Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Vedenkina to Ivon (Norway)


Hi my new friend Ivon!
This is a small word you write to me. Thank that you have found time for it.
I do it first time. Never didn,t introduce myself in Internet.
I want to say you something about myself in this letter.
My name is Evgenia. I live in Russia. I'm 28 years already, and I look like lovely. I try to do all of me best to do so. I,m happy.
But it.s hard to say that isn.t so. I think, time is going it.s usual way work and house. But there are things without which people couldn,t be happy. And for me it isn,t material things, but it,s spiritual things. I'm very mach the same that your answer because it,s present for my to take only one chance in dialogue through e-mail. If my letter to you shouldn.t answer, I think your can,t and don,t like to answer to me. But I hope that you is like for me as I.
I,m interested in our dialogue, and I expect your answer.
I,m with pleasure will answer to you any questions if you really want to hear more about me. What is your job and do you like your job?
Do you have ever experience in correspondences with anybody from an other country?
This is just my feminine curiosity. I send you my photo.
I understand that all people have a different mind and interests, but I sincerely hope that its scene and my appearance will be pleasing for you. I will be very happy if you send me your photos. I,m sorry that I didn,t answer your letter for a long time. Forgive me, but I havn,t
a possibility to take a computer. I have no computer at home. I use computer on work. But I will try to write you every day if you wish.
Best wishes form your new friend.
What kind of music do you prefer? I like to listen classic music, soul, pop. But the choice of the music depend on the mood. In the summer evenings I with my friends go to walk. I like to spend the time in the kitchen too, where I do experiments with new dishes.
I like to cook most of all. Have you ever eat russian borsh, pelmeni, pancakes with honey?
In the letter I’m not write about my family and I want to make it now.
I was born and in pavlodar live there now.
Mum and the daddy were lost in a fire, in our house as speak firemen.
There was a short circuit.
And mum with the daddy to choke in carbon monoxide.
I was 25 years, but I felt like the unprotected child whom has remained alone.
I,m long time grieved for her death and couldn,t believe in it.
Now I live one in the house.
It is the small house but very cozy. I have no brothers or sisters.
Now my family are my friends.
I have many familiars but only two main friens.
There are Lena and Anna. We are friends since the childhood. Friends of the childhood the most reliable and I can always address to them for the help and support in a difficult situation.
Their care and support for me is very important now. I think that the friendship is important and necessary for each person. Do you think so? Can you tell me more about yourself and people near you? You can ask me about everything. You seem to be an intelligent and interesting person from your letter. So please tell me more about yourself, your likes and dislikes, interests, expectations, desires.
I'd like to know more about you I hope you be interested in me, my life and my hobbies.
I shall try to tell you all in the following letters.
I shall answer your questions with pleasure.
With the best regards. Evgenia
Letter 2

