think of us. I know, that we require in each other. I try to answer your letters at once. I very much need in your letters as. Today I spoke with the parents about you. They have told, that they will not interfere our meeting, in that case if we shall want to meet. I was very glad to hear it. It is simply mine the daddy it is very strict. It seems to me, that mine the daddy very good, he the kind and understanding person. I very much love the the daddy, still certainly mum and the brother. I am glad, that they understand me.:) Today I can send you some the photos. I was then a little more other and a little another. I have some such photos. On some from a photo I together with the girlfriend. My girlfriend call Natasha. You know something about her?:) Probably yes, if you read my letters. Natasha is a wife of my brother. She my best girlfriend of whom we are friends very much for a long time. As I send you a photo of me and my brother together. Unfortunately, I have no any photos of my parents. These photos have remained in the city of Kazan. When we leaved therefrom the picture album with my photos and a photo of my parents has remained there. It is very a pity to me. But I hope, that sometime I shall ask to go my parents in a photo studio that they did a photo for you. But should pass a little more time for this purpose. It is good? What do you think of us? We could meet sometime? You test any feelings to me? With each letter I send you a part of and the feelings. I do not know, that occurs, but probably I test to you very much warm feelings. I still am afraid to tell, that it is love. But I think of you. I do not know. Probably it is love. William, you can answer me one question? Only one serious question. What does the happiness mean for you? The happiness, and family happiness is not simple. For me happiness when we like and we understand each other. It is very important for me. I hope that you understand it. Write to me please the answer. Well? I shall wait it.
Love, your Svetlana! I like flowers from you! Thanx!!!

Letter 5

Hello my Dear William. How you there? I hope that at you all is good. I think only of us now. I think that I shall be happy with you. I think, that happiness it when you love and understand. If we can sometime be together I shall not leave you never. I do not concern to girls who search for the ideal guy at whom all time all is good. I know that it is not correct. I need only in you. I know, that together we will have easy and a hard time, but we shall be all time together. I very much hope for it. Now I reflect on why I have written to you. When I did it I assumed, that probably you will find yourself the good person. But I did not think, that I shall test to you so warm and strong feelings. Earlier I not so trusted in destiny. My mum always spoke me, that there will come the moment when my heart will be filled with feeling about which I earlier and did not suspect. I think, that my mum was rights on the account of it. After a meeting with you my heart is filled with feelings. I think, that I love you. But nevertheless I am afraid to admit it. Because the girl should not so quickly to fall in love with somebody. But I cannot hold the feelings in myself. I want to tell to you about all. I as shall tell about it to the parents. I hope, that they will understand me and will not condemn for so hasty feelings. In fact my mum trusts in destiny. She necessarily will understand me. I the daddy as always understood me. I shall tell to him, that I feel to you. Then mine the daddy will allow to go to me to you and to live together with you. Earlier, when my parents were young, I the daddy as took away my mum from her native house in which there were her parents. She wrote to them letters and visited them. I think, that at us together all will be good. I very much believe in our happy future. William, I am ready to be together with you. I dream about our meetings! When it happen also you will meet me for the first time I shall conclude you in the embraces, I shall look in your eyes and to a kiss of you. I very much dream of it. I am ready to do the utmost to be together with you. Probably my parents can help to arrive to me to you. Well? I shall wait for your letter with impatience.
Your lovely Svetlana.

Letter 6

My love William, I so am glad to see your letter now. I all time think of that as we could meet. I the daddy has given me the address of his friend in Moscow. When I shall come to Moscow I shall address to him that he has helped me to make out the visa and the passport to trip to you. I thought of my feelings as. I do not doubt at all that my love is strong to you. I am sure on 110 percents, that I love you! I am ready to be with you all life in mountain and pleasures. My love William, I the daddy has a little afflicted me today. he has told, that he cannot help to pay to me to me documents and the ticket for me. Now I do not know, that to me to do. I cried to fly today since I cannot independently pay documents and the ticket to Moscow. I very much love you, I at all do not present that I shall do without you. Probably I cannot live without you. My feelings are so strong to you. I can ask only your help to go to Moscow for official registration of papers. I hope, that you can help me. You can help to arrive to me to you? Then I shall collect within the next few days the things and I shall depart to Moscow. The friend to my father very good person and he will help me when I shall be in Moscow. I very much love you!!! I wait soon for our meeting. I so would like soon you to see and strong to embrace. I became happy with you mine William!!! My dreams become real. My mum, the brother, Natasha and the daddy are very glad for me! We shall be happy together! I shall wait for your letter!
Your lovely Svetlana!

Letter 7

hi my love William! I am very happy, that we can soon meet. I very much need in you. You my most favourite person on light. You are very necessary for me. I cannot without you. But I cannot independently arrive to you without your help. In travel agency I have found out, that it is necessary for me 630 USD for that that I could go to Moscow to legalize papers for trip to you. I very much want that we were together. I very much appreciate, that you can help me. I am sure, that we shall be together not looking on anything. I very much love you!!! Write to me more likely, I shall wait for your letter very much. And still I cannot leave cafe right now. In fact I much want to tell to you. I want that you knew all about my feelings. I little bit constraining person and probably not so well express the feelings in the letters to you. But I see that understand me and feel similar feelings to me. I very much love you! I think, that these words in the best way can tell about my feelings to you. I can repeat these words much, it is a lot of times. But I would not want to do it here, in this letter. I very much would want to make it at our meeting. I want to tell it to you. Also I want that we were together. I cannot be without you long time now. I feel very much strong feeling to you. This feeling forces people to feel like cheerful and sad, happy and unfortunate. This feeling the best feeling and the most mysterious. Because which the person can feel all feelings, mix up in it the most unique and not repeating feeling. I only want to tell, that this feeling love. I very much love you and I can not without you! I hope, that you understand my feelings. I shall wait for your letter! I love you!
Can you help to fly to me to Moscow that I could make documents for trip to you? I very much love you!
Your Svetlana...

Letter 8

My love Steve, I was in bank find out about that as though you could to send money for me. They have told, that a unique way to transfer money for me it through the Western Union. You know something about it? I very much hope, that there where do you live there is a Western Union. To me have told, that I should know your full name and your full address to receive that money which you can send for my trip to Moscow. You as should know some information on me to send money. My fullname Svetlana Danilova. My address is Russia, Kirov, st. Elovaya 15-62, 610025. When you will send money after that in the Western Union to you will give MTCN. It is a code which I should tell to receive money. I very much hope, that I shall soon begin official registration of papers for trip to you. In agency have told, that registration of the visa will last some time. So I shall write to you about all from Moscow. The agent has told, that in Moscow as there is an Internet - cafe. I was glad to hear it. I shall write to you from Moscow as soon as I shall come there. Well? I shall wait very much for your letter. Write to me more likely. I hope, that soon we shall together.
Kissess, Svetlana!