Letter(s) from Julia Solodovich to Aaron (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello my darling Aaron
How your affairs? I have decided to write to you the present letter the hand. I hope to you it will be pleasant to read it. Do not pay attention to my handwriting. I had no practice of a spelling of letters from school times. My mum sends the regards to you. This letter will overcome huge distance before will reach to you. In this letter you will be reached with a part of me, a part of my love to you, my smell. I to put my spirits that you felt my smell on this letter.
Please send the regards to your relatives from far LATVIA. I have not found a way better to express my feelings. It will seems to me for you is most valuable, than e-mail I love you. And you see these words, written by my hand. It is fine. I love you. I miss you! I kiss you! My hand is a little to shiver, I worry. Forgive me for rough handwriting But I try. The main thing for me that you have received it. On it allow to finish my letter.
I love you