Hi my friend Ivon!
I am very glad that you have answered on my message.
I thought, that you ignore my message therefore to me so pleasantly, that I have drawn your attention.
It was a shame to me, for my first letter.
I never used the Internet, therefore I did not know that it so simply.
But me 28 years and I think, that I should think of my future now.
Therefore I have sent you my first letter.
Very pity, that I have no computer in my home therefore I can write to you only from work.
I shall write to you when I shall have a free time.
I do not know why I have chosen you, your profile was better.
In mine profile is written about me very little, therefore we can learn about each other better, only through our letters.
I want tell you a little about myself:
Height: 172 cm
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: black
I was born in 28 July of 1978.
I have no brothers and sisters.
I have written you already in the first letter.
I am a single and I was never married.
I work in small hospital, I am nurse.
But adult people illnesses and children are identical, therefore I can fix children up too.
And if you get sick I can fix you up.I very like my work, because I love children. Unfortunately I have no my own children.
because I have not found a worthy the men which could be father of my children. Therefore I to treat creation of family very seriously.
Therefore I search serious man for serious relations.
I do not want that my children have repeated my destiny. Children should live in normal, full family. They should have love and caress of both parents. Children should have both parents to love and protect them.
So I, search for the man, for making the families, in our house was a laughter, joy, heat, comfort. The Evening supper, at candle, much kisses, weasels, and many love. (that is to say the ***).
Probably you will ask me why I do not search man here in Russia?
I shall answer you. Here it is very difficult find a normal man.
And I did not meet worthy men.
It were self-satisfied egoists for whom life and emotions of close persons did not interest. unemployment transform mans to fraud.
And all my relations with men came to an end for this reason.
Men which lived with me, did not want ***, they have tried to register in my lives. They did not love me, they lived with me, for the itself estimations.I do not want to recollect now about my relations with these guys. But I want to calm you, I had no relations with men about one year.
Therefore I hope, that our correspondence will result for us in more close relations.
I want talk with you, but how?
I do not understand in it, not that.
I have no phone but if you have houses phone. I would like, to know him.
Here it is not far, we have a mail. Where there is phone, for international calls. I could name you as I shall have a free time.
Probably you are interested, where is located Kazan, City in which I live.
Now I should go but I hope that you will answer on my letter.
I always try to answer all your questions.
Forgive if I have missed your question.
I finish the letter. I have no more time for it.
I shall wait the letter from you.
Letter 3

Dear Ivon,
This money are necessary for me for our meeting. To me I want to be near to you. I very much love you. I can call to you only next week.
I hope for you, that you will find time to descend in bank. Help me please and we shall be together. My ideas and feelings only about you.
Unfortunately I have nobody to ask the help more. You understand, that except for my girlfriends I do not have anybody. Besides at Lena there are own problems with health. You understand me. All in your hands at the moment. All depends only on you.
I today went to bank and was interested concerning remittance from other country. I was rendered with services " Western Union ".
Russian Federation for Evgenia Vedenkina. (My correct name!)
In bank I have been told that to get the money, I must tell to employee of bank your full name, full address, exact sum which I should receive and some confidential numbers (Reference Number). This number will give to you in your bank if you will send your help. Only at presence of all this information I can get your help.
I love you and with impatience. I shall wait for your letter with pleasant news.
Kiss you! Yours love Evgenia.
Letter 4

Dear Ivon,
I am so glad to received letter from you again.
With each your letter to me I am getting more and more chances to successful end of our correspondence. I have to say you straight that I have not simple feelings to you. In last time I began to think about our future meeting, how it will be?
It is very pleasant for me, that you can the help to me very soon.
I went today to agency of travel and to me have offered the tourist visa validity for 90 days. I can be with you during this time if you agree.
As soon as I can pay him 200 dollars they can prepare during 10 days to me for all documents for our meeting.
As to what at me the plan of arrival it only one. I want to be only near to you. As to the plan of our travel at you, I completely trust you. You know better that would be interesting to us in your country.
The separate house only for us during a month it is very good!
I completely agree with you.
I want to know exact date when you can to me the help precisely to know when to me to submit the application to agency of travel. You understand me? I very much love you. I with impatience shall wait for your letter with pleasant news. Kiss you! Yours love Evgenia
Letter 5

Dear Ivon,
I realize your desire to me the help, but I already spoke you concerning a condition of the tourist visa. You should not contact to agency of travel. If learn, that I travel in your country and you there wait for me and I will have opportunity to remain in your country me will deprive with the tourist visa. That I could arrive to you as the bride for it is necessary other visa 1200 dollars more expensive approximately. But I think, that for us 1200 dollars for all
documents except for the ticket will be more convenient to pay and we can be together 3 months. If we shall have desire to marry becoming your wife I can remain in your country for ever. I think, that it is not necessary to spend the big money for this purpose. Therefore I ask you the help to me through Western Union and we can already meet very soon. I love you. I hope, what you have understood me? I with impatience shall wait for your letter with pleasant news. Kiss you!
Yours love Evgenia.
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